My First Love- Chashmish (kkb) (shot 6)

My First Love-Chashmish (shot 6):
Than q than q than q so much dears.. I’m happiee to see all ur comments.. this update is too long to read.. so bear with me.. & sry fot the late update… tell me ur comments after you read it…
Marriage day
Finally the day has came.. I woke up & went to wash room to freshen up.. I started to get ready.. with full of excitement.. my happiness lies in her.. but , I don’t know why?.. without much talking to her.. I started to feel for her.. & I’m happy because today,she is going to be mine… & yes I will keep her happy .. I’ll fulfill her each & every wishes.. nikil & purab came to my room & started to tease me.. but, I don’t care their talks & continue to get ready… then after sometime tanu came there
Tanu: my god abhii.. 2 hrs to go for your marriage.. you are too fast abhiii..
Me: this is my marriage na?.. I’m going to look perfect…
Tanu: hoo… my dear .. always you are perfect only..(by pulling my cheeks..)
Me: hey.. don’t dare to spoil my makeup.. 😉
Nikil: I told you abhi not to attached with tanu .. see now, you are talking like her..
Purab: nikil bhai! I caught you!! Whenever you try to pull her cheeks she used to say “ don’t touch my cheeks.. my make up will get spoil” like that na???.
Nikil gave a hifi to purab!!.. & saw tanu.. tanu gave murderous glare to nikkil..
Nikil: oops! I’m dead now.. I dig my own graveyard..(murmuring)
Tanu: (stomped her feet) abhi I’l meet you someother time.. these two idiots are irritating me..
Me: now where are you going?.
Tanu: I’m become dull.. so going to touch up.. bye..
Me: I’m not wrong.. you are makeup mental only.. by the way, marriage is mine.. not yours madam…
Tanu: you too brutus!! I know.. bye..(irritated tanu went from there with an annoyed face)
Marriage time came,, pandit said.. bring the groom.. I went & sit in the mandap infront of fire.. purab & nikkil accompanied me .. pandit said some mantras and I repeated it.. then he said bring the bride.. it’s time for muhoorth..

She is coming.. tanu & bulbul accompanying her.. she is wearing a red saree with lots of works.. I’m sure the saree is so heavy & she felt uncomfortable with that.. but her face doesnot show it.. that same calm & bright face… she sit near to me.. pandit said kettimelam kettimelam.. I tied the mangalsutra in her neck.. she closed her eyes & a lone tear escaped from her closed eyes.. i thought it’s tear of happiness.. then I filled her maang with kumkum .. I saw a complete women in her now.. a new grace is added to her.. I adore her.. purab hugged me & congratulated me.. followed by nikkil ,tanu &bulbul.. same tanu & bulbul hugged her & congratulated her followed by nikkil & purab..…then the pandit brought my shawl corner & her saree corner & tied them…then we took 3 rounds around the fire.. we are asked to sit in the mandap& all blessed us one by one.. my ma & pa blessed us hugged pragya & kissed her forehead saying that welcome my daughter.. my pa hugged me..& then aunty & uncle blessed us.. uncle hugged me & said” we are giving our life to you.. our happiness lies in her happiness.. take care of her abhii..”sure uncle ” I said.. he smiled at me.. aunty hugged her & kissed her fore head & said “take care of you & family my dear” she gave a weak smile to her..

