My first love and first kiss ~ twinj and raglak os♥


Hey guys there is a message for raglak fans and twinj fans…
Its by our amazing and beautiful writer jiya_ani…well guys the thing is she wont be able to visit TU and write any of her stories atleast till 10 june….she is busy with some stuff….and wanted me to convey her message and therefore, am here with a short cute love story… 

Belated Happy birthday bulbul……….

Happy birthday rockstar……..rosh dii love u………..

Ohhhh god thanks spy june for the appreciation…..this one is for you……… 

And for all my loves……. 

Kunj’s pov…. 

I love twinkle very much.she was my classmate and lives in my neighbourhood…my family and her family are friends we are together since childhood….twinkle knows how much I love her. She is the daughter of leela maa and raminder papa.

I call leela maa and love her very much we both are soo close that I even say here “ maa mein twinkle se bhot pyaar karta hun or ek din mein le jaunga usko aapko bataye bina 😉 ”
Maa use to smile and she use to say mere knowledge ke bina nahi beta you both are made for eachother , I wont even object you.

When my twinkle use to listen this she use to be angry and use to reply that don’t worry mumma I wont go with this sadu.

Some times papa use to say that you have to go with this sadu he will take care of you perfectly.

This atmosphere makes me fall in love with my twinkle more and more…

Now am a pilot and I get expensive and adorable gifts from different countries for my beautiful twinkle my love…. She always accepts my gifts but never says a “THANKS” for them. I know twinkle loves me but she is not expressing it.

Sometimes she looks at me as if she is ready to eat me. Once we were having dinner at my home usha ma and dad had invited twinkle’s family for dinner at our place after dinner all told us to go to my room twinkle was wearing a short summer dress in midnight blue…she was looking breathtaking gorgeous…..we went to our room and she was looking in my eyes and I was at her….i never looked at her if wanted her physically but I truly love her… I know twinkle is very beautiful and getting such a sweet girl as my life partner is not that easy…went to our room when my her foot slipped and when I held her she fell with me on my bed upon me…we were looking in echother eyes and I could see the love and lust she has for me… I smiled looking at her and she at me…..when suddenly her phone rang and we both came to our senses she picked up the phone with a huge smile on her face. It was her friend ragini’s phone.

Ragini is married to her love laksh. Laksh is my best friend and they both always try and make twinkle confess her love they are really lovely couple and always fights cutely with each other….

Twinkle is a dream of every boy. Many boys from our college proposed her but don’t know why she always rejected them wowhoo though I was lucky and those boys were too because I would have crushed those shitty guys into pieces….some were even richer than me but twinkle wasn’t attracted towards their money.

She did not say she likes me or dislikes me yet so my love towards her is kept as pending kisses..

I wanna kiss her maybe it changes her and she expresses her love. It’s a hope. I am in search of the perfect time and I believe that my kiss will turn her towards me forever.

One day maa and papa with twinkle’s maa and papa were going to attend a marriage in delhi. They both asked me to stay with twinkle at taneja house to accompany twinkle I was happy like a baby got a chocolate.

Twinkle being twinkle said “it is not needed mumma. I am not small. But papa said no to her and told her to lemme stay with her as anything can happen. Troubles doesn’t come by telling you it comes anytime. I mean thanku leela maa and papa I love them soo much…they believe me and trust me soo much… but siyappa queen look at her it seems she doesn’t believe me as much as her parents do.

After our parents left twinkle looked at me and asked that finally I got a chance and what were my plans.

I smirked and provoked her in my style. “ if you allow me twinkle I would love to have honeymoon with my girl tonight” she looked at me and had a slight blush but replied in her sherni mode.

“ don’t keep high hope and just think simple kunj”

Ok then we will watch a movie and have popcorn and then sleep like good babies and yah we will call ragini and laksh also…. 

Okay perfect..she smiled and was very happy to listen that ragini and laksh will also come. Let us go for shopping will have good dinner and then will select movies and have a party tonight you call ragini and laksh and invite them till the I will go and get ready for going to shopping. 

I called laksh…

Raglak mansion…. 

Two beautiful love birds are seen romancing with each other ragini is making food and laksh Is helping her while disturboing her and showering her with his sweet kisses….
He is going to kiss her on her lips they both lean towards eachother and their lips met but suddenly laksh’s phone rang and they both came back to senses and laksh being annoyed and ragini blushing turned away…

Laksh picked up the phone…

Kya hai saale phone kun kiya tujhe pata hai mein kitni important meeting mein tha…

Kunj smiled and smirked and said achaaa Sunday ko meeting ohh bae ullu kisi or ko banana pata hai mujhe teri important meeting…. Chal ab phone speaker par daal….

Ragu di hii….hii kunj ragu dii aap dono ka romance khatam ho jaye naa ragu was blushing like anything and laksh was smiling looking at her….then you both are invited today at twinkle’s home for a small movie party….

Kyaa baat hai devarji twinkle ke yahan party or invitation aap dere hain….

