First and Last “I Love You” (Raglak OS) by Dharu

First and Last “I Love You” (Raglak OS) by Dharu
Hey guys back after exams. I missed u all so much.
Laksh maheshwari: A handsome, sincere police officer. He can never say no to his parents. He lives in Kolkata. His parents live in Mumbai.
Ragini Gadodia/Ragini Laksh Maheshwari: A beautiful, sensitive, innocent, childish yet mature, cute, chirpy girl. She is very obedient girl. She accepts whatever her parents say. She lives in Mumbai.
A groom is shown sitting in the mandap and waiting for the bride to come. Finally the bride came and groom is mesmerised to see her. He is seeing her for the first time. When his mother asked him to marry he said ok and told that he will marry whomever his mother asked to and he will see her on the day of marriage itself. And today he is regretting for his decision of not seeing such a girl till now. He cursed himself for missing a chance to meet her. The bride is brought and made her to sit beside the groom. He is just staring her while she is bending her head due to shy. She is blushing very hard feeling his gaze. Soon the marriage is over. And they take blessings from the elders. The bidaai is done and they both enter into the car to drive to their house to start a new life. The car passes and we can see the name board displaying “LAKSH WEDS RAGINI” (hehe i know u all might guessed by now)
Raglak did all the rituals and ragini is taken to laksh’s oops raglak’s room and made her sit in the middle of the bed with veil on her head. She is waiting for her husband for whom she fell when she saw him for the first time in his photograph. She is very nervous and biting her nails in nervousness. Laksh came inside and locked the door and moved towards her and sat in front of her and removed her veil and sees her biting her nails he smiles.
Laksh: (lovingly) ragini
Ragini raises her head and looks at him they both get lost in each other’s eyes. Laksh removes her hand from her mouth softly and cups her face and kisses her forehead lovingly.
Laksh: chalo go and change ur clothes it is late let us sleep ok.
Ragini slowly nods her head and goes to change. Laksh keeps staring her way with a smile on his face and he goes to the couch and sits and gets busy in reading a file. (arey he is a police officer so reading details of some case) While he is completely engrossed in the file he listened a door opening sound and raises his head from the file and looks at ragini who has come out of the washroom with wet hair wearing a white salwar kameez looking naturally beautiful and making him to lost in her. She looks at him and smiles and he becomes more mesmerised seeing her smile and smiles at her.
Laksh: (while getting up from couch) i will go, fresh and come
Ragini nods. After sometime he comes out and looks ragini sitting on the bed and playing in her phone.
Laksh: (snatching phone) chalo lay down and sleep and ha u sleep on the bed i will sleep on couch is it ok? (he thought that she will be uncomfortable to sleep on the same bed along with him as he knows they both are not ready for taking their relationship to next level as they hardly know their names and they need to know about each other)
Ragini: (slowly and making a puppy face) but i am not that much fat that i will occupy this whole king size bed
Laksh: (smiles and pulls her cheeks) aww choo cute u are. chalo u sleep this side i will sleep that side ok.
Ragini nods her head and lays down and laksh lays on the other side. Ragini is moving from one side to another side laksh who is still not asleep taps her shoulder, she turns towards him
Laksh: what happened?
Ragini: (pouts) i won’t get sleep without hugging my teddy.
Laksh smiles at her and spreads his arms indicating her to hug him but she keeps a confused face, he understands her confusion and pulls her towards him making her to fall on his chest and wraps his arms around her
Laksh: now sleep u will not miss ur teddy
Ragini cuddles into him and giggles
Laksh: (frowning) why are u laughing?
Ragini: (giggles) u are awesome than my teddy (giggles again while laksh tightens his grip around her)
Ragini: (after few minutes) laksh
Laksh completely lost in her voice as it is for the first time she is calling his name.
Ragini: (looks at him and calls again) laksh
Laksh: (coming to senses and looks at her) hmm
Ragini: u are a police na
Laksh: hmm
Ragini: do u have gun?
Laksh: hmm
Ragini gets up and sits on the bed
Ragini: (excited) then show me na i always wanted to see gun in real and touch please… please (puppy excited face)
Laksh smiles seeing her excited face, he is literally enjoying her all antics he is totally flat seeing her and is falling in love with her deeply, he also sits and opens the drawer beside his bed and takes out his gun, seeing it ragini widens her eyes in surprise and slowly touches it with her forefinger and squeals, listening to her squeal laksh immediately pulls her towards him and closes her mouth with his hand
Laksh: (closing her mouth) shh dont shout all must be sleeping
Ragini nods her head by keeping a puppy face and he removes his hand. Ragini excitedly takes the gun
Laksh: (worried) ragini careful
Ragini bites her tongue and laksh slowly explains about gun to her and she listens everything with so much excitement later laksh puts it back in the drawer and they both lay down again while ragini hugs laksh and he wraps his arms protectively around her.
