First love (KKB, IPKKND, YHM) Part 10 (Episode 1)


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All the Gupta’s left from there &, bhallas r shocked by the pragya’s behavior.
Arnav is disheartened but he managed & get up & stands.meanwhile shagun & raman stares at him.
Shagun-raman bhai let’s go , some members started to have secrets also.(gave angry look)
Arnav- sorry princess , sorry bhai wantedly I didn’t hide, but I’m fear as I just saw her but don’t know her name & where she studies, so on….so I feared to say.pls forgive me & cries.
Shagun & Raman can’t see him in tears & go & hugged him.
Shagun-its kk bhai but next time don’t hide anything from us.
Arnav-haa princess, promise.
Here Raman is in full confusion as he heard pragya saying ishu.
He thinks what pragyaji is saying that ishu in phone means they are two ishu’ there are twins, then y there will keep same name, may be different name but same nick name…no they may not be same but they same name…..omg my head is breaking in confusion. I have to know it.
He came into senses by hearing someone phone ringing.Its shagun phone…
Shagun- hi rv
Rv- hiii where r u
Shagun-in my college.y???
Rv- actually I’m in front of your college.
Shagun-ohhh, kk we will come.
Rv -kk bye.

All left from there.
All felt happy seeing ishu.
Ishitha-,hi ishu, hi jijju.
Pragya- what a sudden surprise yaar.
Ishani-voo…..we planned a picnic with only youngsters.
Kushi- means??only youngsters
Rv-haa. We all & my cousins only going to picnic which we r going to start. Now
Ishitha-but jijju, now, how is it possible, we didn’t packed our luggage also & suddenly something strucked in her head

Fb starts
Ishitha, pragya, kushi, Aakash are eating breakfast.
Mrs.Gupta-sunoji(listen pls)
Mr.Gupta- haa say
Mrs.Gupta- actually we all feeling bored in day – to- day activities, so van we go out lik picnic
Pragya, ishitha, kushi, Aakash r shouts-wow picnic, please papa, we will go please…..
Mr.Gupta-kkk, but whenever I’m free I will take but be ready with ur luggage, kk na
All said- kkkk.
All packed the luggage & left for college.
Fb ends
Is- so its ur plan na, that’s y I thought that y this sudden topic about picnic came In morning
Pragya, kushi, Aakash think about what as happened in the morning.
Ishani-haa, actually we only said to aunty & uncle ,not to say about it..

Meanwhile arnav,shagun, Raman came there…
Raman-hii bhai
All Gupta’s r shocked.
Here bhallas also in shock.
Shagun-u all here, bhai do u know them before.
rv-ohh actually they r ishani’s cousins
Ishani- they r rv’s cousins.
All in hell shock.
Rv- let’s all go .
Shagun, arnav,Raman in chorus- where
Ishani-to picnic, I already Said na that we are going to picnic
Shagun- haa, it means alll.
rv-haa all.
Raman-but abhi is in not here,he went to home
Rv- so what, we will go to home & pick him there & we will get ur luggage also.
Ishveer,ishitha, pragya, Aakash in one car & bhallas in other car.
Everyone went to bhalla’s house
Shagun, raman,arnav ,rv,ishani went into the home .all Guptas stand outside.
Rv sees them & says- hey what happen why u all are standing outside.
Aakash-nothing jiju u go& bring the luggage we all will be here.
Rv -how can u stay lik this here, please come, if chotti maa knows this, she will kille yaar, please yaar please…
Aakash sees remaining & they also nods their head like kk,
All went inside.
Ishveer sees Mrs.bhalla& goes towards her & takes her blessings.
Mrs.bhalla-so everything is ready aa??
rv-haa chotti ma(can anyone say that chotti maa is correct word for rv mom’s sister)
Mrs.bhalla sees all the Gupta’s & ask rv-who r they ??
Ishani-voo…my cousins
Mrs.bhalla-ohh, u came to ishveer’s marriage na showing pragya
Pragya- haa auntyji
Mrs.bhalla- I’m very happy to meet to dear
Pragya -thnk auntyji(actually pragya & Raman r the one who went ishveer marriage remainder siblings didn’t go to the marriage due to some reason & the wedding happen in Mumbai where these all stay in Delhi)
Mrs.bhalla- so you all also going to picnic aaa?
Meanwhile abhi, arnav,shagun, Raman came with their luggage.
Abhi & pragya see each other & shock- u here??(both together in chorus)
Mrs.bhalla-u both know each other before.
Abhi-haa, maa, classmate.
Mrs.bhalla-ohh kk.
All the youngster( I’m rv,bhalla & Gupta siblings) left from there after taking blessings.

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Credit to: Honey

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  7. hey its cuteee………aina dob enduku emaina plan vesava? 😀 😀 anyways november 4th 1995..

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