“First love is always first” episode 14

Episode – 14

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Swara goes from there crying ..
Laksh gives a death glare to sanky and leaves following Swara

Swara goes and sits in her classroom bench ….she didn’t cry but just looks blank

Laksh comes and sits beside her ,
Laksh ; Swara he didn’t deserve

Swara who looks at him ..instantly hugs him shocking him

Laksh slowly slowly hugs her back

Swara : thanks for saving me from that devil Laksh

Laksh (laughs) : devil ???

Swara : ya he is ….the monster …the devil ..the blo*dy cheapo..

Laksh breaks the hug and looks at her ..

Swara : ufff….what does he think huh I am a fool and he is playing with Me …let me show who swara (attitude)

Laksh looks at her and smiles

Swara : but I need your help

Laksh : oh sure

Swara : just act as if you are in love with me and propose in front of the collage ….let him get jealous and come to me ….by himself …

Laksh in mind : why should I act …when I am already in love ..with u shona

Swara ; OK …romance with me sometime

Laksh in mind : god thanks a lot for this opportunity….

Swara : OK na

Laksh : of course ..OK OK …

Swalak shakes hands ….manik was listening their conversation and smiling

Manik ; now no one can catch laksh in hands .. (smiling)

The next day ,
Sanskar , kavitha and karthik were sitting near the gate and ragging juniors …

While opposite side laksh and manik were discussing about something …

Swara makes an entry , she was wearing pink crop top and sky blue skirt up of knee ….her belly was clearly shown ….

She walks in and all the boys were gone woo …

Sanskar and laksh jaws dropped ..Swara had a million dollar smile …

Sanskar comes to swara

Sanskar : I am sorry swara

Swara (smiling) : but I don’t need your sorry

Saying this she goes towards her classroom

Manik ; array idiot ….don’t waste time …you plan na

Laksh : oh ya …
He signals some person …he goes and hits swara shoulder intentionally and makes her fall ..

Laksh rushes there and catches her holding her waist …

Everyone there looked on shocked …especially sanskar burning in jealous …

But thank god ragini was absent .

Manik smiles seeing them ….

Swara (low tone) : laksh enough of staring …now propose me

Laksh comes to senses …

Laksh : oh ya …

He makes her stand and bends in front of her ….

Swara was looking at him ….Laksh takes a red rose ..

Laksh ; swara from the day I saw u …I forgot to breathe , from the day I saw u …I started to feel flowers weren’t beautiful ….from the day I saw u moon wasn’t shining anymore , from the day I saw …the only thing I wanted to say was

I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!

Swara was shocked (acts) but actually she felt someone really proposed her ….

Laksh (funny) : swara if u take this flower fast ….I can get up ..my knee is paining

Swara laughs and takes his flower and hugs him

Swara : yes I love u laksh

Laksh felt very happy …he felt she said by heart …

Manik was so happy ….he claps and the whole collage starts to clap

But sanskar wasn’t knowing what’s happening there …

Sanskar goes to swara and pulls her

Sanskar : swara u love me na (angry)

Swara smirks ….laksh comes in between and frees her hand

Laksh : excuse me she is my gf …

Sanskar gets angry and holds his collar …

Sanskar : I know this is all fake ..she is mine and don’t u dare (angry)

Laksh (smirks) : oh is she yours

Saying this he pulls swara with one hand and pecks her lips …shocking swara …

Sanskar was too shocked …he leaves laksh …

Manik : if sanskar talks another word …na I am sure laksh will show first night scene here itself (giggles)

Sanskar : I know you are acting I will find very soon (blank)

Saying this he leaves …everyone gets busy in their works

swara (shocked) : what u did huh

Laksh (innocently) : we should make him believe na …

Swara (still shocked) ; oh ya …bye class is there ..

Laksh waves bye ..swara leaves in shocked manner

Manik comes and keeps his hand on laksh shoulder

Manik ; seriously dude ….

Laksh ; swara is mine and I deserve her more …

Manik smiles and both leaves to classroom ….

Sanskar sits with kavitha

Sanskar ; I know she is acting …she can’t ..how can she

Kavitha (seduce) : sanskar leave that all …why don’t u give me a chance

Sanskar (smirks) : sanskar always chooses the best kavitha

Kavitha (angry) : is swara best than me

Sanskar (smirks) : of course ..she has the beauty ….she has the figure …she is rich and mostly she is Virgin …
And I am sure u are not a Virgin

Kavitha rolls her eyes

Sanskar (smirks) : now only one thing I have …that’s to prove these two are acting …mission swalak .

