My First Love- Chashmish (kkb) (shot 5)

My first love chasmish: shot 5:
I think it’s long compared to previous shot.. hope u like it.. drop ur views.. than q for all..
I reached her home..climbing up a pipe to get into the balcony.. I don’t know whose room it will be.. that attached to the balcony.. I gathered my courage & reached balcony.. walked into the room no one is there..the room door was closed.. I reached the door & slightly opened it& peeped into the hall.. I saw her..she looks beautiful but tired..she is there again with that small boy..& some other ladies..the small boy keep on asking lots of questions to her.. she also gave answers to him with a smiling face.. even I get jealous with the boy.. he is too close to her.. always he is with her.. calling her as darlu.. he is making her tired by asking so many questions.. & she is admiring him.. here ..I’m admiring her..
Bg song:

Kaathal vaithu kaathal vaithu kaathirunthean..
Kaatril unthan kural mattum kettirunthean…
Sirithaal isai arithean..
Nadanthaal thisai arithen..
Kaathal ennum kadalukkul naan vilunthen..
Karaiyinil vantha pinbum naan mithanthen..
Sirithal isai arithean…
Alagaai aiyoo tholainthen..
Devathai kathai ketta pothellaam..
Nijam endru ninaika villai..
Neril unnaiye paartha pinbu thaa
nambi vitean Maru kadikai..

now she is telling a story to that boy with full actions…to see her like this is so cute.. I lost in her.. I came back to reality when somebody tapped my shoulder & said “close your mouth else mosquito will go into your mouth..” in a husky voice.. ho no it’s ram uncle(pragya’s pa).. so it’s his room.. I felt nervousness.. my face is full of sweat drops.. I could feel that.. but at that instance I have no guts to turn & face him.. slowly I turned with my frightened face only to look at grinning purab…he is trying to control his laugh.. god! I can’t take it anymore..” hey idiot! Why are playing like this?.. I felt my heart skipped a beat..” I said in a husky voice.. eventhough the ladies are making much noise in the hall , I’m also alert.. “your heart missed only one beat? I thought you will get heart attack”he said & winked at me.. “by the way why are you here” I asked irritated..”I want to confirm that whether you are safe or not .. if you are safe then I have some idea to make some problem… if you are already have any problem then I will make it double.. what say?..” he asked..”naughty kitty.. tell me seriously why are you here?”I asked..” because I want to know my bro is safe & will he manage to see my bhabhii.. but bhai.. you proved me.. you are my brother in this kind of sillyness”said purab.. “ oh my little bro!! how sweet you are.. love you my sweet heart..!!” I said pulling his cheeks ..”you are becoming more romantic.. one thing.. I’m not bhabhii” he said & grinned…”come on are my sweetheart.. always..” I said..”okay don’t butter me.. I will wait for you in our car.. come soon& one more thing” said purab..”what is that?” I asked.”

Bhai don’t be jealous.. he is a small boy” he said & ran away from the room.. how this boy manage to get my mind voice I wondered.. then again I peeped out my head to see pragya..most of the ladies went from there.. that small slept in my chashmish lap.. she picked up him& walked towards me.. ooh god.. she is coming to this room.. I have to hide.. I went to balcony door side & hide myself .. she get in with him & tugged him in to the bed.. she lied down near him.. I heard the door knocked sound followed by pragya..she woke up & went to open the door.. I have no idea to go home.. what she is doing to me!!!! “ Ma, why are you here now? You can called me na? I would come downstairs.. why are you straining yourself ma?” Asked pragya.. so. Its auntyji..i thought..

aunty: pragya.. you said na.. you are having head ache.. is it okay now?.
Pragya: ya ma.. it’s okay..
Aunty: pragya.. you are going to new home.. I know you will take care of them well.. but, I want you to take care of yourself too..
Pragya: ma, don’t worry about me.. I will take care.. but my thoughts are filled with you& pappa..
Aunty: we are so happy for you dear .. you are going as a daughter in law for a very good family.. we know.. they won’t let you down at any cost.. they will treat you as their daughter..
Pragya: I know ma.. but, here you are all alone.. I won’t here after my marriage na?..i will miss you ma..
Aunty : we will also miss you pragya.. you are the one who makes our home lively..your not stop chatting is all we want.. your laughing sound fills our home with happy..but.. what to do.. for girls one day she have to leave from her home to her sasurals..
(aunty kissed pragya in her forehead & both the ladies eyes filled by tears..pragya hugged her..)

Pragya: okay ma.. don’t feel for anything.. any how I’m always in your mind na.. that’s enough.. one call is enough to bring me here ma.. let’s smile my bubbly ma..(Both smiled ..)that’s like my ma.. go & sleep now.. take your medicine also..good night ma..
Aunty: sleep well pragya..
aunty went out.. by then some one called her in her mobile.. she answered the call.. “is there everything okay? …. Mmm.. okay ma… okay ma.. I’ll take care” she answered like that & ended the call..then she took a book from her study table & went to balcony .. I can say that she was lost in some thoughts… I have to go else purab will kill me.. but she is not at all feeling sleepy… So I have to go by hiding myself.. but my bad luck I hit the table by mistake & a bottle fell down.. so, she turned & saw me.. she shocked to see.. but, she didn’t shouted..I grinned & took baby steps to reach her with a thought how to manage her..
pragya: are you here for how much time?

