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Episode 4

I forgot to inform a thing to u one thing that ragsan are siblings …sanskar is elder brother to ragini and are cousins to Laksh …

So here is the story ,
@swaman mansion….(Swara and manik)
Swasan gang comes first ….
Swara : welcome home guys …
Sanskar comes in and hugs Swara ….
Swara also hugs back …
Swara : come in ….
Everyone comes and sits on the sofa …
Shahil : hey babe again ur mom and dad
Swara : yep don’t ask me why ..I am fed of their fights …
Kavitha : but u r living alone here with ur so called brother right !
Swara : hmm ya …..
Sanskar : OK OK now stop ur family melodrama now focus ….
Karthik : yup sansjar is correct we r hearing this often ..
Swara : let’s go to pool side ..what say .
Sanskar : good idea let’s go
All leave to pool side ….after they leave raglak gang comes in
Manik : uff ! At last the hectic week is over.
Laksh : come on manik …hectic for those who doesn’t know music ….for me it was cool !
Kavya : whatever ……I am starving for drink now and I badly need it .
Ragini : even me …
Kavya and ragini pouts
Manik : OK OK ….don’t make the faces it doesn’t suits u both .
Ragini : as if
Laksh : stop let’s go in now ….
(Pool side has bar so )
@pool side
Swara was in pink bikini (as Alia wears on soty)
Sanskar was shirtless and was wearing blue trax .
Both were sitting on the bar counter and were having drinks
Swara : cheers
Sanskar : cheers …..
Both drinks in one gulp and were hoping for another drink ….
Rahlak group comes ….
Sanskar gets angry and looks at Swara …
Swara : I don’t know they were coming …
Sanskar : what Swara ..this is ur home and …..(angrily)
Manik : even this is my home too.
Sahil : he didn’t ask u ….then y the hell r u answering ….
Ragini : for ur kind information this is his house and he can raise his voice .
Kavitha : oh come on stop showing off …u all came here to spoil our mood I know
Kavya : shut up ….u make up queen ..did u ever see ur face full of make ..can’t u see without it
Raglak gang laughs ….
Laksh : oh oh enough enough ….then they will cry yaar after all small babies na .
Sanskar gets furious …
Swara holds his hand ad signs not to anything !
Swara : don’t create a scene now ….if u want u be here but don’t disturb us ..that’s it ..
Laksh smirks ….
Sanskar gives ‘what the hell’
Swara pleads him …..
Sanskar : OK fine ,…….
Raglak gang goes to the other side of the pool (opposite)
@raglak side
Laksh was wearing red trax and was shirtless looking hot
Ragini was wearing blue bikini
Ragini was going crazy on him ..
Ragini : Laksh u r so hot …..so hot ….
Laksh grabs her waist closer and tightens her grip ..
Laksh : not more than u rags …..he kisses her cheeks …..
Ragini blushes …
@swasan gang
Sanskar was getting irritated seeing the scene
Sahil : Swara when is ur bro getting shifted …to a new house
Swara : come on sahil ,…y would he …..
Kavitha : that’s what a stupid question …..the y don’t u shift from ur house sahil ….even kavya its there right
Sahil : what to do ….being a sister she should be my side but …..(looks at raglak gang)
Sanskar : not only sister even mine …..not only us all of us …..
Karhtik : true man ….cheers yaar ,….I am gonna play songs now ….
Karthik goes to the DJ system and switches on the song
Swara and Kavitha were dancing sedueclingly and makes the boys crazy …..
Sanskar goes towards Swara Dan dances with her very closely ..
@raglak side
Manik gets very angry seeing this …..seeing sanskar taking advantage of his sister
Laksh understands and thinks of a plan
Laksh shouts : why don’t we have a couple dance yaar ..whoever wants to challenge and come ….it would be fun

Sanskar smirks ,..
Sanskar : we r ready ..I know u all wanted to dance with us …because rock stars are here who doesn’t want to dance with us …
Kavya : don’t day dream OK ….
Sanskar gives a killer look
Kavya stays numb ……
Ragini : bhai ….don’t
Sanskar stays numb …..
Kavitha : OK stop stop ..we r coming to play ….let’s atleast have some entertainment
Ragini : now u r on track ..start the music ….

swasan were a pair , raglak were pair others were judges and audience ha ha ha lol
Karthik and raj at were DJ’s

There’s something about tonight
Something very special
Something about the way you move that thing
Something very special
Something about the way you have made
Something very special
There’s something about tonight
Something very special (Repeat once)

Swasan part : sanskar spins Swara and makes a perfect slight …
Raglak part : Laksh carries her and spins her and makes a back flip of ragini

