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So here is the story ,
After an exhausted day ….
At evening
Laksh : Swara tomorrow practice the last rhythm …OK
Swara nods …
Laksh : bye …
Swara : bye ….
Both leave on opposite direction

On the other side ,
Sanskar ; listen practice and come OK …I don’t want any mistakes …
Kavya : u also practice because I am sure we r gonna lose because of u
Sanskar : oh really as if u don’t do any mistake …
Kavya makes faces …
Sanskar leaves saying “idiot”

On the other side ..
Ragini was doing some make up touch up
Sahil : listen bring the music note tomorrow ..
Ragini (uninterested) : whatever …
Sahil : hello make up queen …if I say u should bring otherwise bear the punishment …
Ragini : punishment for ragini kapoor ha ha ha ….very funny ..
Sahil : he he ….its of funny …..and I will make u do it …samjhi
Ragini gives a weird look and leaves form there ..
Sahil mimics : punishment for ragini kapoor ha ha ha, very funny ….
Sahil makes faces and leaves .

@morning …at collage
Assembly was going on
Principal : students ….as the collage was going on a hectic schedule for the final year students ….so here we r to give the most successful and amazing event which is held every year for our final year students ….that’s

Everyone except the final year students shouts : “treasure hunt”

Sahil : array yaar this is boring thing ….why don’t we back off ..
Swara : shut up yaar ….come on it will be fun
Sanskar : fun my foot …
Swara : calm down sanskar

Laksh : wow nice idea …it would be fun
Ragini was doing her touch up ..
Ragini : come on Laksh …it would be so boring…and that too in collage only …better we study
Kavya : stop over reacting …ragini
Ragini makes faces …..while Laksh seem to be uninterested about ragini ….

Principal : except final year students can leave to their classes …
All leave excpet our final year students …
Principal ; Mrs naina plz make the pairs ….
Teacher : Swara and sanskar , sahil and kavya , Laksh and ragini
Sanskar was really happy as he could spend some time together with Swara …while Laksh was sad being make up queen (ahem …ragini)

Principal : here is the chit …and everyone I want u all to be safe …OK ..return before its dark ….
Everyone nods …
And leaves in their own direction ….

@swasan side ..
Swara reads the chit
“I grow up big and tall and loose my clothes in the fall ….”
Sanskar : what kind of stupid clue is this …I am backing off bye ..
Saying this sanskar turns back …but Swara catches his hand …
Swara : sanskar …u can’t just back off because u don’t know whats written …let’s try for it yaar (with puppy eyes)
Sanskar couldn’t control ..
Sanskar : OK ….OK ….for u ….only for u …
Swara smiles happily …
Swara : thanks a lot ,..now come with me …
Saying this Swara drags sanskar with her
@raglak side
Laksh reads the chit
“Its been a long day , I’m about to burst , rush to its quench one’s thirst”
Ragini : I got it …
Laksh : what ragini …I never thought u r so genious yaar …
Ragini (proud) : I know ….I know …
Laksh ; OK tell me
Ragini : of course water ….I mean swimming pool
Laksh was confused …
Laksha : an ways we will check …come …
Ragini : one sec …last touch up …
Laksh gives an impossible look
@sahkav side .
Kavya reads the chit
“U can serve it , but u can’t eat it ”
Kavya : what type of clue is this …we can serve but not eat …how mean ..
Sahil : whatever …I don’t mind ,..I am gonna take rest now …
Saying this he goes and sleeps in the garden bench
Kavya : duffer , stupid …idiot come
Sahil ; I can’t hear …good night sweet dreams kavya !
Saying this he sleeps ….
Kavya gives death glare to him…..
@swasan side …
Swara : I got ..I got it
Sanskar : what !
Swara points towards the garden area ..
Sanskar : what …
Swara : tree …..its tree …
Sanskar seemed convinced ….
Sanskar: then y r we wasting time !
Swasan rushes there …
Kavya was waking sahil …but notices swasan too …

