Hey guys ..its Alia back ……I see more if u want a new ff from me ,,,so i just came up with an idea …
This story is a real story ….its my first love story …..its my own story and my past affair ….hope u all comment
So here is the story ,
I entered my new school ….I was new to this school …I was shifted from Delhi to Kolkata as my dad got transferred here …

Me , my mom and dad entered the campus …..
We went to the school office room ..
A smile came from a teacher who stood near the counter ..
“Is she a new student ” she asked my parents with a smile
“Yes” . My dad said
“Which class ” she asked again with a smile
“8th ” my mom replied with an smile ….
“Follow me ” she said …..
I waved bye to my parents and left with her
I went upstairs with her ..I saw many classrooms and children’s were sitting and listening to the teacher …

The mam stopped in front the class 8th A
“Excuse me ” the mam asked a teacher who was inside .
The mam inside nodded …..
” we have a new student children …..come in child ” she said me ..
I went in and I saw lots of boys and girls looking at me ….
“Now she is ur responsibility ” she said and left …
“What’s ur name child ” the class teacher asked .
“Swara …Swara gadodia ” I replied with a bit smile …
“Introduce urself ” she said with a big and bright smile ,,
“I am Swara gadodia ..I am from Delhi ………I am fun , loving and jolly type …hope I get many friends ….I am looking forward to be with u all” I said proudly
“That’s nice to hear “my mam said
“Take ur seat next to her “while saying this she pointed towards a girl ……
I sat next to her
She was having an friendly smile on her face .
“Hi I am ragini ….” she said breaking the silence between us .
“Hi ” I replied blankly as she knows my name….
“See this is the time table of our class copy it in ur diary ” she said showing her diary …
I nodded and started writing it asap .

I noticed many girls were smiling at me …..
It had an friendly nature .
After I finished writing .
“Thanks ” I replied to ragini
“Welcome dear ” she said with a smile ….
The bell rang and time for break …
I took my snacks box …
I saw many girls standing around me …..and talking me with me .,..
Soon I got many to talk about .

Bit suddenly I felt something and turned to the left side ….
I saw a boy who talking to his friends ……and making fun .
I was memerised seeing him .
He has such a cute laughter ……cheese !
I couldn’t control myself …before I could ask his name …
The bell rang and everyone went to their seat …….
What was his name .?


Hope u all like it
This is my first true love story … sis don’t know this …plz don’t tell her …..
And comment is must

Credit to: Alia

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  1. I read beacuse it is your story… But I am not swaragian after swasan chemistry.. Used to watch during swalak.. So I got little unhappy but thats not a problem.
    I will read your story and tbh very interested to know more…. 🙂

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