FIRST LOVE. … (Epi 1)


Hi it’s nikita….I am here..with the same story….it’s called “first love” I don’t want to continue that story…hence it’s same story yaar but in my way…so that no one can question me na…here are the characters….

ABHI….a great rockstar…caring man who loves his family
PRAGYA….a nice girl who wants to live a normal life
RANVEER…A great business man..and nice friend of pragya.
ISHANI. …sister of abhi…gonna marry ranveer as they both are engaged.
ALIYA…sister of abhi…a selfish girl who wants to live like a princess
BULBUL. ..sister of pragya…lives purab…who is a journalist
PURAB….A nice guy…friend of abhi…who loves bulbul and boss of bulbul….
Sarla, purvi ,and all others

The best revenge is massive success.but it was a failure for abhi…he married pragya for revenge but he could not…now a days he is forgetting why he married pragya.he could not say the reason…but he could not.he thought may be because of dadi…or else he feels that she really takes care of dadi…wait..did he really thought good about her…impossible he thought…in his mind she is a gold digger…she snatched purab from aliya…but now everything changed …he came to know about the truth that purab loved bulbul not pragya.he was shocked…he came to know that pragya was innocent and she did this for her mother.but he took more revenge on her.but for pragya ..he is a caring man.though he did a mistake she doesn’t consider because she lives on earth a women can love a person who really torched her.but pragya did…she knows that though he didnt accept her as his wife but he helped her mother in that marriage hall case,he helped her to prove her innocence in mms case…she thought today is holi and bulbul says it’s her last chance to propose Abhi. Otherwise she will tell him.PRAGYA developed her courage but could not.pragya’s best friend ranveer who is friend of pragya also attends the holi. PRAGYA …first was quite suprised by him..later she thinks she deserves to be happy and it will be only with ranveer.seeing both abhi fumes in jealous. Though he hates pragya…some force inside him wants them to separate..PRAGYA and ranveer was happy…and bulbul asked pragya to propose.pragya gets bulbul thinks an idea..later purab gives baang to pragya saying it’s an energy drink…and bulbul gives to abhi.RANVEER sees ishani who is his best friend from childhood suprised her by calling her buddhu…ishani hugs him and was happy…Abhi sees pragya sitting on the bench holding her head…goes near her and asked what happened..PRAGYA said that the world is spinning for her.Abhi carries pragya and both consumate their marriage..

Next morning …pragya was The one who gets up and sees…she was in abhi ‘s bed ..moreover in his arms.their dresses are scattered on The floor…pragya comes to know about last night.she rushed to washroom and cries. ..her next thought was whether abhi will accept her not…she knows clearly he doesn’t love her,he loves tanu…so she thought no need to speak about this to abhi until he speaks about it.she tries to behave normal.meanwhile abhi could not remember because he was drunken more on that day “of jealousy ” …

After few days..
Abhi arranges for purab and bulbul weddings…all the family members were happy and they are now arranging for mehendi function.Abhi organizes it because to rectify his mistake aliya was at the peak of anger.ishani tries to calm her but all failed.on the day of mehandi pragya feels dizzy and was about to fall but ishani catches her.ishani says that she is looking pale.she calls dadi and says about this.Dadi and others thought because of purbul’s marriage…she is looking pale.but pragya only knows the truth when she checks with pregnancy kit. She was shocked because it’s postive and she could not digest that she is going to become mother.she feels happy at the same moment..she thinks how to say to abhi.will he accept the child …she gets panicked.
She decided to speak but was stopped when tanu says that abhi had decided to marry tanu. She also says about the claints whom they met on that day…is Bob other than her parents and they spoked about the marriage not the deal.pragya was shocked. She thought she was the big fool…fool of the year.she thinks so abhi decides to marry tanu clearly says that he will not accept she thought to hide the truth.but she could not hide more …because of her health. She was week and feels dizzy….on that day of mehandi function…pragya decides not to speak to abhi.Abhi sees and notices that she Is hiding something from him…

Will he be able to find the truth.
.keep reading..

I hope you all liked’s just a summary…comment if I want to continue or not…

Credit to: nikita

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  1. Awesome di
    It was an rocking epi
    And do plzzz continue for me
    It s awesome di ☺☺☺☺
    U rock ???

  2. Very nice Nikitha… keep rocking. . With ur next episode….

  3. Nice episode nikitha keep rocking waitng for the next episode

  4. Plzzzzz continue ya……….. iam waiting for ur ff .. plz don’t stop… its superrr..

  5. It is the same like the another ff that already was done right but it is good

  6. why there is no ISHVEER scenes dude? without them it’s very boaring because i don’t like ABHIGYA

  7. IshuRV(mast Goa)

    Prince just cool down dude. it’s just a starting….she’ll show equal importance to all pairs….

    please mam continue it……I hope u will give equal importance to all 3 couples that are ishveer purbul and abhigya……

  8. Plzzzzzz continue writing it……It’s jst awesome….

  9. Pls don’t stop
    continue writing it
    its superb

  10. Hai nikita I love that story also yar… but some of them are not understand leave it yar… but here abhi now itself having doubt on pragya for hiding truth.. nice

  11. nice ya…..

  12. nice u came with a bang dii waiting fr ur next episode di..

  13. Wow ..suprb.very nice and intresting…keep going….update regularly…

  14. Continue with Ur story yaar

  15. Nice continue with ur storyline yaar

  16. Hi Nikita I was waiting fr ur ff daily…thank god u started…plz continue n post it regularly. ..

  17. Superb yaar it’s amazing i love it and plz plz plzzzzzz don’t stop in between and update daily it’s a request

  18. heyyyyy plzzzz dooo continue nd unite abhigya soon pls update regularly

  19. hey dont bother 4 the comments who dont like u just continue yaar.

  20. Hai Nikita… Came back with bang???
    Plz don’t gonna stop this yaar…
    And reentry was awesome..
    Keep rocking???

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