First kiss in the rain – A Raglak OS

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Laksh was sitting in cafe , thinking over events that happened few hour back.After span of whole 2years he had gathered enough courage and was finally able to confess his love for her but a slight fear was making way in his heart, that was fear of rejection. He tried to calm himself and repeated to himself-‘Ragini too love you. It’s just that she is confused about her feeling right now and needs time’. But the restlessness was not ready to leave his heart.

Atmosphere was quite cloudy , cool breeze was felt whenever door of cafe got opened. He tried to divert his mind ,so glanced outside through the glass sepration. People were in hurry to reach home, so a lot of rush was seen outside which increased more when droplet of water started to fall.

A girl standing on opposite side of road caught his attention. She was standing there in the rain with her wide open arms .Due to rain , he was not able to see her face clearly but felt it familiar. She was wearing white salwar-kameez which was giving feel of fairy in the rain. She turned to her right when a woman came near her and started to drag her in the direction of cafe. Both females made there way inside cafe and were looking for place to sit as it was crowded and almost every table was full.

Laksh had not removed his gaze from the girl even for a single moment. As Soon as both came inside cafe, Laksh got to see her face clearly and The girl whom his eyes were following was none other than Ragini Gadodia who was his love from first year of college.

Ragini’s mom watched all around but there was not even single empty seat except on the table of Laksh. So she moved toward him .

Watching her mom’s eyes on him. He quickly stopped his drooling session on Ragini and picked up menu , acting as if selecting what to order. But his full attention was toward coming steps of Ragini’s mom and offcourse Ragini.

“Excuse me, If you don’t mind may we sit here. All other places are already full “- Her mother asked Laksh indicating all around.

“Sure”-Laksh replied keeping menu on table. He had child like excitement bubbling inside but got control over himself and reminded himself about presence of her mother.

“Thank you, son”-both of them acquired remaining two chairs.Her mother then ordered hot chocolate for Ragini and coffee for herself. Laksh order of black coffee was also taking time.So, he just bring out his cell phone as excuse of being busy, so that nobody disturb his drooling session and kept looking Ragini through corner of his eyes.
Even though Laksh was using phone as excuse, Ragini had noticed him looking on her and was getting worried as her mother was sitting just beside her . ‘What if she noticed him like this and came to know about our love . She will surely not accept him and even if she does then whole family will be against this relation as my family is quiet traditional.’-Ragini wandering thought came to end by ringing of phone.

A phone call came on her mother cell so excusing herself her mother walked away from there.

“What were you doing ??”-Ragini asked suppressing her voice from getting loud.

“Was checking email in gmail. Do you also want to check?”

“Email in gmail? Are you sure? Because your eyes were saying different story.”

“Okay, I accept that I was watching you. But you are going to be my girlfriend , I have got atleast this much right.”

“Listen, I will be your girlfriend if I accept your proposal. Till then we are just friend so stop looking at me like that in front of my mom.”

Her mom came finishing her call and took her seat which resulted in end of their talk. Their orders also came on table by the time .

Waiter placed both coffee and forwarded hot chocolate toward Ragini. As soon as Laksh drank coffee , he spit out and started to cough badly .

Ragini’s mom was about to get up for help but Before she can even move ,Ragini got up in reflex and started rubbing his back totally forgetting about her mother presence who was looking duo with complete shock. Here, Laksh was also in complete trance on getting so close to Ragini and watching her concern for him.

Ragini’s mother cleared her throat to bring them in real world where other people were also present other than them. Ragini’s hand which was busy on Laksh’s back, came to abrupt halt. Ragini looked at her mother wide eyed and then at her hand.

Embarrass by her own act in front of her mother , she came and took her seat quietly. She was smacking herself in her mind-‘Idiot!, stupid !,how she could do such blunders in front of mom. It was just cough and you ran to help like typical wife. Mom was getting up for his help but no you have to jump for help of your Laksh.’