Laksh: now sleep and we are going to Kolkata tomorrow
Ragini’s face becomes pale after listening this and laksh observes this
Laksh: (cups her face) what happened ragini
Ragini: (teary eyes) i will miss ma, papa, mom and dad
Laksh: shh dont cry i am there na (he hugs her and pats her head while she buries her face in his chest) sleep now it is very late already (ragini cuddles into him and they both sleep peacefully in each other’s embrace)
Next morning
Gadodia’s and maheshwari’s are sitting in the hall waiting for raglak. They come down and ragini happily hugs her parents.
Shekhar: (ragini’s father) laksh beta when are u both starting to Kolkata
Listening this ragini again becomes sad which is not unnoticed by laksh
Laksh: afternoon 1 papa
Ragini is really sad that she was not able to stand there.
Ragini: ma papa i need to pack some stuff i will go and do it (saying this without listening anything she goes to her room)
Janaki: (ragini’s mother) ragu… (but she went) arey what happened to her she did not even listen to me.
Shekhar: u go and check her maybe she is sad that she is going far from us.
Janaki is about to go but laksh stops
Laksh: (hesitatingly) ma… may I?
Janaki smiles and nods her head and laksh goes to his room. There he finds ragini is sobbing by keeping her head in between her knees while her hands hugging her knees. He goes to her and keeps his hand on her shoulder she looks at him and immediately hugs him and cries out loudly while laksh keeps rubbing her back so that she can let out all her sadness after sometime she calms down and laksh breaks the hug and wipes her tears from her face and gives some water
Laksh: now are u feeling better (ragini nods and he cups her face and kisses her forehead) ragini if u want u stay with ma papa for some days and then come
Ragini: (smiles seeing his care) no laksh it is just that i was not able to control dont worry i am fine now
Laksh: (concern) are u sure?
Ragini: (smiles) u are there na so no problem (hugs him)
Laksh: (smiles and hugs her back) chalo let us go ma, papa are waiting for u
Outside janaki and shekhar who came to see ragini once saw this and smile with tears and go from there. Finally raglak reach Kolkata and ragini really liked the place where laksh lives it is a double bed room small flat which is more than enough for two people. They both get settled.
Next day
Ragini is making breakfast while laksh comes to her wearing casuals.
Ragini: laksh u are not going to duty
Laksh: no ragini my leave is still not completed. I need to attend from tomorrow waise we are going out so after breakfast get ready.
Ragini nods with a smile. They go out and laksh takes her to a big shop where there are a lot of soft toys.
Laksh: chalo ragini which one did u like?
Ragini: (slowly) but now i dont want any teddy bear u are there na
Laksh: (smiles) u just select one teddy
Ragini sadly selects one teddy thinking that he does not like her sleeping hugging him. He purchases the one which she selected. After that they spend some time wandering in Kolkata and reaches home after having dinner.
Ragini is standing in the balcony of their room and looking at the moon sadly, laksh comes out of washroom after getting fresh and goes to her and hugs her from behind
Laksh: (whispers in her ear) dont be sad u can sleep hugging me but sometimes i will not be there at night due to duty at that time i dont want u to spend a sleepless night
Ragini: (face lits like a hundred volt bulb and she immediately turns to him) really
Laksh nods with a smile on his face and she hugs him tightly
Laksh: chalo let us go to bed jaan
Ragini: (confused) jaan
Laksh: (tightens his grip around her) hmm u are my life so i will call u jaan
Ragini: (innocently) then what should i call u even u are my life
Laksh: (kisses her forehead) ur wish u can call me whatever u want
Ragini: i dont know u tell me
Laksh: hmm call me laksh only i love to listen my name from ur voice ok
Ragini nods and they both go and sleep
Days passed by raglak deeply fell in love with each other. But neither of them said “I Love U” to each other and they never felt it is necessary to say as well. Their actions show how much they love each other. Laksh was every day welcomed by ragini with a tight hug on the entrance of the house. They both feed each other at night. Speak a lot of stuff. Share their daily chores. Sleep hugging each other. Laksh makes sure that she does not miss either her parents or his parents. They both are in love head over heels. Laksh proposed her one day but her answer was just a tight hug which made him understood that she also loves him as the same way he does. They both are happily enjoying their lives.
