The first and last Love…episode-1


Hi guys thank you for encouraging me and supporting me…I’m here to write episode #1 , Hope you guys like it!

Location :- In the present day of Mumbai. ,a handsome and super hot man in black suit is getting ready for his office and suddenly he heard a voice ; ranveer bhayya come down for breakfast. Everyone is waiting for you..

Ranveer :- Haan Parul.. COme let’s go down!

▶▶They both comes down to dining table to have breakfast

Amba :- I had done your favourite dishes, plz have more!

Ranveer :- maa.. Enough , the weather looks cloudy, I have to leave before rain comes, bcoz I have to attend a meeting at my office..

◀◀Ranveer comes out of the house and ask the driver to start the car and leaves to office!

While on the way there is a Heavy Thunder and it starts to Rain!..

◀◀Ranveer gets a call from his PA Rishi!

Rishi :- Sir, where r you the meeting is about to start!

Ranveer:- I’m on the way Rishi, I’ll be there within 10 mins..and cuts the cal

He felt different and looks at outside…(he was blocked in a traffic)

A girl with Red kurtha standing in the shed , catches rain drops and wipes it on her face and hands gently! Ranveer stares at her lovingly, but ishani did not noticed him!

◀◀ At the office..Ranveer attend the meeting successfully!!
and get back to work .. He thinks about Ishani and smiles!

Suddenly, there is a knock at Rv’s cabin!! It’s Rithika

Ranveer :- what a pleasant surprise, how r u Rithika??

Rithika :- I’m so happy Ranveer , my marriage is fixed after three days. I came here to give my first marriage card!

Ranveer:- wow , finally my best friend is getting married..

Rithika :- (Blushingly ?) yeah Ranveer , you should attend all my function! and today is Mehandi function!

Rañveer :- Sure, I’ll take part in all ur unction ?

Rithika:- Ok.bye RV! I have to go for shopping…

Ranveer Grins n says bye!

Precap :- Ishveer meets face to face ❤

Credit to: Die hard fan of ishveer

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  1. Suuppeerr !! ???

  2. very nice

  3. Luv’d it….very nice…

  4. Superb starting waiting for next episode

    1. Thank you so much for ur support sathya sis! ❤

  5. Oh ur real name is niana so sweet name dr.and myself sathya..and u r just 15 i think u studied in 10th std na.all the best for ur studies small age u people having tis much talent drs.really ur ff is superb keep rocking dr,and we are all support u,i lioe ur logo name “die heart fab of ishveer”iam also a great fan for ishveer as well as shadika dr.

    1. Aww.thank u di!¡ I’m about to be 15# this April.. fifteen is running n what’s ur age dear?, I’m from tamilnadu n u??

  6. thank u so much dr for this lovely ff. Ritika is going to marry with sharman na….and thanks she is not villain here…..I think ishveer will meet in ritman’s wedding ceremony…..nice ff….excellent cover pic…..update this lovely ff daily… and what’s ur name dr… myself pranjali

    1. Thanks for ur support ,I’m Niana , I’m about to be 15 yrs u? I’m soo glad tht u like my ff! Will update the next soon !! U guys r rocking in supporting❤❤❤

  7. Sorry guys next precap is :- Rithika’s Mehandi function!



    1. Thank u Dhruva , love ur ff too! ??

  9. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    So superb.waiting for next.

    1. Thank u Sana fr ur support?

  10. Awsome yaar.update next soon ❤?

    1. Thank you, will post the next soon, as I have one more exam tmrw after than I’ll be totally free…I’ll update it tomorrow evening?

  11. Hey ? it is really good ? , keep it up !
    Btw people. !! Sorry yo say i would really not be able to upload my ff today ? I will surely do it tomorrow !! ???

  12. Superb begining well done ? all the best for your exam

  13. Wounderful starting…. i loved ur fan fiction…?????????????….

    But pls u change the lead pair from ishveer to shadika niana dr… pls …it is my humble request dr….

  14. oh woow really cutie ff…….pls update soon

  15. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Ohh u also writing a ff but u comment on my ff too superb yaar. Nice start

  16. Iam 22yrs old dr.i completed my BE dr.and i’m also from tamilnadu .ya to hear tis dr u r also from u r in 10th or 9th std dr

  17. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    wow epi..u post ur 1st epi in ur intro also na dr..very nyc sis..i’m also tamil nadu dr..but now i am in pune…here more tamil fans dr…

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