Laksh was also surprised due to arrival of Ragini for help and nervous as her mother witnessed whole scene. He was now getting ready for the questions which will be soon bombarded.
After few moment of silence in which Ragini’s mother was observing duo, she said in stern voice-“So, you two knew each other ?”

“We are just friend mom.”- Ragini said quickly in defence of themshelf.

“When did I said that you two are lovers? I just asked whether you knew each other or not.”

Ragini just bite her tounge and again cursed herself for her stupidity.

“Now that you have said that you two are just friends. I am little curious to know reason why you both hide this?”

Laksh was nervous but decided to speak himself before Ragini did any mistake -“Mom” -he had just said this when Ragini stomped his foot hard, Swallowing the pain he again said-“I mean Aunty , it’s not, what you are thinking”

“Oh okay, So ,you two are not friends , right?”-Ragini’s mother said still in strict tone.

“No aunty, i mean yes aunty,I mean to say no aunty”

Ragini’s mother forwarded glass of water -“First clear your own confusion then answer with clear mind.”

Laksh drank one by one three glass of water then summoning all courage said with full speed and in single breath-“We are in same college so we meet frequently and know each other very well from first year of college. Initially we were just friend then slowly we became best friend and now I am her lover and she is best friend of mine. And telling the truth we don’t know how to introduce myself to you as my relation with Ragini for now is nor of lover neither it is of best friend completely. For that she had to accept or reject my proposal which she had not done yet ”

Releasing his breath with sound of relaxation , he looked at the two faces in front. Ragini was shocked beyond words , first at Laksh speed of speech and later due to revealeation of their relation in front of her mom. Ragini’s mother also looked at him with disbelif. He had confessed everything about them and that too without fumbling or stopping.

Watching eyes of both lady still on him he got more nervous and looked around to find all eyes in cafe was on him then only he realised he had said it quite loud and now he had sudden urge to drink more water.

“You know what,I would not have run away even if you would have said this slowly”-Ragini’s mom said finally breaking the silence of cafe and further embarassing Laksh.Turning toward Ragini-“Ragini, whatever he said is it true?”

Ragini nodded in affirmation and was impatiently waiting for her reaction.

“I am very upset Ragini by your behaviour. I have not expected this from you”-Hearing her mom words tear were just ready to spill from her eyes. This was what she was fearing and that’s why she did not accepted his proposal. Her mother continued-“You love him still you had not accepted his proposal and kept him in wait.”-Her eyes which were downcasted till now looked up instantly. Her mother added more to it-“He is such a cute boy. I will be more than happy if i get son-in-law like him.”-her mother said winking at her . She had always known her mother as strict mom. But today she got to see her mother’s soft heart that too on her life most important decision.

Tears still spilled from Ragini’s eyes but these tears were tears of happiness . She hugged her mother standing from chair and said-“Love you, Love you a lot mom”

“Save your few love you for him too”-Ragini’s face turned red hearing her mother comment.
After few words with Laksh and knowing him and his family better, Ragini’s mom left cafe in a cab as she had to meet her old childhood friend . She had left Ragini with Laksh on Ragini’s insistence and told Laksh to drop her near a mall where she will be present at 5.

“I am still waiting”-Laksh commented as he watched the cab going out of sight.

“What??”-Ragini became confused hearing him. Her eyes which were fixed on street turned toward him in response.

“I am still waiting for the three word confession”-Laksh spoke in voice full of eagerness and love radiating from his eyes.

Laksh saw her taking deep breath and then with a lovely voice she spoke-“I love…”-Ragini was in full mood to tease. So, She purposely said these two words in slow manner only to increase his heartbeat and eagerness to listen. The excitement, joy, happiness, anticipation all kind of emotion which his face was depicting went down the drain by her next word-“rain”-and with this she burstout laughing hard while he just kept staring at laughing beauty in front of him , though he was disappointed but that didn’t stop him from admiring her innocent beauty.

