My First Love- Chashmish (kkb) (shot 3)

My First Love-Chasmish(shot 3):
Than q for your lovable comments.. & than q all the reader.. hope you will like this update..

Tanu& Nikil came to my home after I called them..
Tanu: hey Abhii.. whats up?. you know how long I’m waiting for your free time…busy guy..miss you a lot.. let’s go outing..
Nikil: mam! I’m here.. but, you are giving importance to your friend..
Me: so, some one is jealous sweety..nikil yaar.. for your kind information first she is my friend then only your girlfriend.. hey na sweety??
Tanu: absolutely dear.. & Nikku.. we are always seeing na.. leave it.. where is my ma ,pa,& my sweet chotu??
Purab: I’m here dii.. ma& pa went to temple.. how are you& how is your girl friends..?
Tnau:purab.. tum bhi na.. I’m good..
Me: This guy is always like this… play boy..
Purab: hey handsome hung! Shut up.. I’m talking to my dii..
Tanu: puru.. you are joking right??. Is he looks handsome??
Nikil: haan purab.. for my tanu.. I’m only handsome.. hey na sweetheart??
Tanu: (rolled her eyes..)stop your blah.. blah.. here only one handsome .. & that is my chotu purab.. got it..
Abhi & nikil pouts
Purab: hey.. I win .. I win…(tanu smiles)
Nikil: Abhi.. tell me about the project!!
Me: ya man.. we got it & I’m going to achieve my dream!!:) one more thing..
Tanu: what is that abhi??

Purab: handsome hung is in love…(he begins to sing the song…) love love happy love…
Tanu & nikil: what??..
Tanu: abhi how could you do this to my friends?. You know na!! they are crazy about you… & you even didn’t tell me about it… how & when it happened??
Me: hey screeching rat.. take some breathe..
Purab: don’t worry dii.. give me your friends number.. I will handle them!! What say??(with a wink) you know na.. bhai is always like this.. obedient boy..& I got lot of girl friends because of him!! They don’t know he will be this much obedient.. silly girls..
Tanu: puru khanna.. you are right he is such a drama king..!!(then turns to abhi)tell me about your lady love..come on tell me every thing..
Me: not like that.. ma & pa fixed this marriage..(& told about her & her family)
Tanu: so you are going to marry her as per ma & pa wish!! Isn’t it??
Me: ya.. for their happiness..
Tanu: then I will talk to ma & pa.. he is not at all interested.. why are you forcing him?? I’m going to ask..
Me: who said I’m not interested..?
Tanu: hey nikkil, purab.. see here .. some manjunu is sneaking out from Abhi.… who said I’m not interested (with abhi’s tone) you started to like her.. then for what you are bringing ma& pa’s happiness.. tell me .. you like her.. come on babe..
Purab: bhai.. seriously, you are trapped..
Nikil: tanu is become smart day by day.. because of me..
Me:uff! What’s wrong in that?.. yes I do like her.. enough??
Tanu: enough!!damaged tiger..enough..
Me:always pulling my legs! Both di & chotu!.. Nikil..i want to tell you something.. because of my project work I can’t manage marriage arrangements.. so, you have to look into it..
Nikil: don’t worry abhi.. I will take care along with pappa..
Then after some chitchats nikil & tanu left..
Then I went to my bed room.. recalling all that happened today. ..

Bg song:
Konji pesida vendaam ..
Un kanney pesuthadiii..
Konjamaaga paarthaa
Mazha saaral visuthadii..
Naa ninna nadantha thaaney
Un mugamey ketkuthadii..
Ada tholaivil irutha kooda
Intha kaathal kooduthadi..
Thooramey thoramaai pogum neram….
I cannot stop myself from thinking about her.. she is so silent.. calm.. her eyes have some magic… what a girl she is..?I spent only less time with her ..but, I feel like she is with me for years.. she is killing me with her eyes..something is there in her eyes.. I lost in her eyes.. I hope she will be good for our family.. & she will take care of my ma& pa as hers.. I can’t believe that I started to trust her.. God ..Abhi.. what happened to you man??. Why you are so disturbed by her thoughts?? Usually you are not like this abhii.. calm down.. then I slowly drifted to my dream world with her..

Precap: in phone:- Abhi: hi sweetheart ,.. I’m Abhi.. pragya: who r u? & how dare you call me sweetheart?. Abhi: is this pragya? Pragya: yes.. but who the hell you are?

Than q all for spending your valuable time to read it.. drop your comments. It means a lot.. sorry for my mistakes…tell me if it is boring .. i’ll try to write in a better way..

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