Kunj smiled and said bas bas ragu or laksh no more teasing jaldi aa jana twinkle is coming biee….will talk to you later…

Here now laksh kept his phone and looked towards ragini and he picked her up in bridal style and they went to get ready and made love …..

Twinj side… 

Twinkle’s pov…. 🙂

We wandered through the shopping malls looking for different dresses and movies…we atleast took half a dozen movies for today our night party….

Ragini an d laksh came to our place we all had our dinner and then we all watched movies….

After that ragini and laksh went back and then finally I asked kunj some questions….

Kunj what is the thing you like the most?

I like twinkle’s company the most..i smiled listening to his reply and then I asked

And kunj what is the thing you hate the most?

The times when I do not have you beside me twinkle. He replied…

I smiled and replied you are mad kunj…

And why that so…

What is soo special in me kunj? You know the worl outside is full of joy and sweetness…

You are a baby not knowing the world twinkle he said. What we like is sweetness and joy and what we love is honey.

Kunj I need some time please don’t talk about this right now. He replied with a smile on his face that he could wait his whole life for me…

I wonder how can he be soo sweet….

We finally stopped and continued watching the movies and having snacks.

Kunj’s pov…. 

I was looking at twinkle and she was looking at me e both leaned towards each other and finally our lips met and we unconditionally kissed each other now I knew that twinkle loved me and she could not even hide this feeling of hers…..we sucked licked chewed and kissed each other like there is no tomorrow…

then only song bearish from half girlfriend played( it was also raining outside its rainy season….) everything was romantic ♥

Finally when we came back to senses I looked at twinkle and said sorry to her that I could not control but she smiled at me and said I love you kunj I wanted to confess this but was scared……
we both hugged each other and smiled and thanked god 🙂

And now we both are married happily married whenever I go for my flight she kisses me and we always are a happy couple cause I love my twinkle my siyappa queen and she loves me….her sadu sarna her kunj….

MY FIRST KISS was a bliss and a new start to our love… 😉

____THE END____

Hey guys do comment….thoda busy hun with ut’s sooo see you all soon…….

Just had to wish my darlos and also convey this message of shreyoo my luvi….

Don’t know how was it….. 😛 that toh you people will tell me naa…. ;P

Love you all lods lods and lods……

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  1. Mia12

    Omgggg my wifey what a jhatka,,???..Kaha se ayi or yahape dhamal machayi,,???..Or meri nazar churai,,???..Or Apni hubby ka pyar sabse kyu baat rai thi ha lods n lods love huh,,?? or mai to ab apni wifey ko wifey bolke pukar bhi ni sakti meri sasu mom ki wajese haye kya kismat h meri,,??.. Or yaha to dekho muje meri wifey pyar bhi ni deti,,??..Accha privet baten privet mai hi karte hai,,????..Well ufff whattt a os,,??????..Kya kiss tha ufff,,????..Maja agaya muje toz,??.kunj ki life to pura change hi kardi is kiss ne to,,???….wish mera bhi esa chance hota,,??mera wifey ke sath,,???….but ye to hote hote reh gya mere sapno mai,,??? its ok leave it hota hai esa,,?? but All overall I Love this os very much,,❤❤❤❤❤❤❤..It was shoooo Awesome,Cute,Lovely,,????..Plssss wifey jii free time mai next post kar dena jii,,?? Kyuki Apki hubby apki writing ki fan hai jii,,???
    LOAD’S OF LOVE WIFEY,,❤?❤?❤..

    1. Baby

      oyeee hoct chik bhi toh bolte hain tujhko log hubby soch mein kitni jealous hot I hun huh……♥
      or mein toh sisters ko love u khe rhi thi *pout*
      haan nhi toh jaa mein nhi baat krti wife kre toh prblm or hubby kre toh vry gud jiii haina jii….. 😉
      thanks for d sweetest cmnt though……♥
      love u soooo mch angel…….♥♥

  2. Presha

    Hey sam baby…
    Its do awesome…
    I just loved it..
    Too good…
    Kunj’s unconditional love for twinkle nd twinkle’s love was aww…
    Love u… ?????????????

    1. Baby

      sam baby??
      thanks a lot preshu….♥
      love u too….♥♥

    1. Baby

      thanks a lot avika…….♥

  3. Sohi

    Hiii, baby
    What a os yaar ?
    Both the couples were awesome
    Just loved their first love
    Well I will miss my jiya
    Hope she comes soon
    Do continue
    And keep writing as day by day twinj ffs are decreasing
    Luv u

    1. Baby

      thanks a lot sohi…… 🙂
      don’t wry shreyoo will come soon…..♥
      love u lods…..♥♥

  4. SidMin23

    This is just cute and I love twinj pov
    Kunj unconditional love for twinkle was cute and twinj kiss and be together forever was nice thought and this is extra cute that family’s also tease them and one kiss make them be together

    1. Baby

      thanks soo mch dear…….♥
      love u lods…..♥
      missing ur writings…..♥
      plss post something soon….. 🙂


