My First Love- Chashmish (kkb) (shot 10)

My First Love-Chashmish(shot 10)
Guys! Thanq u so much for ur comments!okay dears!! Advance happiee pongal to all!! I planned for only 10 shots as I said!! now, it will be 11 shots!! So plz comment in this last but one shot! To know how was the entire story!! Silent readers like me please comment in this shot!! I want to know ur view also!! I know we are waiting for abhi’s confession!! Isn’t it!! First see what pragya is thinking !! then we will see abhi’s confession!! I want to clear some thing! Abhi didn’t confessed his love as well as he didn’t said fuggy is chashmish!!! Pragya said I could not forget what SS had done to me!! But, our hero abhi took it in a correct wrong manner as she couldn’t forget her love till now!! Pragya said suresh name as SS not as Suresh Srivasanth… this shot is full of pragya!! & her feelings towards abhi!!
Pragya’s pov
After I realized abhisheik is maintaining distance from me I could not help but to let my heart out in a white paper..How could you do this to me abhisheik.. you are the one I trusted after my ma, pa&sid!!.. I have completely trusted you.. but you are avoiding me now! now am recalling all the incidents from the day when I saw you in my home.. that day.. I thought, I’ll reject your alliance as usual like I did to other marriage proposals…. but, after seeing my pa’s happiness& my ma’s pleading face I couldn’t stop myself to say yes for you.. before I saw you I said “okay” for the marriage to your parents!! & till now I didn’t regret for it..may be this what our destiny wants!! As I sunk in my past life, I could not able to take another big decision of my life..I feared of another heart broke.. I feared.. how I could be good bhahu while I’m carrying my past thoughts…already my ma&pa were tired of finding a groom for me.. I rejected several alliance by saying something.. but, I couldn’t say no to your alliance.. till now I don’t know.. what made me to agree for this marriage.. !i’m glad, I didn’t rejected you!! The first day.. we didn’t speak much! My thoughts were full of how I agreed to this proposal!! You too didn’t talk much! Eventhough I told my decision to my parents& your parents, you asked me whether I’m okay with it or not!!you prefer to deal directly that I liked !!..The day before our engagement day.. you called me.. & even came to my home.. to clarify am okay or not!!.. I waited for your arrival in my balcony..but, you came from my room.. I was shocked.. but,ur ma informed me na!! so that I didn’t shouted thief.. else you will gone that day itself!! I think that day itself ..I started to like you more because.. you started to care me like no one did apart from my parents & yes.. sid..& also I feared to care you back because of my past!! & I said not to care much in short time.. but, u said” the care I show for you will leads too you to care for me..” I hoped if not couples we can make a good friendship bond.. I found real care in your eyes for me…. I don’t know! What I felt.. but when you tied mangalsuthra in my neck.. I closed my eyes & let out a tear drop don’t know it’s either happy tear or sad tear!!
Bg son:
Uyirey unnai unnai enthan..
vaalkai thunaiyaaga…
Earkindrean earkindrean..
Inimeal puytal veyil malai…
Malai solai ivai..
Ondraaga kadapomeay…
Unnai thaandi eathaiyum..
Ennal yosanai seiyaa..

I promised myself to give my best to fulfill my daughter in law duties!! That day, I’m both sad & happy.. a guilty feel that my past might spoil ur life too..& happy because of I landed in a good family.. something ,my inner heart feels that you will understand me..
Sid told me that u r perfect for me!! First he didn’t believed that I said okay to this marriage!! After ma,& pa said , he jumped into joy.. As a caring person!! He wanted to know about you more& there by he collected some information.. & he is satisfied with this marriage& told me try to give a chance to this marriage!! & abhisheik will keep u happy throughout ur life!! He said like that.. I was amazed when he gave that bracelet I asked for abhigya reason u told it right!! I don’t know how to react for that.. & sid said that..”I told u na! he will be good for u in all means!!” I just smiled at him!!
I faced all the others with my boldness.. I won’t closed my eyes tightly to anyother except the one stupid senior of me.. I don’t know why I remember him now, when I was in 9th he was in 12th.. I’m new to that school.. he is the 1 who irritate me to the core.. while I’m writing the exams he used to hum some songs..i couldn’t face him.. don’t dare to look at him even once.. & I didn’t stopped him in my mid exams.. because I too like his voice.. at last exam I told him that don’t do like this with my eyes closed tightly..if I see him now I can face him easily.. because u r in my side na?.. if u are with me , I can go to any extent in my life.. after him you are the one who terrified me more I think..our marriage day night.. when I asked some time to adopt to this new environment with my eyes closed tightly…. I don’t know why I reacted like that.. you smiled & mocked at me.. for this u r hesitating this much officer??.. you take your own time.. you said with a smile..u comforted me with your words.. than q for that abhisheik..
That night! When I going to fall u caught me & protected me.. I felt safe & secure in ur arms.. I lost in ur long lasting eyes.. then I realized I’m too fast to have faith in u.. that may broke my heart once again.. I feared for that & went to sleep without looking at u..
Bg song:
Kadalinil meenaaga irunthaval naaney…
Unakena karai thaandi vanthaval thaaney..
Thudithirunthen karaiyiniley!!
Thirumbiviten.. en kadalidamey!!
Oru naal sirithen.. oru naal muraithen..
Unnai naan kollaamal kondru puthaitheney..
Mannipaaya! Mannipaaya!!