Swara was jumping to get the letter which was hanging on the tree ….
Sanskar was staring her lovingly …
Swara waves hand
Swara : hello Mr help me at least
Sanskar : OK OK ….
Swara : then come and help !
Sanskar comes towards Swara ..
Swara : jump and take the letter …
Sanskar : y me ..u jump
Swara : if I would jump then why would I ask ur help ! (Fake anger)
Sanskar chuckles at her fake anger …
Sanskar : OK wait ….
Swara looks on …
Sanskar lifts her …Swara was shocked .
Swara : sanskar what r u doing ….? What if someone sees ?
Sanskar : I don’t care ….now take the letter ….
Swara nods and takes the letter

On the other side …kavya who was seeing it
Kavya : hmm sanskar is really mad for Swara …how cool ….both sister and brother are same only !

At swasan side
Swara : I took now put me down …
Sanskar : OK …
Sanskar slowly puts her down ….so that her whole body touches his …
Same happens Swara whole body rubs sanskar’s body !

Swara feels uneasy but doesn’t show ….
Sanskar finally puts her down

Swara : at last we got it
Sanskar : OK I will read it now …
Sanskar reads the chit
“Sugar and everything is nice ”
Swasan both look at each other ….as they didn’t understand anything !
@raglak (swimming pool)
Laksh takes off his shirt …
Ragini was seeing his full body with lust …
Laksh notices this …
He jumps in water and gives down to find …..but couldnt find ..
Laksh : there is nothing here …
Ragini : oh ….
Laksh comes out ….ragini goes and hugs him ..
Ragini : u look so hot and s*xy Laksh …
Laksh : oh thanks for the complement ….now if u move I will wear my shirt …
Ragini breaks
Ragini : how mean ..leave it ….let’s check the thing again …
Laksh goes into thinking …
Laksh : I guess its fountain ….because if we r thirsty we go there as there is water fountain na ..
Ragini kisses his cheeks …
Ragini : genious ..come let’s go ….

Laksh goes and finds the chit ,…
Laksh : whoah …we found it ya ….we found it …
Ragini again hugs him …laksh doesn’t hug back …
Laksh : still we have one round left …
Ragini : OK OK ….
Laksh reads the chit …
“One sheet , two sheets , three , sheets , and more …..some use less , some less more ! ”
Ragini makes a weird faces …
Laksh : this is tough …..god !
Ragini starts to do her make up touch up

@sahkav side ….
Kavya : sahil plz …plz ..wake na….
Sahil (sleeping mode) : come on kavya ,..I am not gonna come…..bye ..
Kavya gets irritated ….so she says I quit to principal …
Principal : but y …
Kavya looks at sahil
Kavya : we r not interested sir..
Principal : OK ..but ur record marks will get deducted ….
Kavya signs …..
Principal leaves …..
Kavya (angrily) : because of u ….
Saying this she leaves stamping her foot ….
Sahil in mind : at last I took revenge but still even I got low marks …lol ….

@swasan side …
Sanskar : I got it …its easy ….
Swara : what ????
Sanskar : of course canteen yaar !
Swara was confused …
Sanskar : don’t ask me how !
Swara : OK come

Swasan were searching everywhere ….
At last Swara found it in the canteen kitchen self …..behind a sugar jar
Swara jumps in happiness ….
Swara : yeah ….yeah ….I found it ….
Sanskar hugs her ….
Sanskar : this is the last round ….read it …come on fast we need to win and make that both lose ….
Swara read the chit
“I have four legs but no fleets , I am handy when its time to eat”
Sanskar and Swara goes into thinking !

@raglak side
Ragini : I got it …I got the answer
Laksh : what ….
Ragini (embarrassed) : hmmm …..toilet …
Laksh also looks down …
Laksh : OK OK let’s go …

@washroom …
Ragini : which washroom …girls or boys !
Laksh : phew ! This is a confusion yaar , better u go to girls …I will go and check in boys !
Ragini nods and leaves …

@girls washroom
Ragini stood infron of the mirror and started to look at herself
Ragini : why god ..why ? ….why did u make such a hot , beautiful creature …I mean ….me …..I can’t take my eyes off ….ummaahh ….love u ragini …
Then started to do her make up

@boys washroom
Laksh : god …where is it ….I mean who keeps papers in washroom ….yuck !
He searches all the washroom
Laksh : ha ha ha ..here it is ….I found it …..yeah !