Me: I don’t know.. that little boy asked some questions na.. from that time …
Pragya: my god.. it’s nearly 2 hours..okay why are you here now?..
Me: chasmish.. you said na.. you are not feeling well.. so..
Pragya: so you are coming to see me as if I’m in bed rest!!
Me: see , it’s not like that..i want to see you whether you are fine or not.. that’s it..
Pragya: don’t care too much for a person in a short time mr. it may return as either they can care as we are care for them or they don’t care for us.. even they not even note us we are living or not.. it will pain na..!!
Me: hey boring professor.. you said that you are a bank officer.. but you are giving lectures as if you are handle many students .. anyways .. I know my care for you will leads to you too.., to care for me..
Pragya: whatever it is…. okay go from here.. ma will be waiting na..
Me: how do you know that ma will wait for me..

Pragya: 10 mis before I had a call na?? that’s ma.. she told me that you may come here at any time.. I’m sure you will use this pipe to reach the balcony.. so..
Me:so you are waiting for me.. without looking that pipe.. you engrossed yourself in this silly book..
Pragya: don’t call my book as silly..& you are the silly’s king .. by the way where is purab?
Me: you know that he also came here?
Pragya: ma told me that you both are coming..
Me: (so ma knows about purab’s visit..huff..) okay now I’m going .. otherwise he will do any silly things.. get ready for our engagement chasmish..
Pragya: go carefully..
Me: so you started to care for me.. go ahead chashmish..bye.. good night.. sweet dreams..
I carefully climbed down .. & reached my car.. there purab playing game in his mobile..
Me:come let’s go..
Purab:bhai, wait .. I called Ram uncle(pragya’s pa)he will come..
Me:why you called him? ..
purab:I cannot complete this level in candy crush.. he is good in it.. so only(in a childish tone..)
me: really!! (i pinched hhis cheeks)..

purab: uff.. bhai it’s paining..okay bhai, we can go.. by the way, is your romance over?..
we get into the car..
me: purab! you are talking to your brother not your friend okay! Have some shame” …
purab: who is speaking about shame here..!! Some one asked his own younger brother to give idea to meet his girlfriend ..
me: cool down bro…by the way where is your bike?.. I purab:.who said I came by bike..?..
me: you are not going to answer my questions directly.. do you?.. then how come you manage to come here?..
purab: I’m came with you by this car.. you will not get what I’m saying.. right! Wait.. I will tell you.. after you went to your room I gave a message to ma to call me first as I want to go with you.. she said okay & called me before calling you.. I came & get into the car by using spare key.. then you came.. got it my handsome hung?..” ( with a grin..)

I couldn’t help but laugh at both of my loved ones..
Me::well planned chotu.. keep your brain to study like this” with a smile..
. we reached home& retired to thoughts flied to her.. I was like flying with happiness.. she is so friendly .. caring too.. slowly I drifted into sleep with her thoughts…
Morning I woke up with the noise.. my home is fully decorated & most of my relatives came.. evening engagement.. so, preparation is going on full swing.. all are doing some works.. but, I’m free.. so I got up & freshen up .. then I too have some works.. time flies.. evening 6’o clock engagement.. we all reached the mandap at 5’o clock.. there she comes with some ladies.. she wore a orange colour work saree with matching blouse & bridal makeup but limited amount.. I can’t take my eyes of from her.. we are sitting in chairs.. & pandit read our engagement announcement like mr.& mrs prem mehra’s first son abhisheik & mr.& mrs Ram kumar arora’s only daughter pragya ‘s wedding is confirmed by elders of the family.. he asked me if I’m okay with it.. I said yes.. then he asked chasmish whether she is okay with this marriage? She said yes.. then he said exchange your garlands followed by rings..
Bg song:
Enakena earkanavey piranthaval ivalo..
Ithaiyathai kaiyuru katti iluthaval ivalo..
Oli sinthum iru kangal..
Uyir vaangum siru ithalgal..
Ennullay ennulay eatheytho seigirathey…

We exchanged our garlands.. purab gave me the ring.. & I put it to her finger while admiring her eyes..then a girl gave a ring to chasmish saying that dii go ahead.. then she put me the ring.. then photo time.. back to back posing for photos.. really tired.. but I enjoyed it.. we were talked rarely to each other.. relatives surrounded us & they were using us like toys.. teasing us.. we were smiled by their teasing talks.. even tanu & nikil didn’t waste the opportunity to tease me.. & I said” I will have my own time dears to tease you like hell.. wait..” ” hey abhi, do whatever you want in my marriage..

I won’t blush like you& you know onething.. even pragya is not blushing this much dear..” tanu said teasingly.. I enjoyed a lot by stoling glances of her.. but I really missed one thing throughout the convo purab remained silent.. I asked what happened to him.. but he was in some other world.. I looked at the direction he is looking.. there the girl who gives ring to pragya at engagement.. so, it’s the matter,.. he is trying to flirt with my saali(saali.. I think so) I asked pragya who the girl is.. she asked “why are you asking? Are you trying to flirt with her?.. remember she knows karate.. & yes she is my cousin.. bulbul” “I’m not asking for myself okay!! “ I said” then it is good to you!!” she said in a casual tone… then all guests returned to their home& we back to our home after send off them..finally .. tomorrow our marriage.. the most awaited moment in my life .. I have to wake up early& tired also… I typed a good night message & send to her.. but no reply.. may be she will be tired & dozed off..sleep abhi .. you have to fresh in your wedding.. & I slept with full of tomorrow’s dream..

Precap: abhigya marriage.. & reception..sid entry.. abhi’s jealousy.. rabul knok jhoks..

So guys .. how was it?.. is it worth to read?.. tell me if it is boring… thanq dears.. thanq soo much.. u r all such sweeties.. ur support is the one I want.. keep reading.. keep smiling& keep commenting.. & I’ll try to post my next update tomorrow.. if not then will post it on Monday.. try to remember me & my story dears…

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