My First Love- Chashmish (kkb) {Introduction}

My First Love-Chashmish:

Hiiiii guys… I’m Nivetha.. I have been a silent reader of TU for a long time.. Now I came up with a story of abhigya .it’s few shots.. & hope you all read it & support me for my new step.. This is the first time I’m writing a story.. so please bear with my mistakes… & tell me ur feedback…

Now Small intro:
Abhishek Prem Mehra: First son of Prem Mehra. Age : 27. M.D. of Mehra constructions. Hard working guy. Young, charm, fun loving, handsome & still single.. .. He is trying to get No.1 position among construction companies.. He loves his family to the core..He is a caring brother.. Have full faith on his parents .
Purab Prem Mehra: Second son of Prem Mehra. Age :20. Studying second year commerce in ABC college.. jolly, fun loving, naughty guy & always flirt with girls.. he won’t leave a chance to pull his brother’s leg &love his brother so much..

Prem Mehra: Father of Abhi & Purab. Strict officer in the family.. but love his family very much.. He always prefers to give the best to his sons..
Radha Prem Mehra: Mother of Abhi & Purab.. she is jovial ,most caring & loving person.. leads her life for her family..
Pragya Arora: Only daughter of Ram Kumar arora. Age: 24. Working as specialist officer in a bank.. simple yet beautiful girl. Frank& naughty to the people who she loves alot.. she gives respect to elders & likes our tradition.. loves her parents to the core & respect their words always ..
Ram Kumar Arora: Father of Pragya. Leading Business man. Easygoing person. Loves his family very much. His main aim is to settle his lovable daughter in a good family..
Sarala Arora: Mother of Pragya. Most caring & also sensitive person.. loves her daughter very much.. always worring for her daughter’s marriage..
Tanu Mehta: Best Friend& Childhood friend of Abhi. Favorite di of purab. she is like a daughter for Prem & Radha. She loves Nikil…
Nikil Kapoor: Best friend Of Abhi& He loves Tanu…

So guys , this is all about introduction.. the story will be in abhi’s point of view.. tell me shall I continue it…??waiting for your valuable comments…


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