Then we seated in our seats & all guests came & wished us one by one… after some time we get some free time.. purab & bulbul were with us..
Bulbul: jiju.. you are looking stunning .. & perfectly match with my diii… but why are you keeping that jandhu(unknown creature..) with you..?
Pragya & I were listening to the convo..
Purab:hey ! what? Meeee? Jandhu??.
Bulbul :ya.. you only..
Purab: you are telling me jandhu as if you are looking like an angel??
Bulbul: ya , see.. I’m an angel, that’s why you are looking at me from yesterday(engagement) as if I’m your world.. jandhuuu..
Purab: hey don’t call me as jandhu.. ms. lodaloda..(a person who is talking non stop)
Bulbul: I”l call you like that only.. what can you do?
Purab: I will..
Bulbul: say mr. jandhu, you will?
Purab: I’l tell my ma that this girl is teasing me more..(in an innocent voice..)
We burst out into laughter because of his childish behavior..
Bulbul: (while controlling her laugh) hey jandhu! Are you a kid or what? Even children are facing their prbs themselves…
Purab: hey ms. I’m not a kid .. I’m a college going guy.. mind it.. I’l tell about you.. my ma will punish you..
(he stomped his feet & went..) we trio laughed at his behavior..
After sometime a big crowd came to the stage .. I thought who are they, I’m not invited them.. then I saw chashmish she is smiling widely.. so they are her friends..” so many friends.. “ I asked her.. she smiled & nodded her head..
All are shouting happieee married life crazzzyy girl…. & abhisheik.. they placed a table.. then placed a cake on the table.. it’s a big white colour heart shaped “ a new life of our crazy girl pragya with abhii begins today ..till forever..” written by red color cream.. we cut the cake & feed each other & then others.. she is now smiling to the core.. then they speak with her & then congratulated me.. & gave gifts to us.. &then dispersed .. a guy with medium height speaking with her..
Pragya: where is he? I know he is here.. but he is not came to stage..?
Guy1: he will come .. don’t worry..
Pragya: but why I think he is near to me..?
Another tall, fair, energetic guy tapped her shoulder & said
Guy2: because I’m here kutty pisaasey.. (small demon)
Pragya: you… &( she beat his head slightly) always doing some thing mischief..
At that time a girl came to the stage..
Guy2: congratulation my dear.. happy married life… ms master blaster…. oops now mrs na… mrs. Master balster..give me some intro to your hubby..
Pragya: mm.. very funny!! Suniye(she called me.. ha ha ha..)!! He is sid(guy 2) my best buddy from my childhood.. then he is akash (guy 1)my college friend & she (the girl) is rachana , my college friend.. we 4 were a gang in my college..
Sid: & we are the craziest guys in our college & she is the queen of craziness..
Me: ooh(with a fake smile)
He said & gave a side hug to her.. I know I have to control myself.. but, he is talking too much with my chashmish… arrrggg!!& she is smiling & laughing for his idiotic speech..
Pragya: akash & rachana are in relationship from our college days.. soon going to be life partners…
Me: congrats guys.. then what about you sid? When you are going to find a girl?(I asked with an eagerness)
Sid: (he laughed a bit) not so soon… I know how these girls will rule us.. afterall I’m with this naughty girl for more than 20 yrs .. so someother time..
He is confusing me too the core .. why the hell he is saying that he is with my pragya for 20 yrs!! I thought.. akash & rachana went to their seats.. but he is talking to her.. as time going I can’t control my rush to beat him..
Pragya: okay enough of your unwanted talks .. where is my gift?..
Sid: here… but it’s not for you..
Pragya: then?
Sid: for abhi..