That 1 week went like that.. & u got promotion from stranger to known stranger.. but,I find a good friend in you when u said do what u like…. I liked ur thoughts.. u don’t want me to stop from my likings!! that time you said let be friends… you caught my mind voice.. then you took care of me well in all situations..supported me when I need.. you are my support abhisheik.. you are my everything.. but I realized it very late.. I really love to tease you in all ways.. when purab & tanu supports me.. you gave a death glare to them.. that time your face is worth to watch..
you are a good son in law one can ever get.. you take care of my parents like your parents.. When you said about your so called school crush fuggy I didn’t realized I was jealous.. but it irritated me to the core.. I want to pinch her cheeks until it gets swelled!!!… I want to punch her nose until blood comes from her nose..!! I want to pluck her hair until no hair is left in her head!!..that time also I didn’t realized my love for you..but, I hate her to the core!!& I hate u for liking that girl..
Then one day me& purab played cricket na! that time u came & get hurt by the ball na!! I don’t know why!it gave me pain!! I thought it’s also my friendship based care..
slowly & steadily I started to have feelings for you.. but I didn’t realized.. u didn’t forced me like someone.. without my realization I fell in love with u..

Bg song:
En nenjil oru poo poothathu..
Athan per enna vendru ketten…
En kannil oru thee vanthathu..
Athan per enna vendru ketten..
Kandupudi idhayam sonnathu..
Unnidathil urugi nindrathu..!!
Kaathal ena uyirum sonnathu anbey!!
Kaathal ena uyirum sonnathu anbey!!
En peril oru per il oru per serthathu..
Antha per enna vendru ketten..
En theevil oru aal sernthathu..
Antha aal enna vendru ketten…
Kandupudi idhayam sonnathu..
Unnidathil urugi nindrathu..!!
Kaathal ena uyirum sonnathu anbey!!
Kaathal ena uyirum sonnathu anbey!!

that day we played eye to eye game na!! Really I did a big mistake.. because I lost in ur eyes completely… with all my heart& it’s beats!!! I couldn’t say it in words that time how I felt!! U offered a surprise if I won the match ..i want that surprise but, I badly wanted to know what u want me to do?.. if u won means I have to do what u saying na? so, I want to win at the same time I want to lose the game!!
But, u won the game by dictating an unknown song to me.. & when u started to sing the song!! I could not help!! But I went to another world where u & me are alone!!! That made me to smile.. I felt that lines are only for me!! & I hoping that , they are for me only..
It’s a big surprise to me.. u sung well.. I lost in ur voice & our world without my control.. that day u made my every second happy.. we visited my ma&pa..
Ma asked about our life & all .. she noticed me by my happiness..
Ma: looks like someone is very happy today?
Me: ya ma! Because I didn’t tell him that I missed u both .. but, he surprised me by brought me here..
Ma: ho.. that’s is the reason.. ?
Me: ya ma.. he wants to fulfill all my wishes.. whenever I tease him, his face is worth to watch u know.. such a silly prince..
That time pa came there & told
Pa:that’s y we have chosen him for our silly princess!!
Me:pa.. u r taking his side by messing with me!!
Pa: ur poor pa.!! give me some hug as my punishment..
I hugged my ma& said:love u pa..
Pa: love u too beta!!
Ma: good pappa& good beti..
Me: don’t be jealous ma.. come here I will hug u too..
She hugged me & kissed my fore head.. after we finished our lunch, I thought we were going to our home.. but, there u gave me a surprise.. during that travel u irritated me like always!! I slept due to heavy lunch!! Again u started to tease me by using my books.. I woke & saw where we reached.. my god!! Laxmi home!!! I wanted to visit there badly.. but, due to this marriage & all I could not visit there properly.. u said u enquired ma about it & brought me there.. due to my heart filled happiness! I hugged u for a’s like a friendly hug.. I didn’t done it intentionally.. but, I didn’t felt odd to hug u!! u frozed for a second.. I couldn’t help but smiled at ur reaction & turned to go to my fav place!! There u arranged the kids to welcome me by giving me roses.. I gave the gift to them which u brought for them.. we spent some time with them..i’m totally impressed by ur surprise..
I also want to surprise u.. I don’t know why I thought like that.. during ur success party I gave a dance performance for u..i can do it alone to surprise u.. but, I don’t know what made me to dance with u.. that too romantically…. I lead the dance.. u followed my steps intently.. u didn’t got distracted from my eyes.. without breaking the locked eyes u followed my steps.. I lost in ur eyes… I came to reality when all clapped their hands..
Abhisheik… u doesn’t know my every day started by seeing ur cute kiddy face.. & ended in naughty face of urs!! I used to admire u when ever u r sleeping.. such a cute sweet kid u r…
I like all ur antics , when u r getting teased by me, purab ,tanu,nikil ,& even by ma.. u pout like a small kid.. u r the reason for getting such a sweet friend purab.. because of ur tom & jerry fights I started to support purab, pamper him..& he supported me to tease u..
Bg song!!
Ennai nee maatrinaai..!!
Engum niram kootinaai!!!
En manam illaiye ennidam!!!

