My First Love- Chashmish (kkb) (shot 4)

My First Love-Chashmish(shot 4)

Than q dears… than q sooo much… I think it’s some what long shot..lets go to our story…
Days passed like hours.. hours passed like minutes.. finally I’m done with my project work..shh.. what a week man!! tomorrow engagement, the next day marriage..I wonder how these days passed.. but, her thoughts are roaming around me.. hope that my ma told about my inconvenience to her.. my thoughts are disturbed by my idiot brother..

Purab: haiii brother!! Is everything over??.
Me: ya bro.. just now over.. (if I’m not asking him about his studies he will started to tease me..divert him abhi..) so bro how u did your exams?.. will you clear all papers?..
Purab: ho bro.. you are becoming smarter day by day… but don’t show your smartness to me okay.. by the way bro.. you are supposed to ask your marriage preparation & room decoration.. 😉
Me: ( really he is intelligent) chotu!! You are getting it,. I want to know about your exams only..
Purab:whyyy??haan.. I got it… from tomorrow you will be busy with your marriage& after marriage busy with family stuffs na??… there is no time for your chotu.. 

Me :again you started.. I’m going to kill you purab..
Purab: so that you can romance with bhabhi without any disturbance??:(
Me: hey drama king.. for god’s shake keep your mouth shut.. just now I completed all my works & relieved..
Purab: okay bro.. araamsey.. I think I’m disturbing your evening dream with bhabhi.. hey na?..
Me: god.. you know what.. you and your stupid talks.. I’m not dreaming anything..&you know na.. I didn’t speak to her till now..(in a sad tone) 

Purab: so this is the probs.. then talk to her..
Me: but how can I go now?.
Pura: bhai.. seriously I have a doubt.. really are you my brother???
Me:I have the same doubt.. but we can clarify it later.. now tell me how can I speak to her?.
Purab: my bhuddhu brother.. call her by phone…

Me: for that I want her no. na?.
Purab: oh my sweet bro’s resting brain got some logic question…
Me: tell me teasing tom!!
Purab: it’s her no. call her& speak.. enjoy your night..
Me: than q brother.. you are the best.. hey!! I got her no. hurray..!!
Purab: bhai.. behave like an elder brother.. have some control to your rush & you are dancing like a love sick teenager…

Me: love is same feel to all dear.. it’s not only for teenager na..
Purab: bhai , you are telling this!!! How sweet.. I can’t believe it.. for the past three years you were like a robot.. you are not at all like to flirt with a girl.. in 1 day bhabhi changed you upside down.. thanks to bhabhi.. to show me your another side..
Me: this feel is only for her chotuu..i don’t know why but when I think of her I like to continue to think about her..i love the feel… I can’t distract myself from her thoughts..& I don’t want to distract myself from her thoughts..
Purab: bro I think romeo or majunu’s spirit is staying in your body.. so love bird.. I thought you were worked this many days.. but seriously you were dreaming about bhabhiii… not fair bro..
Me: all is fair in love & war ..( with a wink)

Purab: you are unbelievable bro.. if I continue to talk with you like this then you will become charming purab.. & I will become that boring abhi.. I’m going bro..
huff.. for managing him I have to say such quotes.. but whatever it is I told him from my heart.. I love her.. my first love…. Chashmish… purab also right.. I was like such a robot before seeing her.. now.. I’m talking like poet..(really!!!)
bg song:
kaathalukku kangal illai yaaro sonnaaney..

moolai kooda illai endru sonen naaney… aanal ipo…!!! Huhummmm..
kaathalaaley bhoomi ingu suthuthu endraaney…
kaathil poovai suthaathey nu sonnen naaney… aanal ipo… !!! huhmmm..
loosu rendu serthaaley summa pesi sendraaley kaathal varum thannaaley endren naaney..
beech il vaangum sundalley theerthu pochu endralley…
kaathal kooda theerum enbean naaney…
ho!oh! oh! Enna aanatho…!! Hormongal kathchi maaruthoo…
ho!oh!ho.. intha naal muthal en vaalkai aval kangalil…

I called her.. she attended it..
Pragya: hello.. who is this?..

Me: I’m abhi.. how are you sweet heart..?
Pragya:mr. who are you & how dare you are calling me sweet heart?..
Me: is this pragya ?..
Pragya : ya.. but who the hell are you?.

Me: hey.. it’s me abhishek .. the one who is going to marry you day after tomorrow..
Pragya: I’m told me you are abhi na.. I know you as abhishek? So, I didn’t get it’s you..
Me: it’s okay chasmish..
Pragya: chashmish??arrg!! don’t call me like that.. and we will talk some other time .. I’m not feeling well due to this noise & all..
Me:  ho no.. take rest chasmish.. then only you will look cute in our engagement…
Pragya: okay intelligent idiot.. as you said.. I will take rest.. bye..
Me: hmm.. that’s like my girl.. hey wait.. u call me as idiot..