He handed a gift box & said open it now mams..!! I didn’t care what he said.. due to my irritation..
Pragya: open it suniye.. I want to see.. what this idiot brought for you!!
I opened it .. a jewel box…. I confused & then open it … my lips curved into a beautiful smile… not because it is costly but because it is a ladies bracelet in centre there is heart “abhigya” is the word written in it.. “ it’s beautiful sid” I said
Sid: ya.. beautiful bracelet for my beautiful friend by her naughty friend…
Pragya: (see it an exitement) superb.. but what it is abhigya… I’m pragya na???
Sid: hey silly! If you don’t get it you can ask your haubby na? why are you asking me??.
Pragya: you are the one who presented this na! that’s why I’m asking.. leave it.. (turned to me)
Suniye.. you tell.. what’s this?..
Me: abhi + pragya= abhigya madam(with a smile)
Pragya: ha ha.. I know that .. I just checked whether you know it or not!!! Not bad ! you got it correct.. genius.. like me… hey na sid!!
Sid: uffo kutty saathan(small demon..) good samaalification( good make over for your innocence)..( turns to me) sir put the bracelet on her hand..
I put it & smiled at him.. he forwarded his hand & said “maams (we say sis’s hubby as mama or mams..) take care of my little sister.. “
The word sister make me to feel up & I immediately pulled him into a hug..  & said “I will”
Then I broke the hug.. he handed over a gift to her .&. said
Sid:this is your part to do…
Pragya opened the gift & smiled at him.. she took my hand & hook up the brace let.. in my bracelet it is written”prabhi”
Sid: you guys liked it??
Me: we loved it.. I know abhigya & prabhi are combinations of our name.. but why for me prabhi& for her abigya..
Sid: because, from now onwards, pragya will be you first thought.. you have to consider her at first place in all for your’s pragya followed by abhi = prabhi.. for pragya , you will be her first thought in all means.. so for her its “abhighya”..
Pragya: genius!!!
Sid: okay guys spent some time .. I’m leaving..
Pragya ‘s eyes filled with tear..
Sid: don’t cry madam.. if you cry then sure I’ll broke your hubby’s bone..
Me: what.. don’t pull me into your prbs!!(I smiled)
Sid: now onwards noo “ your prbs “ you are joined in our gang.. so now, our gangg!! Our prbs!!abhii… you have to bear all for your beloved lady..!!
I rolled my eyes in disbelief.. he waved bye to us & gone. We finished our lunch.. we are surprised & shocked to see purab & bulbul .. they were laughing & speaking as if they are best friends.. I gestured purab & bulbul to come to me.. they came..
Me: hey guys..! seems like you are became friends??
Purab: ya bro!! we are friends now!
Pragya: but how?? ( with a shock!!)
Purab: why are you shocked this much bhabhi!! I will tell you what happened!! Some idiot placed a banana peel in her way!! She stepped in that peel & slipped.. I went there at right time & prevented her from falling down!!( here they shared an eye lock guys!!! Bg song: aai! Alagiya thheye! Ennai vaatukiraaiye..) then she said “thank you”.. I said “come need of all this.. you are my bhabhi’s sis .. that way my relative too” then she forwarded her hands & asked me “friends” I too accepted her friend request.. you know na bro .. basically I’m a good boy..
Me: I know you are good boy to those who did not mess with you!! But how you became a savior of bulbul!! Already you are angry with her na?? (with a wink)
Purab: come on bhai!! That is not the time to take revenge na??
Bulbul: ya jiju..! that is not the time to take revenge.. & he forget to tell you only one thing..
Purab: what babe.. I told everything na!!
Bulbul: really!! Then listen this.. you may have short time memory loss!! Jiju.. he said na! some idiot placed a banana peel in my way!! That idiot is none other than this jandhu(pointing to purab)
Purab:oops!! How dare you ?? I helped you but you are blaming me!!
Bulbul: because I saw you when you are setting that banana peel in my way!! & I wanted to know what’s your motive.. that’s why I acted like I slipped!! One more thing jandhu!! If you didn’t caught me also I wouldn’t fell down!! Got it small kid!!
Purab : (gave a oops reaction) don’t dare to mess with me!!
Me: purab, you are not a kid!!
Purab: listen! My bro is saying that I’m not a kid ! got it!!
Me: purab! you are not supposed to do like this.. (in a little stern tone)
Bulbul: leave him jiju(stomped her feet) I will complain my ma & pa about him..!! & left with a wink at purab..
Purab: see na bhai! She is teasing me now also! I won’t leave her!! (He stomped his feet & followed her)
Me: chashmish: I thought only purab is grown kid!! But it looks like bulbul also a grown kid na??
Pragya: ya! Such a child both are .. by the way what did you said?? “chashmish” see today I’m not wearing chashma.. don’t call me like that..
Me: ho! How rude!! Tomorrow you will wear na? no need to change your name untill I get bored of it chashmish!!!
Then time went.. we went to her home.. bulbul did aarathi. & blocked my way.. she demanded her money for doing this rituals!! I smiled & gave some money to her she said “this is not enough give some more”.. purab told”bhai , what a robbery is this??” bulbul said” hey idiot this is not robbery ! this is my duty & my right!! Jandhu!!” “purab calm down” I said & gave more money to her.. she did her tongue out looking at purab like mocking.. “ always you are supporting your saali.. not fair bro” he said in a sad tone.. “come on dear we will see her later” I said & winked.. he smiled at me & shown thumbs up.. then we did some rituals.. while leaving aunty , bulbul are crying with pragya.. I felt bad for her.. it’s tru .. she is leaving her own ma , pa, relative & home for my shake.. I will keep her happy I said to myself.. we bide bye to all & reached our home..
Ma: pragya, come & lighten the diya..
Pragya: okay ma..

