Hey guys ….thanks for the beautiful comments u all gave ..actually tu only posted half of the episode ….I don’t know what happened …anyways sorry for the inconvience

Here is the link for the pervious episode ,

So here is the story ,
Ragini hugs Laksh , crashing her body on his ….
Ragini : wow Laksh ….we won……..we won .
Laksh : but it is an draw right
Ragini : still winner na
Laksh : that’s OK …..still (he looks at swasan )
Ragini : anyways ….today party at pub OK
Laksh : come on ragini …..I don’t want to get drunk today ….
Ragini pouts …..
Laksh : OK OK don’t keep ur face Like that
Ragini gets happy …..she kisses his cheeks …..

Sanskar : OK Swara party tonight
Swara : hmm …..
Sanskar : what …..u r coming right !
Swara : haan …sure
Sanskar (smiles) : that’s like my girl …..
Swara gives a fake smile …
Swara : by the way where is Kavitha and sahil
Sanskar : Kavitha …..and sahil r dating na …so
Swara : oh

@night (pub)
Sanskar and Laksh enters together and stare each other angrily
Sanskar in mind : y can’t this b*t*h leave us alone …..hmm
Laksh in mind : arrey again I will have to see this duffer face huh !

At that time manik and ragini enters ….
Ragini was wearing red one piece dress ……with dark red lipstick and made her hair free …..she was looking sizzling hot

Laksh was shocked seeing her in this attire ..so as sanskar
Laksh : what kind of dress is this dress ragini (angrily)
(Oh I forgot to tell something ……Laksh hates girls wearing these dresses ….that too one piece)
Ragini : what Laksh …..I am looking s*xy na ….(with a naughty smile )
Laksh gets angry ….but cools after seeing …

Swara also enter …..
She was wearing blue and white mixed frock till knee , with a high ponytail and mild make up ……she was like an angel from heaven

Sanlak were memerised …but the difference is sanskar is seeing her with lustful eyes , while Laksh was admiring her
Swara smiles seeing sanskar …….
Swara comes , sanskar hugs her ……manik was angry seeing this …
Sanskar : wow ….Swara u r looking like an angel today …who came to light my day ….
Swara smiles …
Swara : thanks sanskar …even u r looking handsome today !
Sanskar smiles with a dashing wink ….
Sanskar thinks of something …
Sanskar messages something to someone without Swara notice .
His phone rings ..sanskar smiles …
Sanskar : Swara can u wait for some time …..
Swara : OK sanskar .
Sanskar smiles and leaves

Swara was standing alone seeing something on phone ….
While Laksh was also doing the same …..manik was talking with some girls , while ragini was dancing in dance floor

Swara was standing near the bar counter …one boy comes
Boy : hey babe …wanna dance with me
Swara : excuse me
Boy : wanna dance with me …..u r looking so hot today
Swara gets angry …..she was about to leave ….the boy holds her hand
Swara was shocked …
Swara : leave me …..u idiot …
Boy : OK ….but one kiss please ….
Swara was shocked …now she started to get tensed …

At that time Laksh comes and stands as a barrier to Swara ….Swara was amazed
Laksh : what happened baby (to Swara)
Swara was so confused and shocked
Boy : baby ?
Laksh : haan bro ….with much difficulty I found her …plz leave her na …..only boys can understand boys …
Boy : its OK bro u have her …I will find some other (patting his shoulder)
Saying this the boy leaves , Laksh turns to Swara who was giving hi “what – was – that ” look
Laksh : I can’t fight for u and break my body parts ..
Swara stares him angrily ….
Swara : OK leave that …..of sanskar would have been there na ….he would have (before she could complete)
Laksh pulls her by twisting her hand …..both body were touching each other …
Laksh : listen don’t take that sanskar name …..(he says angrily looking only her eyes)
Swara was numb …suddenly he heard a thud ! Sound

She found the boy fell down and some bodyguards were beating him

Swara opens her mouth …..
Laksh smiles : now see …
Swara looks at Laksh , but share an eye lock …

Manik was observing this all from far …..
Manik in mind : they both make such an beautiful couple ….god plz make them a pair na …..

Swara : anyways thanks for the help
Laksh : OK as a partner I should help u that’s it ….
Swara : OK OK Mr Laksh maheshwari …
Laksh : just call me lucky / Laksh …..
Swara : what problem do u have with ur own cousin …
Laksh ; Swara , that’s a very big story , I m sure u will laugh and sleep listening to it
Swara smiles,Laksh was memerised

sanskar enter
Laksh : see ur bodyguard came …I am leaving now bye
Swara : Laksh ….
Laksh (laughs ) : OK OK bye madam …
Swara smiles , Laksh smiles back and leaves ….

Sanskar comes and back hugs Swara ….
Sanskar : missed me haa
Swara ; nope
Sanskar : y
Swara : because u r always with me na ….so it feels conjusted
Sanskar : what can do ..when my girlfriend is so hot …how can I leave her for a sec ….its difficult na
Swara gives a fake smile
Swara : anyways ….which took u this much time
Sanskar (fumbles) : vo , vo ……haan …Kavitha aunty got an heart attack so …I went and helped them
Swara was shocked
Swara ; now is aunty now
Sanskar ; no worries she is fine …just admitted in hospital and came …
Swara seemed convinced ….sanskar gives a relief sign
Sanskar : OK what drink ?
Swara : usual
Sanskar smiles
Sanskar : OK wait ….I bring it u sit …
Swara nods and goes to sit

Sanskar turns to bartender
Sanskar : listen add this in one vodka ….OK
Bartender : but how can I do sir
Sanskar throws a bunch of money on his face ….
Sanskar : I will even give u more …
The bartender smiles and puts the tablet in one of the drink ….

