My First Love- Chashmish (kkb) (shot 9)

My First Love-Chashmish(shot 9):
Than q for ur support guys..I think it’s not my cup of coffee.. lets get into the story.. don’t get angry on me…. Leave your comment to know how u feel..
The next day!! Today I’m going to propose her!!!already I’m madly truly deeply in love with her!!! & now, i came to know that, the first girl I admired became my wife.. I can remember only somethings about that fuggy.. I was in 12th.. that time I was a cool guy.. never care about anything.. & girls will drool over me always..I won’t study for that silly mid exams.. pass mark is enough for me.. so, I fill the page by what I listened in the class.. maximum 45 minutes to 1 hour.. that’s more enough for me to complete my exams… after that I start to see what others are doing or simply will take a nap orelse humming some songs… this is my exams routine.. 1st mid term started.. & asusual I went to the hall &sat on my allotted seat.. there a girl sat next to me was studying something.. I thought what a girl she is.. only 10 mins are there to start the exams & now also she is studying.. uff,.. that’s why she is wearing chasma!! Moreover she didn’t even look at me .. my ego hurts!! she is 9th std.. I didn’t seen her before.. may be she is a new joinee.. that’s why she didn’t know about me.. “the rockstar” class girls surrounded me & talking to me.. she gets distracted & her face was full of annoyance though I don’t want to disturb her studies I did it, to see her annoyed face.. how cute!! That chubby balloon.. fuggy.. exams started & as usual I completed my exams quick & started to ogle at the girl who is near to me.. humming some song to disturb her.. she distracted .. her face full of anger..but, she didn’t up to look at me once.. this hurts my ego badly.. so, I conclude that she will not speak to me as she is afraid of me because I’m a senior to her na.. I stared at her answer sheet.. she is writing writing without thinking.. book worm I thought & exams finished.. all the exams were went like that.. apart from exam time I couldn’t see her.. because we are different blocks &we have classes in different time ..during exams watching fuggy& irritating her is my fav time pass.. 2nd & 3rd midterm also gone just like that.. during the last exam she came to me& said,”you have to learn the character not to disturb others while they are doing their favorite thing.. ” she said & went from there .. at that time also she didn’t dare to look at me..she just said the matter of fact!! & I know how annoyed she was with me.. but, she said in a polite manner!! I liked it.. I don’t want to disturb others.. but, disturbing her was my favorite thing.. she said that not to disturb others while they are doing their favorite thing.. so only she didn’t disturbed me while I disturbing her(my fav thing..).. she is my mind reader that time also!! Now also, while I try to disturb her she used to say like that only.. she is not at all changed..without knowing chashmish is fuggy I loved her.. I love the way she is.. something in her attracted me towards her in my past& also now,.. she is my girl.. that’s why I’m feeling different for her in my school life itself!! now, we have shared many things!!.. I shared many things about my school days, college days, how I became responsible person & all.. she also shared so many things!! But, till now we didn’t spoke about love.. even once… she cares for me.. I have seen in her eyes.. but, I can’t take it as love.. something is missing!! I think she has a limit.. I don’t know what’s resist matter we spent the whole day together atlast she go back to her limits.. ya.. she is not only think me as a friend.. I can feel that.. but, she bounded by something .. whenever we are close to each other by mistake, we used to forget the surroundings..! I feel her warm , care & love.. but, she suddenly come back to her sense & go back to her so called limits.. I’m totally confused.. sometimes I feel .. she is in love with me… sometimes, I feel she is moving with me as a friend like purab, tanu, sid & all.. whatever it is… today I’m going to propose her.. I think she is somewhat fear of love.. I’m going to ask about her opinion in love.. according to her answer first I will give her the confident in love then I will let my heart out… I wish she will reciprocate the same!!!
I switched on the tv & found a pendrive in her study table.. I took it & put it on tv..& searched for films.. luckily she had a folder movies.. I clicked that& some films are there.. “first love” a film name caught my attention.. so, I started to watch that film.. it’s a Korean film I think..after completed some works, she came to our room.. “come & watch with me “ I said.. “ I had seen that more than enough times” she said without any interest..” give company to me” I said & pulled her to sit near me..(guys! It’s a school based movie& the film is full of girl’s perspective& how a chahmish ugly(according to the story) girl fell in love with a super cute senior,,& to impress him , she try some make ups, & then dental clips, & join in school drama competition& become lead in school march fast.. the hero’s friend ask her whether she can be his girlfrnd,.. her friends will give idea to tell okay that way she can spent sometime with the hero.. she agreed for that& started to spent more time with the hero & hero’s friend.. atlast she lost her friends &also her love due to some reasons.. then she asked sry to her friends ,they forgive exams, she became topper& went to abroad.. & then the hero part.. he is also in love with her.. but due to some circumstances, he didn’t confessed it..after 9 years they met in a interview of the heroine .. & he confessed his love for her.. such a cute story that is!! & one of my fav. Film.. sry if I’m boring you by talking about that film..)we are watching that film & I stole glances at her.. &after the movie finished..
Me: nice story na!!
Pragya: ya.. (in a monotone)
Me: but, silly, the hero could confessed his love before na.. there by they can save that 9 years of life, live without eachother..
Pragya:mmm(she is not in her sense..)
Me:what do you thing about love..?
Pragya: love.. the onething I lost my trust in it a long ago.. what about you?
She asked in a worried tone,..I can feel .. something wrong went in her life.. but I prayed I can correct it now..
Me:ya.. I have my lady love.. she is my first love too..
I said in an eager tone.. but, she is not in a mood to listen me..
Pragya: hmm ..firstlove… the very big mistake in my life.. I trusted him.. but, he dumped me for some other girl.. now, he is happy with that girl.. but, I couldn’t forget what he had done to me.. I loved him abhi… loved him soo much.. why it was me the one cheated by him??