Pragya: no… I called you as intelligent idiot(by stressing intelligent) bye..
Me:bye.. good night..
this girl is not silent .. she is talking too much..funny girl.. easily getting irritated.. abhi.. you will have some entertainment by irritating her.. but, she is not at all interested to talking with me.. noo.. she is not well na.. that’s why.. what happened to her.. is that anything serious.. shall I go to her home.. “abhi dinner ready come” ma said.
at dining table:
ma: abhi.. is there everything fine? Why are you looking so dull?..

Me: ma.. I called her.. she told me that she is not feeling well..
Shall I go & look after her?.
Pa: abhi.. you are also so tired beta.. take rest..anyways tomorrow we are going to see her na?
Me: but pa, I can manage..
Pa: no abhi.. it’s already late.. what will they say if you are going to her home at this time?..she will be fine .. don’t worry.
Me: okay pappa.. 

After dinner , pa went to his room..
Ma: where is my abhi?..
Me: here is your abhi..(I said in sad tone)
Ma: no my abhi is a prankster.. (with a wink at purab) (with a confused face I look at purab)
Purab: bro, ma is supporting you.. do what ever you want!!
Me: what! Please don’t talk in puzzles…already my battery is down. .tell me clearly..
Purab:my handsome hung. What do you want now?.

Me: I want to see her..
Purab: that’s what ma saying..
Me:oh…  but if anyone caught me?
Ma: then please don’t take my name.. I can’t bear your pappa’s wrath.. if u caught let it be.. but my abhi is brilliant na… he will not get caught..
Purab: then me?
Me: you are outstanding khanna.. hmm.. good mummy.. good choty &.. good family…after pappa slept , give me a miss call.. I will go there ma..
Ma: done,that’s the spirit abhi..
Me: it’s all yours ma..
Ma went to her room..
Purab: so bro, I’m also coming..
Me: idiot, I’m going to see my fiancé.. give some privacy..

Purab: ;( I’m going to see my bhabhi.. give some privacy..
Me: you are not coming anywhere..
Purab: I’m coming everywhere with you..
Me: nooooooo…. A big nooo to you ..

Purab: no way, I’m coming.. else you will get caught..
Me: if u accompany me , I’l definitely get caught by someone..
Purab: don’t underestimate the power of purab mehra…
Me: I don’t have time to estimate your power.. I’m going to see my sweetheart… don’t spoil my mood mr.purab mehra..
Purab: (stomped his feet) bad night…wishes for getting caught by my bhabhi ji’s dad..
Me: hey kannaki’s (silapathigaram character)cousin bro… thanks for your wishes..
Purab rolled his eyes in disbelief & went to his room..This boy is always like this.. hope this time I teased him..

Precap: abhi: get ready for our engagement chashmish..

So how was the episode.. hope you like it.. drop your comments.. really in this story I don’t have any twist like other ffs..(oops..! I told u the secret..eventhough there is no twist try to read it dears.i hope it will entertain you…only 10 shots .. not more than that..) but I hope you will like the flow of the story. Being new to this writings I have lots of doubt whether you guys like this or not.. I’m kind of some vala vala thola thola..(elaborate each & every thing). So give me comments . tell me frankly if I commit any mistake.. I will correct it..& than q for your support.. keeping reading, keep commenting , keeping supporting..& keeping smiling…

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  1. Not like it just love it dear n interesting 2

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      than q diii than q sooo much…. 🙂

  2. I like it… Its awesome dear… Love it….

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      than q sugan…:)

  3. Awesome dear..i loved it to the coreeee….abhigya phn convo superb dr??..good family?..all scene are awesome dr…..eagerly waiting for nxt part dear…

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      awww.. than q dear.. will update next part… 🙂

  4. Supr epi…

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  7. sooo sweet dear no mistakes keep writing love it

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    Awesome epi…. Waiting for next

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  9. Its nice change ya without any drama…

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  10. It’s so amazing n superb

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  11. superb episode ma loved it each and every scene is cute eagerly waiting for the next one

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      than q minu sis… glad u loved it..:) i’l update it soon..

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    its really awesome dear…ha ha…nyc mom, nyc sons!!!
    loved it??

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  14. I like purab I your ff….very naughty…abhi and purab conversation is very funny….the word kannagi’s cousin brother really funny… the song is also apt for this situation…you are such a superb creater….go with your thoughts…waiting for your next post….

  15. Nivethaa

    awww…. than q sooo much akshaya sis.. so you know tamil.. than q for the compliments…i’l update it soon dear.. 🙂

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