One day
Laksh came from office early in the evening. Every day when he came he horns his car and immediately ragini comes to door and gives him a tight hug with a kiss on his cheek. Even today he came the same way but the only difference is that he did not find ragini in the door step. He frowned but immediately got worried and runs to his room. As soon as he enters in his room he sighs seeing ragini sitting bored in front of a continuously talking girl, who is his friend puja, she came there as she has some work in the city and so will stay for few days in their house. As soon as puja sees him she hugs him while ragini burns in jealousy and goes to them and breaks the hug and immediately gives a peck on his lips making him shock.
Ragini: (with a dangerous angry face but still looking cute) he is my husband so how can u hug him
Listening this laksh pulls her towards him by waist
Laksh: possessive wifey (and pecks her lips)
Puja: (closing her eyes with her hands) guys even i am here please get a room
Laksh: (glaring her) get out
Puja immediately runs to her room murmuring “idiot” to him. Laksh pulls ragini towards him more tightly and kisses her passionately after breaking the kiss he joins their foreheads.
Laksh: (smiling) jealous right
Ragini: (pouts) how can i allow someone to hug my husband
Laksh: aww mera bacha (my favourite line)
Ragini: i am hungry
Laksh: i will fresh and come we will have dinner (he kisses her forehead)
Days passed ragini is said that she is pregnant and laksh took very good care of her. And finally she gave birth to a beautiful girl. Laksh’s happiness has no bounds looking at his daughter. They named her as “Ragya”.
Days passed, weeks passed, months and years passed and now it is been five years raglak’s marriage and four years of Ragya’s birth. Laksh is now dealing a case related to a drug dealer who is very dangerous. It is one night ragya raglak are in their room. Ragya is sleeping peacefully while raglak are adoring their daughter with lots of love. At that time they heard some sound in the hall and both came out. There are few men standing there and have masks to their faces.
Laksh: hey who are u all?
Man: oh Mr. Laksh Maheshwari the sincere police officer come we are guests to ur house so won’t u welcome us
Laksh: shut up and why are u all here in my house? Who are u?
Man: oh laksh u did not recognise us u were trying to find us from many days
Laksh: drug dealer Mr. Samar Goenka
Samar: so u understood (he signals some of his men something and immediately they grab ragini and hold a knife near her neck)
Ragini: (winces in pain) ahh laksh
Laksh: hey leave her u want me right leave her (was about to go to her but)
Other men come to him and attack on him laksh keeps fighting trying to reach ragini. He keeps on fighting he beats all the men and even makes ragini free and keeps fighting with those men. When all the men are falling samar points the gun at laksh and shoots the bullet
Ragini: (sees this and shouts) laksh (and runs towards him and takes the bullet and it hit her near the heart)
Laksh: (shouts) ragini (runs to her and holds her)
At that time police comes and arrests all of them as laksh made a call from his phone secretly to one of his juniors and he listens all the convo and immediately rushes to their house and arrests them
Laksh: (crying) ragini… why did u come in the middle why?
Ragini: (breathing heavily) how… can i leave… seeing… that he is shooting u laksh….
Laksh: (crying) nothing will happen to u let us go to hospital
Ragini: (breathing heavily) no… laksh… i will not be … alive for a long time…
Laksh: ragini
Ragini: laksh… promise me… that u will take care… of our princess and … fulfil her all wishes… (she forwards her hands indicating him to promise)
Laksh: ragini please
Ragini: laksh… promise me
Laksh with teary eyes promises her and kisses her forehead.
Ragini: laksh… i want… to tell u… something… before leaving…u (laksh nods while tears are flowing from his eyes) “I LOVE U LAKSH”
Laksh: (crying bitterly) i love u too ragini
Listening this ragini smiles with tears and breaths her last breath. That is when ragini told him I Love U in this five years which is the “First and Last time”
Laksh: (shouted) raginiiiiiiiiii
A man in his mid 40’s is standing near a big portrait with a garland.
Laksh: That was the first and last I Love U… u told me ragini and it is still ringing in my ears. (his eyes are teary)
Someone comes and hugs him from behind.
Laksh: (immediately wipes his tears and smiles) princess
Ragya: no ACP Ragya Laksh Maheshwari
Laksh: (smiles and kisses her forehead) all the best ACP Ragya Laksh Maheshwari for ur duty
Ragya: (smiles and hugs him) thank u papa (looks at ragini’s photo) papa mumma will be happy na
Laksh: of course princess she will be very happy (they both are seeing ragini’s photo still she is hugging her father)
Laksh/Ragya: (in mind) I miss u ragini/mumma
Screen zooms to the portrait of a smiling ragini.
Phew finally another OS. Hope u all like it guys. I know it is not that much interesting and a normal routine OS but still please give me ur views through ur comments about this boring and extremely ordinary OS. This is my second OS guys. And don’t forget to shine the star by clicking on it.
About my ffs they are on the way.
Keep smiling. Love U all Lots!!!!

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