Hi guys so I am writing a new ff on kyy..hope you all like it…its little different manik and nandini have come in relationship just now.n how the love progress…all characters of kyy1 are included guys..plz comment guys…
Lets start..

Nandini is pacing her bedroom floor thinking hard…
Nandinis pov..
Is it true?me n manik together?that monster manik?i said yes to him directly bt just cz my heart made me do it..ya I was too lost in his words that my heart made me do it..but am I write??afcourse I am..people alwz say that love comes from heart…oh gosh!this is so complicated….
‘nandu ,nandu beta dinner is ready..heraunty calls her from somewhere..faraway from her dream world..
Nandu-[coming to senses]yes yes I am coming..

That day nandu cant even eat food cz of the mere excitement that manic is her…
Aunty-nandu beta.are you fine?you are not even eating properly?
Nandu-aunty I am fine.just stressed cz of exams..and we had a hectic day today
Uncle-are ji nandu is a strong girl..she is alwz me.
Aunty-oh yes you..theres limit to lies also…
Both of them laughs..
Nandu is bored..she want to go from her room.she want to think..nandu standsup..
Aunty-what happened nandu?
Nandu-aunty my head is paining..i think I should sleep..
Nandu leaves the room abruptly….her aunt and uncle exchange uneasy looks.
Nandu comes to her room..she lies on bed..looking at celing…
Nandu’s pov
Tomorrow will be the first day of me and manik together…fisrt official day..ayiappa!!i am frightened..but why?love is so complex…

Her phone vibrates..she sees.its manik’s msg..
Maniks msg-hii professor nandu..sleeping or thinking?
Nandu thinks..can he read mind?oh foolish of me!he knows me so well.what should I reply?
Nandu types-afcourse I am
Maniks msg-if you are come you are replying..that to so early…emoji of smirk and laughing..
Nandu replies-oh shutup..i got up to drink water and ur msg was received..
Manik-oh!!kk..actualy I wanted to say…

Nandu heart starts thumping..
Nandu msg-what?
Manik-I love you dear…gn and sd…miss you…
Nandu reads it…
Nandus pov
its so different to read this know that its for me from manik..i cant express how it feels when someone says u I lvu 1st time…it’s a feeling u cant express by words..
nandu replies-love you too..

Maniks pov.
I am so happy nandini that you are mine..i am so happy to say you I love you…you dnt how much time it took to say these 3 words..those sleepless nights..those beautiful memories when you passed by smiling at me…those difficult days are over now..thankyou nandini for coming in my life…I cant express this…it’s the 1st time I am in love with someone…my nandu….
You don’t know nandu its not easy to say directly these 3 words..people call it magic words…nandu I wanted to ask you..but the I was scared…scared of loosing you nandu…everytime I gathered the nerve to ask you I was again scared…love is scary..but now we will make it heaven..i will make your world more beautiful then heaven…I will show you the bestest and happiest things of this universe..i will make each of your moment as beautiful as the stars are…my promise nandu………
Manik sleeps…..

Precap—nandu getsup.its morning..she thinks what to wear?..

So guys this is it.i wanted to try something different so I directly started the love story..hope you like it.plz guys do comment and tell me should I write it or not?

Credit to: dhruv

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  1. Mahi13

    It’s amazing, superb.
    Plz do continue 😀

  2. Interesting start…..dhruv…….

    plz continue……

    1. i am glad u likedit.

  3. Amazing pls continue

    1. thnkyou dear

  4. Sindhu_Varma

    Amazing start.!!!

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  5. Manan_0206

    Awesome start . Do continue

    1. thnx for reading frnd

  6. i am glad u liked it…

  7. Keep going druv.. Nyc epi?

  8. i have a doubt bro..?
    are you writing this own or is it telecasting in mtv…
    please tell me the timings..

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