Here we go..
Sari ki sari duniya bhula ke
Main toh tere naal nachna (Baby you’re so s*xy)

Sanskar and Laksh dances opposite to each other making different stunts

Boy you could be
My one and only
Main toh tere naal nachna

Swaragini goes to sanlak and dances along the beat …
Swara seducely dances with sanskar and he touches every feature of her (manik gets angry)
Laksh neately dances with ragini but still closely dances and was kissing her neck (sanskar gets angry while Laksh was smirking at sanskar)

Then I see you lookin’ on me
Aaja baat kar le dil ki
Hone lagenge afsaane

Sanskar twirls Swara and back hugs her by kissing her neck (swara starts to feel uncomfortable)
Laksh does some salsa with ragini ….he was neat but ragini was pulling him closer and closer …..(Laksh feels uncomfortable)

Disco deewane
Aahan, aahan
Ho disco deewane
Aahaan, ahaan ho
Nasheeli hai raat
Ho haathon mein haath
Naachein gaayein saath..
Disco deewane
Aahaan, ahaan ho

They does the same steps of the song ….swaragini in middle and sanlak on either side

Ho hai na
Mujh pe nazar teri
Aankhon hi aankhon mein
Baatein hoti hain
Aaja baahon mein aa meri
Aise hi to raatein
Shuru hoti hain

Sanskar gives towards Swara and pulls her closely and carries her in his arms …
Laksh gives to ragini and twirls her and makes a perfect small

Kabhi kabhi pal do pal mein yun
Fussy fussy baatein hoti hai
Do hi mulaqaton mein
Mil jaate hain zamaane
Disco deewane..

Sanskar back hugs Swara and keeps on kissing her neck ..Swara tries to free but all in vain .(no one notices this)
Laksh was slingling ragini to make a space but she was sticking like a glue .

Khel ja raaton ka
Khel yeh todi der
Jhoom ja bahon mein toh
Aa gaya meri thodi der
Nazron se hi main (Aahaan)
Tujh ko samjha doonga (Aahaan)
Raat baaki hai sari hosh udda de bas thodi der

Swasan were going on either and does a back flip and ends landing on the floor perfectly …..
While Laksh in the middle dod some stunts and romantic steps with ragini

Dance like deewana tonight
Move like mastana tonight
Party like parwana tonight
Jo kehna hai keh de
You gotta do the D.I.S.C.O
When everybody knows where we gonna go
Hotey hotey milte hain mil jaate hain bahaane

Sanskar again locked Swara on his arms and was kissing her sensously …..and then spins her
Laksh was cupping ragini face and did a a spin with her …..landing on each other embrace .
Both sanlak spins swaragini at the same time

Ishq wala love, ishq wala love, ishq wala love
Surkh wala soz wala faiz wala love
Ishq wala love
Hota hai jo love se zyada waise wala love

Swara lands on Laksh chest and but ragini stops (as ragsan are siblings)
Laksh touches her whole hand from tip to toe and spins her …
One hand slowly goes through her waist but tightens the grip making one gap for the air to pass .
Swara body was pressed on Laksh (sanskar was feeling irritated and jealous)
Laksh back hugs her and catches her waist so tightly …..(Swara was feeling comfortable in his arms)
Laksh kisses her neck ….Swara eyes widens but couldn’t protest ,

There’s something about tonight
Something very special
Something about the way you move that thing
Something very special
Something about the way you have made
Something very special
There’s something about tonight
Something very special

Sanskar comes and grabs Swara and ragini goes to Laksh ..and grabs him
Sanskar and Swara does salsa dance …..making a perfect cut finishes the song ….sanskar leaned to kiss Swara
Laksh carries ragini in his arms ……and ragini leans to kiss …

Both stand in the same position and the song ends

Everyone claps …..

Kavitha : what an marvelous performance (to swasan)
Sahil ; indeed …..

Kavya : that dance was …ahem ahem …ragini u were
Ragini stamps on the leg of kavya …
Laksh : I know I am great no me can defeat !
Rajat : that’s true …..
Laksh in mind : why did I feel so close and happy with Swara ……come in Laksh erase the thing …she is ur friend sister
Swara in mind : why did I feel comfortable in his amrs ..which I didn’t in sanskar …..oh come on ,..Laksh is ur enemy and moreover ur brother freidns …erase it

Swalak both look at each other …..

Precap : sanskar trying to romance with Swara , Swara getting irritated ……Laksh and Swara to be partner

I know its so Boring ..I actually don’t know what to write …..simply I wrote sorry for troubling u all …I am not a good story line concept …sorry

Sorry for wasting ur precious time

With love ,

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