if I’m happy now, then it’s only because of my abhisheik.. when we saw “first love” film together.. it reminded me about suresh.. but the fact is I want to convey that I loved him once.. but once he betrayed me I didn’t dare to trust any 1.. after we married I started to trust you.. That day I want to say that is you are the one who brought my trust back into my life!! You are the one who bring my broken pieces of my heart in to one..!! by your support I again have the hope to live & raised from my past(ash) like a phoenix bird(a bird which raises from ashes even after burnt).. I didn’t realized my love for you before.. yes abhisheik.. I do love you.. I don’t know when I started to love u.. this is what I want to say .. but my bad luck you got a call & went..
After that you have many works in your company.. you were not at all free.. you didn’t dropped me or pick me up from bank.. & you didn’t care to spent time with me.. I missed you are always tensed and worried.. I thought it was all because of work pressure.. but now I know.. you are purposely avoiding me.. today when ma said I’m suffering from fever you just avoided the fact & you went to office without looking at me for once.. but after I took my medicine & slept you came and you touched my forehead & neck to check temperature& kissed my forehead… then you sat down and held my hands for some time.. I could not open my eyes to see you.. & I thought if you are always near to me like this when I’m closing my eyes .. then I’m ready to close my eyes forever.. after sometime you left my hand & pretends to be nothing happened.. hey rockstar… I can see love in your eyes for cared for me alot.. you are the best gift ..I have ever got.. waiting for your birthday… I’l propose u.. & I’l give myself to u.. but onething is making me worried.. u said na? that day u r in love with some other girl.. who is that!! Is it me??… but, u said that girl loves someone else??. Means u took me wrong as I’m in love with SS.. whatever may be I’ll propose u at ur birthday.. that day, ma &pa going to visit ur uncle & aunty.. & purab will be in tour.. we will be alone& so I can spent some time with u… love u my rockstar!!!…
Vaaraaiyo vaaraaiyo kaathal kola..
Poovoda pesaatha kaatrey illa..
Yean intha kaathalo netru illa..
Neeye soll manamey!!!!!

Precap: suresh entry!!! 

So guys tell me.. how was the shot!! Did u liked it?.. drop ur comments my dears siseeeees, & friends!!!Keep smiling , keep commenting… & I want to tell you that, in her school life pragya is in confused state .. she couldn’t feel the love from suresh.. but she cared for him.. for her that caring is love…she was forced by suresh to love & care.. but , here she realize her feel by her own!! Can u get it!! I make it in a wrong sense!! Don’t take her as wrong because she changed suddenly.. eventhough she didn’t loved suresh truly she had spent lots of time to thinking of him!!! Okay now give ur comments!! Is it okay?? Or not???

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  1. nice epi yaaaaaaaaa

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  2. superbb Pov yarr……………….but plz unite them can’t see their seperation & suresh nooo…i don’t want suresh again plz avoid him & post 11th part as soon as possible eargely waiting for it………………i loved ur ff a lot

    1. Nivethaa

      than q dear!!!..:) they are destined to be together dear!!:) suresh !! he should be punished na??. ya dear!! will update it soon.. tell me how is it in my next shot!!! than q soooo much for ur comment!!! 🙂 🙂

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  4. Vaishali

    awesomeeeeeeeeeeee akka it was superb it is like a summary for all the shots a big sorry as i couldnt comment in the previous two shots somewhat busy with exams but still missed to read ur shots it was absolutely stunning whenever abhi backs froma plan prags always plans it just loved it pragya gonna propose godd i cant stop myself from jumping superb and happy pongal to u too akka rock the party loveu take care and haan keep smiling…..