Bg song:
Yamma yamma kaathal ponnamma..
Nee enna vittu ponathenga ma…
Nenjukulla kaayam aachum ma..
En pattam pochi saayam pochuma..
Kanavukkulla avala vacheney..
En kanna renda thirudi ponaaley..
Pullaangulala kaiyil thanthaaley..
En moochu kaatha vaangi ponaaley…
Ava kaiya vittu tha poyaachu..
Kannu rendumey poiyaachu..
Kaathal enbathu veen pechu…
Manam unnaley punna pochu..
Kaathal oru bhootha mathira..
Atha pottukitaa moongil yaathira..

She broken down into tears.. I felt someone stabbed me in my chest.. I couldn’t bear that feel.. pragya not loved me.. she is in love with some one else.. but, I’m here with lot’s of dreams..
Oota potta moongil paatu paada koodum..
Nenjil oota potta pinnum.. manam unna pathi paadum..
my world broken into lots of pieces.. I don’t want to ask anything to her.. but, she needs me now.. she needs a friend to let her heart out.. now also her thought comes to me at first.. I care for her.. whatever may be.. I care for her.. simply I can’t stop my care towards her.. I have to control my emotions..
vaanavilin kolam neeyamma..
en vaanam thaandi ponaathenna ma….
She gone far away from me.. but, I couldn’t stop her.. because I do care for her.. only for her.. I want to console her .. if not as a love.. atleast as a friend .. I have to console her.. then she told her past life to me..
Pragya’s past in her pov:
Due to my pa’s transfer , we used to move one place to another.& I changed my school very often.. I’m also complete the study portion before they taken in class.. I’m a book lover.. due to my pa’s transfer as usual I changed my school after 10th also.. I don’t know, either the difference is in the school atmosphere or in me due to teen age.. asusual I studied well.. & I scored good marks.. in that school they were always teasing with a boy with girl.. it’s common na.. that’s all new to me.. I never noticed anything till that.. after I make some friends they used to say about their crush & all… I have no interest in all that.. whenever they started to speak about any love or crush I would turn to my book & start to study.. there I made a mistake.. they find him.. SS.. he is also like me .. always with books.. top scorer.. we were different classes.. but whenever he crossed my class my friends call my name loudly.. so that he can hear..this spread by my friends to their friends & then my class.. then his class .. the matter is spread as we are in relationship.. but the fact was we are hardly know each other.. then one day , I went to library after the class.. & I searched book for my biology reference.. due to weakness I fainted.. when I opened my eyes, I found myself in SS’s lap.. he is seeing me with a worried face.. librarian came there & told me that he is the one who helped me at right time.. I said thanks to him &went.. I don’t know who told all to my classmates & all.. they confirmed that I’m in relationship with him.. I couldn’t bear it.. I cried a lot.. some other day, he came to me & asked for some notes..& I’m not ready to give him the notes.. but, my friends took my note & give it to him.. then he returned it to me.. when I opened to study that note, he written something in it.. I read it..& shocked.. he had written that “I’m in love with you not when the rumors spread.. but, when I saw you first.. ya, it’s my love at first sight.. I know, you are not at all interested in me or anyother guys.. I won’t disturb you now,.. because I want you to achieve your goal.. when your parents search for groom I’l there for you.. will you accept me as your husband that time?.. if yes I’l be the luckiest don’t want to look me, no dating & all.. your simple yes will help me to achieve my goal easily.. when you fainted I can’t bear that pain.. till you open your eyes I was restless.. so takecare.. your health is more important than studying .. okay “ I hardly known him.. I couldn’t trust him.. but, his caring words& all makes me feel better.. I didn’t accept him.. day by day, I started to notice him.. I don’t know why.. every day he is more caring towards me.. I couldn’t resist him also.. because, he is not disturbing me.. he motivate me to study.. & I also started to care for him.. help him to study well.. whenever he feel bored he started to chat with me.. first it’s full of care& studies related… then, the topic end in love.. & he confessed one more time..