He quickly comes out of washroom and calls ragini ..
Ragini comes with dark red lipstick ….and making her hair free ..
Laksh : what have u done to urself
Ragini (proud) : y u can’t take ur eyes from me ..
Laksh in mind : god some one save me from this idiot yaar !
Laksh : hmm ya kind of ….I found it ..
Ragini smiles …
Ragini takes the chit and reads it
Last clue for treasure …
“I have four legs but no fleets , I am handy in time to eat”
Laksh : come on ..I know this …I know …but what’s that …I can’t get properly ..
Ragini (uninterested) : it maybe table who cares …
Laksh looks at ragini ….Laksh hugs her …
Laksh : u r a genious …its our canteen table ….
Ragini (happily) ; I am I really genious …
Laksh : no u r not but sometime …saying this Laksh runs ….ragini follows him
@swasan side
Swara : sanskar ….I know…its table …
Sanskar : yeah ! Its canteen table yaar ….
Swasan gives HiFi and runs to canteen ….

Both swasan and raglak meets.

Sanlak stare each other for a second …and then looks at the direction of the letter …..in the table
Swara shouts : sanskar bagoo !

Hearing the shout sanlak runs towards the table …….both goes and

Who is the winner ?

Precap : pub party , sanskar tries to misbehave with drunken Swara ……

Sorry for no swalak scenes ….but in upcoming episode …u will get to know ….
Thanks for the beautiful response u all gave …

Guys ,
Actually I won’t be able to post ff’s for some days ….as I am gonna be operated …
Yeah ! My leg is gonna be removed …doctors confirmed ….I don’t know, whether I will be able to continue or not ..
Nor I don’t know whether the operation will be a successful one …

I will miss u guys a lot …..
Tomorrow is my operation ….and after that I may come back India …so sorry …
But I will try not sure to post ….

Thanks for the support …miss u all a lot !

With love Dolly

Credit to: Dolly

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  1. dolly if you like swara we are not having any problem but you are showing ragsan in negative angle

    sorry if I hurt you

    1. lovely it is up to a writer.. in some ff’ s swara also have negative role na.. it is just a ff dear. . I think ragini will be positive soon in this ff.. be patience dear

  2. Awesome……. Continue soon……

  3. Dolly di…. di dont worry u will be fine very soon…. di when i read about ur operation.. i got tears in my eyes…
    di dont worry… god is always with good people and i know u r very good from heart…… all ur fans r will be waiting for ur return….. i will surely pray to god that u get well soon.
    Btw… i hope its not dangerous….
    and di why is it happening????
    Ok leave it… just remember.. we all love u..
    be happy always di… as person who brings smile to other’s faces can never be sad… may god hive u all happiness u deserve and u deserves all

  4. hey dear, don’t worry everything will be fine. I know your operation will be successful. I will pray for your health. come back soon we will miss your ff. Take care and episode is awesome. you are genius dolly

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  8. Be a fighter and face operation…. And about ff as usual awesome… And one more thing I read that some r opposing you b’coz u make ragsan negative.. Don’t bother about it dear.. It some rags an ff I too see swara in negative bt later turned to positive.. Here also you said that later ragini w’ll be positive.. Even though I’m a swasan fan in every ff swasan swalak raglak and ragsan I see sanskar as positive bt in many Laksh as negative …so a change is necessary

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  13. Don’t worry dear ur operation will be fine . & the episode is nice. Take care dear. & come asap.

    1. & dear in next week I am also didn’t come to this page regularly because Ramzan is coming na & my college will also start. So don’t forgot me. If I didn’t comment on ff . but I will try to come regularly. Love u loads. Take care .

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    1. and i will pray for that ur operation will succesful…dnt wrry everythng will happen gud dr..

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