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  5. B_Ani

    what question? it is perfect. i actually loved this shot. today is in pragz POV and i loved it like anuthing. and i am glad it became 11 from 10.
    hope it extends more.
    love u???
    take care???

    1. Nivethaa

      really!! 🙂 than q babiee gal!!:) i think if it’s extends means it will lose it’s charm da!! that’s y!!
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  7. Very nice….all shots ..waiting for the last shot. Please update soon..
    Waiting for Abhi’s love confession to his Pragya..

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  9. Soooper dooper epi akka..
    Pragya’s anger towards fuggy(herself)…that was terrific??..
    Aww …pragyavum abhiya love pantra..abhi bday ku propose panna porala..hyya jolly…it was splendid akka…my most [email protected] song vaaraiyo vaaraiyo …superb akka..eagerly waiting for nxt part akka..kerp rocking??

    1. Nivethaa

      ha ha!! than q little sweet!! mmm…!! they r made for each other na!! so , pragya vum abhi ya tha love panni aaganum!!! paakalam!! yaaru firstaa propose panna poraanga nu!! namaku theriyum abhi pragya va love panraan!! pragya abhi ya love panraanu.. poor fellows.. avangalukku therilaiye…!! … ;);) hi fi dear!!! vaaraiyo vaaraiyoo my fav toooooooo:) 🙂 i’l update it soon… take care dear!! happieee pongal!!!

  10. Happieee pongal akka….keep smiling?

  11. Like its good ya…don’t wry..its a good one…..abhigya will join together knw…

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      than q baviiiii:) ya… that’s our story na!!! 🙂 always abhigya!!! 😉

  12. Sowji

    Actually i like your writing skills…excellent..I am silent reader of this ff.. I can’t understand one thing she is telling this to herself or to abishek…your story is very nice…but i can understand your ff..but I can’t understand she is talking to herself or abi… can u clear my doubts…

    1. Nivethaa

      than q dear!!! thanq for commenting in this shot!! sry for the inconvenience dear!! she is writing in a white paper that i mentioned in first or second line!! she can’t bear the pain that abhi avoiding her!!!so , she is writing all her feelings in a white paper!! she is neither talking to herself nor abhi… now i make it clear?? da!!

  13. Super dear….. Waiting for pragya propose scence…. Happy pongal dear friend..

    1. Nivethaa

      than q dear!! 🙂 i’l update it quick!! happieeee pongal to u dear!!! 🙂 🙂

  14. Double ok dear….perfect shot….haply to see pragya also have love for abhi….want to see their confession scene…. waiting for the last one… but sad because you gonna end this ff….plz write another ff… dnt stop your writings…. waiting for you dear… Happy pongal to you all….

    1. Nivethaa

      than q dear!!! 🙂 🙂 ya .. dear.. i’l try to come up with a new story… than q dear!! for ur motivation!! i didn’t think that i will write a story… & u dears support me like this.. thanks for ur support dear akshaya!! 🙂 ;)!! happieee pongal dear!!!

  15. superb episode sis loved pragya POV it is a beautiful narration sis very much excited about the next episode

    1. Nivethaa

      than q minu ma!! 🙂 mmm.. i’l update in soon dear!! happieee pongal my dear… 🙂 🙂

  16. AarthiNayanaSTL

    Nice yaar…pragy’s wrds are mind blowing…waiting for the nxt update…i wish that abhi should read this writing…keep going…and doing this gud wrk

    1. Nivethaa

      than q dear!! ur wish granted dear..;) i’l update it soon dear!!:)

  17. Superbbb episode….Pls do forgive me for not comment on previous parts..I think I commented on 1st short….busy in school works akka (hope you don’t mind ). ..each and every part u nailed it akka..and bg songs are awesomeeeeeeeee akka…every songs r my favourite one akka. ..loved it a lotttt??t and happy that u extended to 11th part….HAPPY PONGAL akka..inniya pongal thirunal nallvazlthukal…love you so much akka ??????..Lots of hugs and kisses to you akka. .

    1. Nivethaa

      thanq dear!!! 🙂 & don’t be sry!! u read it na!! that’s enough& now u compensate for that by ur lovable comment…:) ;)glad da!! u liked it!!! bg songs r my fav too dear!! 🙂 hifi… happieee pongal da!! love u swt heart!! 🙂 😉 than q dear!!!

  18. Prathi

    Awesome Nivi songs sets so apt for the situation. Loved it dear. Love you ??

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