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Nandu gets up in the morning..with fresh memory of her manik…
Nandus pov-
It’s the first day and I know manik wants it to be a memory….i too want it to be a beautiful memory…am memory where only manan is there…
Nandu wheres a beautiful black top and jence..she makes a pony tail..and sets for college..

Manik is waiting for nandu in the parking..nandu arrives..manik looks at her and is speechless
Maniks pov
Nandu you are looking so nice.
End of pov..
He keeps on looking at her..nandu looks at him.she feels shy.
Nandu-what happened manik?
Manik-your looking like a angel..
Nandu blushes…manik stretches his hand..
Manik-lets go…[nandu takes his hand.] Nandu-I don’t want to go to college..lets bunk it together..[grins] Manik-so you thought I am taking you to classroom hand in hand?[laughs] Nandu-oh shutup.[smiles] Manik sits on his bike..
Manik-comeon lets have a ride..
Nandu-ohh yess!

She sits..she is very to hold manik?she thinks…
Manic starts his bike..
Manik-want to go to hospital?
Nandu-[taken aback]what?
Manik-if you sit like a sati savitri then no choice.
Nandu smiles.she holds him…both of them laughs….
Its such a nice feeling to sit with this..its fun[nandu thinks] Manik-I am happy that we are together nandu
Nandu-me we will alwz be together..
Manik-together forever..
Both of them are so happy.its a special bike ride..with your loved one…these moments are very few…enjoy them to their fullest.
Manik is riding..sudenly nandu says
Stop stop manik one minute..
Manic stops…
Manik-what happened?[he looks back] Nandu-one minute..i will come..[she gets down and goes to the far corner near a shop.
Manik- hey nandu.. what happened?

After 5 minutes nandu comes..she is holding something in her hands at the back…
Nandu-hey manu close your eyes…
Nandu-just close it na.
Manik closes his eyes[he smiles] Nandu gives him something….
Nandu-now open…
Manik opens..its a bouquet of beautiful violets blue….flowers of all colors.
Manic looks at it..
Manic-nandu this is for me..thnkyou somuch nandu..its so beautiful nandu thnxx.[he smiles….] Nandu-its our memory..memory 1-on the 1st day manan went for bike ride and nandu gave him a bouquet…
Manic-you are so cute..[he hugs her] Nandu-manik people will see[but she too hugs him] Everything is fine in love and war..

Precap-nandu and manic goes for boating…

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Credit to: dhruv

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    Dhruv it is awesome
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    U r too good. 🙂

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  3. Amazing super awesome update next part soon

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  4. Dhruv ..its superb…
    Ur ff are awesome…

  5. Superb Dhruv…..
    Good going….

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  6. Manan_0206

    Good going Dhruv , do continue

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