    1. Baby

      hey dear…..♥
      how can I forget u ria♥
      thanks a lot glad u liked it dear♥
      lods of love♥

  6. Come on baby wat kind of a magician are u? . I was going through a lot of stress thought to reduce it n visited tu page . Surprisingly got through ur OS? . Heavens……….! My jaws are still paining ?coz of the endless smile I had while reading it . The bond kunj shared with twinkle’s parent was so lovely ??. I don’t know why I was blushing like a mad person??.
    Actually am gonna get my results tomorrow .Was hell nervous thinking about it?. After few minutes i.e. after reading the OS I was hopping and my mom was like are u fi9 few minutes before you were sitting like a lifeless person now from where did u get dis smile??. So dis is the Jadu of super-duper writer baby?. Keep going on never stop writing. And u know wen it comes to tei Sidhant is d one whom I love ??d most he is on the top slot and I must saw this u come just after him. Really hats off to ur dedication . You deserve only love. And till date nobody had dedicated something so lovely. Felt special. Thank you??
    I know always I make it a long essay can’t help it out . Batuni hu na apni feelings ko short and sweet bana nahi sakthi?.Baby I just wish u don’t have any problem with my long writing?
    And I feel ur elder to me . Let me know wether I have to call you Di . Plz do tell me your age .
    Last but not the least Baby ji ki JAI hoi??. Stay blessed . Take care ?

    1. Ohhh my god dear…
      M jst dancin n singing literally m like ohh god…well u knw I m jst here to wish bes of luck to u for ur result….
      Baaki k thnks I ll do scul se aake well m in 12th n gonna b almost 17 I am…
      Love u lods ll pray for u…
      M damn happy lord…mumma ke phone se snding u dese wishes so9 nt logged in.. 🙂 ♥♥♥

      1. Thank u dear…………?

    2. Baby

      ohhhh god spy june…….♥
      can I have d pleasure to knw ur name……..?
      srsly dude…….m like I was dancing singin n was in my dreams dat day at scul………♥♥
      like srsly did cute cmnt n feeling soo spcl….
      yrr itni jyada tareef srsly♥
      I was like yrrr m jst u knw don’t hv words to describe my happiness…..♥
      love u sooooooooo mch dear……..♥♥
      don’t knw u bt still n I love ur talks yeh batuni spy june…….♥
      she is really amazing…… 🙂
      how was result hope it was marvelleous ♥ n great marks u got….♥
      see u soon on my nxt post…….♥

      1. Result ok tha . Revaluation ke liye apply karna hai.?
        Any how see u soon bhola hai plz jaldhi wapas aana?.
        Ur amazing yaar 12th mein ho kar itna accha likthi ho??.
        Sidhant must read ur Os once , am sure he will regularly visit tu page for ur OS.???? And he will start imagining himself in d place of kunj ??
        Is baar zyada lamba nahi karoongi . Phir bhi ho hi jatha hai???. Ok bye……………….??
        With all my love -Bhavana?? .

  7. lovely ff
    waiting for the next one
    please post it as soon as possible

    1. Baby

      thanks Ayesha…..♥
      surely I ll post something soon….. 🙂

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous cute lovely

    1. Baby

      thanks Purnima♥

  9. Wait kya main sapna dekh rhi hun mujhe LGA that u forget that u promised me to write something for me but u proved me worng and I love u for this it was took sweet and cute wala love story which only baby could write and u know that I love u
    Keep smiling
    And plz post ur that ff na wo Teri actress married suraj wala plz

    1. Baby

      thanks bulbul ohhh god…..♥
      I surely ll search dat os in my mind and also wat I posted I m nt getting dat…. 🙂
      bt it ll surely b for u…..♥
      n mein bilkul nhi bhooli thi bas time ni mil rha tha….. 🙂
      love u a lot…..♥♥♥
      thanks 🙂

  10. Twinjfan.tamanna

    wowwwww baby! such an sweet Os! Awww hame kahin diabetes na ho jaye! Beautifully written! just loved it so much! so cute os!
    keep writing

    With Love,
    Urs Tamanna

    1. Baby

      haha thanks aishu…♥
      diabeties no no take meds ohk…baby…♥
      love u thanks…♥

    1. Baby

      thanks MKA♥♥

  11. Lovely os
    Do continue

    1. Baby

      thanks aafi♥

  12. Superb os

    1. Baby

      thanku AKA☺

  13. Marvelous os

    1. Baby

      thanks tushi♥♥

  14. Amazing os

    1. Baby

      thanks SAF…☺

  15. Ramya

    Wow woowwww wowwww
    Kya baat hai kitna awesome wala os hai
    Apne pyaar ko kiss se express karrna
    So romantic awesome amazing
    So sry for late
    Love u keep smiling

    1. Baby

      thanks sooo mch ramya…… ♥
      glad u loved it……♥
      love u lods……….♥♥♥♥♥

  16. Iam sooooooooooooooo sry for commenting late dear
    OS was superb awesome
    I loved it

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