FIRST LOVE. … (Epi 2)


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The episode begins with ranveer looking for pragya…pragya comes with ishani..ranveer asked ishani to come…she asked what.ranveer says let’s marry with purab and bulbul.ishani asked are you mad.bhai will kill me.ranveer called pragya and she asked what.ranveer says..see I am asking her to marry me..but she refuses.ishani says ranveer and says bhabhi…woh …pragya says I will support you only ishani…bulbul comes asking what’s going on here. .ranveer says everything. They all have chat with each other.pragya walks from there as sarla called her.she falls dizzy but abhi holds her.Abhi says ishani to bring water and takes pragya to his room.
he placed pragya on the bed and asked ranveer to call doctor.ishani says that bhabhi faints but she told it’s due to stress.ranveer says ha…she is so tired.Abhi says I know my fuggie…there is something beyond tired…aliya and tanu fumes in anger.
the doctor comes and checks pragya. She says she is pregnant. ..Abhi was shocked.he thought how she could be.tanu is at the top of anger and leaves from there.aliya follows her.
all gets happy..Dadi and sarla wishes each other.ranveer hugs abhi..and ishani says congrats bhai…bulbul says omg. ..di is pregnant…Abhi thinks what’s happening here…and thinks TO speak to pragya..

All left..pragya opened her eyes…and looks around.she comes to know she is on abhi’s the time abhi comes in.pragya tries to get up but abhi rushed to her and helps pragya was suprised by his concern.Abhi asked how did this happen…and when.pragya asked what.Abhi says don’t act smart..I know that you know about what I am speaking…pragya says on holi…and gets up from there.Abhi was frozen..he slowly remembers about that night…Abhi says damit..and leaves the room.pragya comes out sees Abhi missing and thinks finally the truth is out.he will not accept me…I gonna leave tomorrow.Abhi comes there with a bag. .pragya looks on.Abhi sits on the couch and ask pragya TO come.she sits near him.Abhi opens the bag and says hey fuggie.’s my first socks ….my mom did…and it’s my favourite colour white…mom seems to know na…and it’s my first dress…and he shows ishu’s, aliya’s things.pragya gets happy…Abhi sees her..pragya says but you didnt accept me na..Abhi asked who didn’t…and you gave me the happiness…tday ..I was looking at you for two days …you are very much stressed..I was about to ask but…leave it…fuggie …I am happy that I am going to become a father…pragya could see the happiness in his eyes..pragya looks sad.Abhi asked what happened.pragya says but tanu…Abhi says leave that to me..I will don’t take is not good for you and our baby…pragya was relieved now.she sleeps..Abhi caresses her hair…and both slept.

Tanu asked how that pragya could become pregnant…aliya asked her to calm..and says they are rejoicing for that child na..we will destroy it tomorrow…

Next day..
everyone were in the dinning hall…all were happy about pragya…pragya comes and abhi makes her to sit and says I am having an important work…I Wil be soon..and we can go for walking.pragya nods and abhi leaves.aliya and tanu thinks its right time .. ishani comes there and feeds pragya the soup and says it’s for baby…made by his/her bua …pragya asked only for baby…not me.ishani says ofcourse bhabhi…and all laughs.aliya says bhabhi…I brought an halwa to you …it’s tasty and healthy for you and ask her to eat.pragya was about to eat but abhi stops her.he says aliya…it’s papaya halwa’s not good for child…aliya says I am sorry bhai and starts her act. Purab and bulbul comes there.Abhi asked pragya to be careful..pragya nods yes and abhi asked ishani to take care of pragya.bulbul teases abhi…Abhi says I am leaving and says before I leave..pragya you come with me to room and takes her.bulbul says so romantic jiju. .abhi says oh..oh..and goes near pragya..kissed her forehead and says take care…and says baby bye…and asked bulbul it’s fine.bulbul smirked at him.

Aliya and tanu cursed abhi for coming at right time and saving pragya…tanu says we have to do something…if abhi gets attached with the baby…then we can’t seperate from him from

In evening. .
Abhi comes come and called pragya..pragya comes..Abhi asked are you fine…let’s go for a walk.pragya nods yes and both leaves…
Abhi and pragya are walking on the pathway…pragya asked icecream.Abhi says no…pragya says …it’s for ur baby..Abhi asked is baby asked …pragya says yes.abhi says then i Wull buy. .pragya says ek…minute…so you are caring only for baby..Abhi says yes…pragya gets sad…Abhi says arey joking yaar.I want to see your that baloon I teased you ..wait I will come..and crosses the road.while abhi was returning…pragya was about to hit by the car …but abhi saved her…pragya was in much fear.Abhi says nothing happened.pragya says abhi let’s go home.aliya asked the driver you could not do your job correctly. …

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Credit to: nikita

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