Hey guys , its dolly back again ….thanks for the beautiful response u gave in the last chapter ….its such an honor ..love u all loads

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So here is the story ,
Laksh places Swara on the bed and leaves with manik to manik room

@manik room
Manik (tears) : if I was even late for a moment ..I would have lost my sister Laksh
Laksh : abbey now she is safe na …leave that all
Manik (anger boiling) : how could that sanskar stoop so low Laksh ……how can he do that with my sister
Laksh : calm down manik , we just need a right time ……then we will show who we r
Manik : I repeateadly said Swara not to be with sanskar ….but she ….she didn’t obey , she don’t know the evil eyes the boys keep Laksh
Laksh understands
Laksh : but manik …..when we see in collage and somewhere ..u both sis and bro behave as if u r strangers …but never knew that u have this much care on ur sis ..
Manik : what to do dude ……I can’t compromise both of u …..because u both priority to me na
Laksh hugs him …..

@Swara room
Swara wakes up and holds her head
Swara : phew ! My head pain is killing me yaar …..
A hand comes straight to her with a lemon juice ….yes it was pur handsome hunk Laksh
Swara : what , what are u doing here
Laksh : hello madam ..do u even know how did u land here
Swara : ya , I came by car with my friends …
Laksh hits his forehead
Laksh : even that also u don’t remember …last night was ……ahem , ahem (he acts like blushing)
Swara widens her eyes
Swara : r…..r…..u serious ……u …..r …joking …right
Laksh : u won’t believe me na …wait ….
He shows his neck mark ….Swara gulps in fear , Laksh was controlling his laughter
Swara : how could this happen , u cheap ….u took advantage of a innocent girl like ma huh!
Laksh who was drinking water spits out
Laksh : u ….u r innocent
Swara : ya ….,do u have any doubt
Laksh laughs ….
Laksh : lol joke of 2016
Swara gives an impossible sign ….
Swara : now get lost I have many work to do ….the to listen ur stupid jokes ….
Saying this she goes to washroom
Laksh smiles
Laksh to himself : ufff ! At last I changed her mind …..good work lucky boy !
He pats himself and leaves

Ragini : guys , guys ….just one more day we have music concert ….are u people ready
Laksh : yup as always …..
Kavya : what about u ragini
Ragini : hmm that sahil is doing some stupid music …I am sure we r gonna lose so y stress
All laugh …..
Laksh : but if we win this competition ….we will have more fame na
Ragini : come on lucky …..u have enough fame and as ur gf ….I also get enough fame , that’s enough or us na
Saying this she sits on his lap
Kavya whispers : come on guys , Now this ragini wont stop …..so better we will leave ,,,,who will watch this blood sticking scene (lol)
All leave ….bechara Laksh pakada gaya (lol)

Kavitha : array sanskar …I heard yesterday u invited only Swara not us for the party haan , I would have jumped an come na
Swara gets shocked listenning this …..
Sanskar ; sorry yaar ……no one can replace my baby doll na (pointing Swara)
Swara gives a fake smile
Sahil : enough of ur romance ……so tomorrow is the concert ..who is gonna win …its tough na …
Sanskar : why so ….of course I will only win
All looks at him
Kavitha : how can u so sure , this time Swara is also not with u
Sanskar : so what who said …..that if I be with Swara …then only I will win ….its because of me Swara wins ….right Swara (asking Swara)
Swara was disgusted with his over confidence , she just leaves the place
All looks at her
Sahil : arrey yaar every time u show ur confidence and ….this is the result
Sanskar : don’t worry , I will change her mood
Kavitha rolls her eyes …..

@music room
Laksh and Swara were practicing ….
Swara was continuously doing mistakes …and was frustrated
Laksh : oh hello madam …what happened ….u r repeating the same mistake …
Swara (angrily) : so what , I will surely win , because u r there na ……u r the Mahan and because of u even I will win
Laksh was shocked
Laksh : what happened
Swara : no Laksh its not ur fault ….I am at fault …I am waste , I am useless and I am good for nothing , everyone uses me and throws me off !
Laksh gives towards her…..
Laksh : why r saying like this
Swara explains him about sanskar
Laksh : that blo*dy bastard is like that only ,…., then y r taking it serious
Swara : no Laksh I know , but somewhere he was right at his point , I won because he was with me ….my voice is nothing in front of u or sanskar …I think …I shouldnt have choosed music
Laksh : no no …don’t say such things …..its because of u sanskar is here
Swara looks on
Laksh : u know what ….whenever I see u singing …I used to think ..why didn’t I get a partner like her …maybe with gods wish u r my partner …
Swara smiles ….
Laksh : I was so happy when u r my partner ….now I don’t need to worry because I can easily win …because of ur beautiful voice ….na
Swara was very happy
Laksh : now come on let’s practice …think positive …saying he goes and does his guitar work
Swara in mind : only he can change my mood according to me …..he is only one who acts according to me ….
She smiles

Sanskar : Swara I am sorry yaar …I said in a greed ……u know me na ….
Swara : if u feel that then keep it to yourself no need to express sanskar …it hurts …
Sanskar : ok baba …I am sorry …..won’t u forgive ur sanky
Swara smiles ….sanskar hugs her

Manik and Laksh were seeing this ….
Manik : ufffff ,,, can’t this sanskar stay away from her ….
Laksh was fuming in jealous seeing them , manik got an idea
Manik : Laksh as a brother I am feeling for my sister ….what about u
Laksh : as a lov…….(he stops)
Laksh : as a friends sister , I am feeling for her
Manik : is it …..lol ….I never taught u care this much for ur friends sister …..
Laksh looks at him …..
Manik : OK if in that state …u can even care vo kavya ….na …but u r not
Laksh : that’s because her brother is enemy gang
Manik : then even Swara is sanskar ‘s gang …..
Laksh realizes ….
Manik : do u feel jealous seeing them close
Laksh : no , jealous and me ..never …come on manik
Manik : OK then actually my parents are talking about Swara marriage so …I will say yes
Laksh eyes widens …
Laksh : y
Manik : y means
Laksh : she is so young yaar and maybe she will not be happy with the person u choosed
Manik : that’s her problem , what’s ur problem ….
Laksh ; I care for her …because I love her dammit (angrily)
Manik jumps in happiness , hugs him and kisses in Laksh cheeks
Laksh realizes what he said
Laksh : manik ..its not like …..like ….that ….
Manik : shut up dumbo …..I know this from first itself ….u weren’t ready to accept …now I am really happy that my sis will get a husband like u ….

Laksh : am I really in love ?

Screen freezes

Precap : Laksh romance with Swara , Swara getting to know that sanskar tried to molest her ….bada bomb blast !

So guys done with the part , hope u all have enjoyed ….sorry if its not up to mark …surely will try to make it up with ur suggestions

I will a single rose and will u be mine forever soon ….in Saturday , Sunday …till then its a bye ..

Love u all

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