& I agreed that time..he wanted me to spent time with him that I couldn’t do.. but, I take it as the way he cares for me.. day by day it was increased.. I can’t broke my parent’s trust.. they have high hope in me.. & he knows that very well.. he forced me what I can’t do.. we won’t speak in school.. & in our school also the rumors is no more..but, in home, we talk through messages only.. because ma & pa don’t like me to speak in phone more hours.. &moreover I could not do that also.. in messages… caring to love… & that love becomes my enemy..he used to compare him with my parents.. “they are the one who you love.. I’m not.. I’m not at all a matter to you” he said like that.. in every situation I convinced him… he somewhat convinced.. but, again & again there will be some problems like this.. and atlast I will take it as he is more caring towards me.. so that he could not bear my closeness to my ma&pa also.. on our farewell he came to me& hold my hand .. pulled me to some dim area & tried to hug me.. I pushed him back because I couldn’t feel secure in his I told “ stay in your limits..” I trusted him.. but, he did this .. after that he convinced me by saying that he will miss me after our school life.. that’s why he done that.. somewhat I convinced by his talks & all.. he cared me to the core.. for that I fell in love with him again & again.. then college.. we got different colleges because of different interest .. we parted apart.. i too talk with sid whenever he call me.. he used to call me in weekends.. but, I didn’t told him about ss in any situation.. I kept that as secret.. sid & me joined in same college.. when we are talked through phone.. if he asked something wrong there?.. I could easily hide my all pains from sid.. but, I can’t hide anything when he is near to me.. whenever he ask any problem.. I want to tell him that lot of problems but something told me not to do that.. 1 year went like that.. sid knew that something wrong in my life but he could not guess what is that .. always he tried to know the reason.. one day!! I came to know that ss is in relationship with other girl in his college.. that girl is also from my school.. but, I thought it is also a rumor like I suffered.. but, it’s not like that.. he played double side.. I could not believe that he nearly cheated me 3 years by faking care & concern.. sid is the one who proved me ss is wrong from the starting.. but, I’m the one who believed in all that crap..first I didn’t believed what sid said.. & asked how did he knew about my love & all.. he told me that
Sid:I know by your activities itself.. what you think about me.. i will keep quiet when you tried to hide things…if you think so, you are wrong madam!! Because you are the one I cared more.. that you know!! I could n’t believe that my Jhansi rani is suffering because of a cheap man!! He used you!! But, you never know that..
Me: no, he truly loves me..
Sid: if that so, why he is with that girl..?
Me: may be friend..
Sid: if you are thinking like that you are the biggest stupid I have ever met.. trust me .. he is not what you expect.. this is not love pragya..
Me: sid! Please don’t say like that.. I love him sid..
Sid: idiot.. he is not worth for your love.. listen it..
Me: I won’t..
Sid: then ask him..
Me: why I have to ask him? I trust him..
Sid: so you are not going to trust me..
Me: I didn’t say like that..
Sid: okay, I will prove you what he is upto..
Me: no need sid..
Sid: why you are afraid of facing reality?..
Me: not like that.. I have trust in my love..
Sid : but I don’t have..
Me: so, what can I do?..
Sid: I collected some information, you just see it..
Sid gave me some photos & intimate videos of ss & that girl.. I could not believe what I’m seeing..
Sid: I know.. something is bothering you… till 10th you are not like that.. so the problem is from only I started to ask your friends details in your old school.. & then I make some friends in your school.. I manage to collect some information about you & that mad.. then from social medias & all I became his friend & then after some times of chatting then he told me that he is in relationship with 2 girls.. & one is you.. but, he declared that you are not his type.. so, he is waiting for a good chance..i want your safety.. I won’t allow any dog to touch you.. even I won’t let him to speak with you… got it..
Sid finished… I broken down beyond repair.. he is the one… who cared for me .. if sid is not there then I … I can’t even imagine what would have happened… then I completely avoided ss.. he keep on calling me.. I changed my no.. but, my love is true.. I could not take it as easy.. days passed.. slowly I became normal with the company of sid.. only sid knows.. what I have gone through.. one day inter college competition.. I met ss with that girl.. ya her name is riya!! They were in compromising position.. I could not bear that.. I ran to sid & cried out loud.. he advised me not to think about it..
End of flashback..
Back to abhi’s pov:
Pragya: as days passed … I moved on with this thoughts… I couldn’t forget anything.. leave it now.. you told me na? you loved someone..? who is that?
She asked in a same worried tone
Me: ya .. I love someone.. but, she loves someone else..
By saying that I had call.. so I excused myself & went from there… i drove my car rashly & reached beech!! Why this is happening to me… even now, she could not forget him… why she is not see my love?.. now, what can I do!!!?

Precap: abhi started to avoid pragya… 

So guys, I’m sorry.. but, I have no idea how to write this pragya’s chapter.. so ended like it,… I know it’s somewhat boring.. but, I will give next update better than this..& tell me what you feel..

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