Sanskar in mind (looking at Swara) : sorry Swara , from the first day I met u ….I had became an obessed lover to u ….I don’t know but I wanted to touch …but u didn’t allow …I didn’t care because it was small age …but now I really want to spend entire life with u , I want to be with in bad and good times …I want grow old with u ….I want u Swara , u r only mine and will be mine ….today this night ..we r gonna become one …..from today no one can separate us …no one can !

Saying this he smirks seeing Swara ….
The bartender gives the drinks ….

Shekar smirks and takes it to the table
Swara smiles …
Sanskar sits next to Swara , keeps one hand in her waist and tightens the grip , Swara feels uneasy
Swara : sanskar
Sanskar : haan
Swara : we r in public place ….
Sanskar : So what …I am keeping hand on my gf …don’t I have that much right also
Swara gives a fake smile
Sanskar : cheers
Swara : cheers ….
Swara drinks it , sanskar was only seeing her
Swara starts to feel dizzy , she couldn’t see anything clearly , everything was double
Swara : s.a.n.s.k.a.r
Saying this she falls on his arms ……sanskar smiles ….
He slowly takes her out without anyones notice

Ragini notices this and smiles
Ragini in mind : bro is too fast ……in these things ….

@Laksh and manik place
Laksh : hmm …so
Manik : did u see ragini how beautiful she is
Laksh : seriously ..she is ….but not more than someone (seeing Swara)
Manik smile s
Laksh : but nu know what already my mom and dad accepted the alliance of ragini ..I mean seriously …
Manik laughs …
Manik : u and ragini ha ha ha lol …seriously it will be joking ….
Laksh : what if it happenes
Manik (serious tone) : I am sure I won’t be there to see the joke …..
Later he laughs …..ha ha ha ha

********************present ***********************

Laksh lands in Kolkata , and takes his business car
Laksh in mind : yes manik u were correct when this happens u won’t be there to see …..and ya it happened ..that day u said it jokingly but t happened seriously …..I killed u manik …I killed u buddy , I am a murderer ….manik (tears comes from his eyes)
His thoughts were disturbed by the driver
Driver : Sir where we should go now ..I mean which hotel ?
Laksh thinks and smiles getting an incident in his mind
Laksh : meanders 5star hotel
Driver : kk sir
Laksh smiles and thinks
Laksh in mind : hmm Shona I am coming to the same place where I first realized my love for u and the first time u were in my arms ..
He smiles and has tears too

Laksh comes
Laksh : where the is ur stupid brother ?
Ragini : hmm ….vo ….vo …he went to home I guess ….
Laksh feels something fishy
Before he could think , ragini drags
Ragini : come Laksh let’s dance
Laksh : no yaar , I am not interested
Ragini ; plz plz …..
Laksh : OK …

Saying this Laksh gives with ragini …uninterested

@hotel room
Sanskar makes Swara lay on the bed , he sees her full body with lust
Sanskar : god …Swara , u r just making me crazy for u ….in just wanted this moment to come …..and here it is ….come let’s enjoy
Saying this he removes his shirt
He goes to the top of Swara ….he sees her beautiful face
He goes towards her neck and plants an kiss …..he bites her neck , Swara feels pain but couldn’t react because of drug effect
He kisses her neck continuously , and licks her the bitted areas ….
He goe up and kisses her lips..very hard ..taking his frustration on it…he bites her lower lip and it bleeds ….but he doesn’t care
He inserts his tongues in hers and roams around her mouth , he then goes down and kisses each of her curves ….
He was about to remove his dress ….his phone rings

Sanskar : blo*dy who is this ?
The dial screen appears ragini
Sanskar : hello
Ragini : bhai ..run fast as u can …Laksh is coming there …manik saw u taking Swara , so both are coming …plz don’t get caught
Sanskar : ok thanks …
Saying this he hungs up
Sanskar : ahhh !!! Swara baby ….couldn’t enjoy today but don’t worry some other day …
Saying this he wears his shirt and runs from her the window …
As soon as he goes ….Laksh and manik enters …both were shocked seeing Swara like that
Manik (shouts) : swaraaaaaaa !!!!!
Laksh gives and tries to wake her up , he pats her cheeks ….but no response
Manik (angry) : I am not gonna leave that sanskar ..how dare he ….what if we were late Laksh
Laksh : don’t worry manik ..we will teach him a good lesson ..now first we will take Swara from her come
Manik nods …
Laksh carries Swara in his arms , manik was admiring their pair ….Laksh was was staring her lovingly

Laksh in hotel room
Laksh : that was the best day in my life Swara ……I realized my love for u …..that y even now I am booking the same hotel , and same room
I couldn’t forget u Swara …I miss u Shona , I miss u so much ……I promise that I work leave that ragini ….I swear !
(He cries holding her photo)

Precap : swasan fight ! Laksh realizing his love

Hope u all like the episode ,plz post ur comments in am eagerly waiting to see them …..

Jwala I will let u know when I will have account on instagram OK ……in am eagerly waiting to write with u

With love ,
Esha (dolly)

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