Kavitha (winks) : I am with u ….

Sanskar smiles .

At corridor

Laksh was standing surfing his mobile while taking the support of wall …

All the girls were giving him seduce smile …while laksh didn’t care …

Swara sees sanskar coming in opposite side …

She immediately goes and pulls laksh with her …

Laksh ; what the …

Before he could say ….swara keeps her lips on his ….laksh widened his eyes ….

Sanskar who passes by sees this and gets angry …

Swara looks at sanskar through side corner eye …and smiles …

Sanskar stamp his foot and goes

Swara breaks the kiss and looks at him going ..

Swara : uff thank god !

Laksh was still in shock ..

Swara : sorry huh …but to make sanskar trust…

Laksh : it’s OK …

Swara smiles

Precap : more romance …more fun …more the mission swalak

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  1. raglak,swasan,ragsan,swalak fan( dipti )

    thankuuuuuuyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu sooooioooooooooooooo much dolly…i am waiting for this long time….once again thank u

    1. ERA

      Welcome dear…it’s my pleasure

  2. raglak,swasan,ragsan,swalak fan( dipti )

    now i read coz i firectly came to comment before reading….and i am confused ..dipit its me ot any other person..coz my name is dipti..if u dedicated this epi for me i am so happy …for this ff i will give 10/10 coz there is reason..first i love ur story name …and in this ff shona and lucky love towards both is first love..becoz i think ur first ff is swalak right..and ur wonderful writer ,all of thisis a swalak ff…in real show they didnt show their first love well…thank u to u and aliya for first love is always first and my obsessive love..i stop my blahh ..but u dont stop this ff for less comments and i am there always to comment in ur ff…bye take care

    1. ERA

      Of course dear …this episode is only dedicated for u my dear sissy …

      This much big comment ….ahhh ….but I am so happy to see the love and care

      I have made myself ready that I will write this ff for u ….comments come and go but readers and supporters like u are few dipti dear …

      I have started writing the next part asap for u dear !

      Me and alia are blessed with u dear such a cute sis ….

      I am happy …very happy reading your comment

      Take care and keep smiling

  3. raglak,swasan,ragsan,swalak fan( dipti )

    ohhh sry dear ….wish you a verryyyyyy happy birthday dear in ur birthday u gave me a wonderful

    oh sry wish u a very very happy birthday may god give u all the happiness in the world…happy birthday to this wonderful writer,beautiful girl dolly

    1. ERA

      Oh thank you dipti dear ….you wish made my day beautiful girl (dipti)

  4. Raglak,swasan,ragsan,swalak fan (dipti)

    Hoo thank u dears I have two sisters now…

    1. ERA

      We also got another member in our family

  5. ERA

    Dipti dear u register soon in TU we can chat easily in it ….and u can write your own ff too ….

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    Hey hi dear I’m pari. Today only i read this part. Is it a swalak ff right. I tried but didn’t get its previous parts. Can you please give me the links i really want to read it plz. And happy birthday dear i wish you will get all the happiness of your life . Have a wonderful life ahead

    1. ERA

      Oh god pari di…..I am a very big fan of di
      I am a regular reader of love blossoms and your previous swalak ff also ..

      How jiju and how is your health ….why aren’t u updating your ff ….di

      Thanks for the wishes di …..and blessings di

      1. Pari123

        Thanks so much dear for this wonderful reply. I’m very much happy that you are reading my ff. I’m very much happy dear and ill post soon. But really you are writing very good

      2. ERA

        Oh di come on …yaar I am nothing infront of u …but thanks for the energy booster comment …

        Seriously I am badly waiting for your ff

  9. Mica

    happy b’day dear!!!

  10. loved it dear .

  11. Omg u came back . I miss ur this ff & other also like yellow rose & meri aashiqui & also miss u dear. & Happy birthday to u ?????????????? may god bless u with all happiness & joy & have bright future. Awesome episode. Plzz don’t stop this ff & post it asap. & how r u dear , now ur leg is fine na. Thank god u update it for all ur wellwisher including me. …..bye…..take care dear …….keep smiling always.

  12. Finaly u posted…part was jus Wow awesome…bt too late missing ur ff badly…eagrly waiting fr nxt

  13. Finaly u posted…part was jus Wow awesome…bt too late missing ur ff badly…eagrly waiting fr nxt…love swalak pls update continue nd happy bday dear…

  14. Finally u updated…. n I will kill u if u stop writing dis ff….
    just kiddig,but on serious note I really love ur ff…its marvelous….

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