She did it & prayed something.. I stand near her.. we did some rituals.. at night, all retired to their room due to tiredness.. but this nikil ,purab did not allow me to go to my room.. they were like insane persons.. I called tanu & asked her to come there..
Tanu: what happened abhii? Why are you soo restless?
Me: these idiots na! they are not allowing me to go..
Tanu: leave him naa!! He is longing to see his lady love.. leave him.. else he will curse you..
Me: you said it correct tanu!! Nikil if you won’t leave me now! Then I’m sure you are going to marry her next week!!
Nikil: (with a shock) it’s a life time curse abhii!!
Tanu: what you said? Come again!!
Nikil: no , I said it’s a lifetime bless.. bless!!
Tanu: ho really! Now come with me!! I’l show you the bless of your life!!
Nikil: oh! God! Definitely dead!!
Me: nikil best of luck!!
Nikil: thanks abhii!! Hope will see tomorrow!!
Tanu: having that much hope!! Come!! Come..
She literally pulled him from there.. now..
Purab: bro! I’m not like nikil bhai! You know na!! I’m not afraid of anything & anyone!!
Abhi: comeon puru! I know you in & out!! By the way! Bulbullllllll..
Purab: (with an eager tone) bulbulll???
Abhi: how can I say you that bulbul!!!
Purab: what bhai ! what happened to her!! Tell me!! What! Don’t test my patience!!
Abhi: look.. is this my chotu puru??? Who is used to fight with a girl & now caring for the same girl..
Purab: ( with a shy) not like that bhai..
Abhi : then..
Purab: she is bhabhi’s sister na?
Abhi: ho that’s why she is also like your sister??
Purab: bhai ! what are you talking .. if you are my bro..& bhabhi is my bhabhi & her sister is my…
Abhi: tell me her sister is your sister!??
Purab: bhai! You can’t understand what I’m saying or feeling.. idiot brother!! Go now!! I’m tired ..
Me: Uffo… than q purab!! bye..
I said & ran away from him.. managing those idiots is one of the toughest job!.. I went to my room.. no.. now it’s our room… I entered & locked the door.. she sat on the corner of our bed.. my room is well decorated.. the bed is full of rose petals… she is nervous to the core.. her face is worth to admire.. “don’t be formal.. if you wish go& change you dress.. I’ll change here ..” I said & moved to my closet to take my nightwear.. I took & came from there leaving the closet to her.. after sometime she came with her nightsuit.. she freshened up .. she had removed all her jewels except mangalsutra! The identity tells that she belongs to me… her maang filled with kumkum .. I admired her.. she nervously open her mouth to speak..
Pragya: I’m not ready to this all things.. I want some time to adopt this environment .. I’l try my best to adopt here as a bhahu, as a daughter ,as a bhabhi & as a wife in some time.. don’t mistaken me…
She said while she closed her eyes tightly.. I couldn’t help.. but smiled.. due to no response from me she opened her eyes slightly..
Pragya: (annoyed expression) I’m telling you something you are smiling at like I said a joke..
Me: oops! I thought you were joking..
Pragya: I’m serious.. (in a serious yet beautiful pout)
Me: okay meri ma.. I can understand you… you take your own time to adopt here…. & don’t change yourself more!! Then I may miss chashmish… officer..
Pragya: very funny.. i’m so tired ..
Me: then sleep here(pointed to the bed.)
Pragya: then you ?
Me: I will sleep on the other side.. have any prbs??
Pragya: mmm.. actually..
Me: so, the problem is you can’t resist yourself from me.. isn’t it?
Pragya: you & your silly talks.. you are praising yourself too much… !i’m going to sleep.. she said & walk to other side of bed.. she slipped due to the floor mat.. and I caught her.. I lost in her eyes.. our eyes were locked with eachothers..

Bg song:
Enna solla… eathu solla!!
Kannodu kan pesa vaarthai illa…!!!
Ennanavo… ullukulla….!!
Veliya solaama en vetkam thalla..!!
China china aasa … ulla thikki thikki pesa..
Malliga poo vasaam konjam kaathodu veesa..
Uththu uththu parka.. nenjil muthu muthaa verka ..
putham puthu vaalka.. enna unnodu serka…
enodu nee!! Unnodu naan!!! Ondrodu naam ondraagum naal!!!
She broke the eye lock & ran to the bed & laid then closed her eyes.. such a cute kid!!! I thought..
I also laid on my bed & while admiring her slowly drifted into sleep…

Precap: abhi: what!! you have a crush on him?? Pragya: what’s your problem in that? Abhi: hey silly girl.. talk like a matured woman!! You are talking like some teenage girl.. pragya: you can’t understand me.. it’s no use to tell my feelings to you…

So guys.. how was the marriage day? Sorry for the long update!! Drop your comments my dears.. than q for ur support … sry for the mistakes… hope u understand what I’m trying to tell!! Hey na??

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