She raised her eyebrow in questioning manner. He just shrugged off and said-“Your eyes are enough to tell me whom you love but I want to hear from you”

“Okay, I will fulfil your wish, but-but-but ,for that you have to win my challenge”-she said dramatically and smirked . Upon watching his questioning gaze she continued-“You have known me from long time. So, you must have known few of my day dreams . Now, for challenge you have to fulfil my one of such day dream without even telling you”.

He sqeezed his brain for any day dream which she had told then a thought of going on long drive with Ragini crossed his mind as she had once told about a daydream of going on long drive with her love and that too during rain.Thus, clearing bills, he walk out of cafe with Ragini toward his vehicle which was parked nearby.

After they settled in their seat, starting car he drove off toward the outskirt of city.

Atmosphere has turned quite windy. Cool breeze was making its way through the window of car making atmosphere inside car quite chilly too. Once he wished to shut all window and put AC on but discarded away the idea glancing on Ragini who was enjoying this chill of this windy weather . Few rain droplets often jumped inside the car through window which excited her for no particular reason. She would close her eyes whenever a raindrop fall on her face and felt its presence and movement across her face.

He stopped his car once he reached near a beautiful lake. She was long lost in the feel of rain and had closed her eyes but the slight jerk she felt due to pressing of brake revived her . Feeling the car is no longer moving she slowly opened her eyes with slight irritation and anger on him . For the first time in her life she was enjoying rain this much ,may be reason behind it was him or may be due to calmness she felt . So, she didn’t like the sudden pull from her dreamland.

He had purposefuly stopped his car here . A small smile made its way on his lips as he looked at her irritated face which carried the same innocence which will be present in 5 year old kid when his favourite toy is snatched. He was waiting for her to open her eyes and look around at the beauty which surrounded her. She opened her eyes, not for looking around but for glaring at him and next moment he found her out of car standing in the rain drenching herself . She had pouted her lips and banged the door hard clearly showing her anger and dislike .

But her pouting face changed with surprised expression when her gaze fell on the beauty of place. Place hold breathtaking beauty and the drizzle she was feeling now made it a heavenly sight. The rain water which were present on leaves of small plants appeared as pearl spreaded all around.

He too came behind her shutting the door of car and watched her becoming like statue trying to capture whole scene in her eyes. She was drenched completely in water. Small droplets of water was continously travelling down her face and teasing him. Her curl were getting wet and coming on face hindering complete view of her face. Not able to hold back he engulfed her into a hug from back with both of his hands sliding along her arms and folded their hands just below her bosom. His arms surrounded her petite form with hands placed just above her hands. He whispered with his lips touching her ear occasionaly and sending shiver down the spine-“Now your turn to fulfil my wish.”

Ragini shudder for a moment before relaxing in his arms with her back completely resting on his chest and abs. Heat was radiating from both of their bodies making them carve for more. She tried to maintain her sanity while he whispered again fanning his hot breath on her nape-” Aren’t you going to say those magical words for which my heart is carving from so long. ”

His hoarse and manly voice in this situation made her want for more. she was not in condition to think clearly. Only few words like magical , carving and heart were registered in her mind, which didn’t made any sense in her dazzed state of mind.

He placed a soft kiss on her nape which made her tilt her head giving more access to him . He then took her earlobe in his lips and started to suck it. He was going to turn her around and kiss her lips when a inner voice stopped him. She had not voiced out she love you yet, you are crossing your limit. His mind retorted , so what if she had not said it yet . I know very well she loves me . In this tug of war he uncounsiously leave her and stepped back.

Ragini felt a electrifying current running through her body when Laksh kissed on her nape. His lips on her skin felt so good that she wanted it to live there forever and ever. Her next act of sucking her earlobe just fuelled her desires. But sudden act of him leaving and stepping back made her frown hard. She turned around and looked at him with puzzled expression. She was not able to point out clearly what made him to act so wierdly .

Laksh was busy in fighting with his inner demon who was dying to take her into his arms once again. He didn’t noticed her turning around with the frown . He was standing still and debating what should he do.

Ragini opened her mouth to speak but found herself at loss of words so closed her mouth. What could she even speak that she was loving his proximity and advancment. This all was new to her she wanted to feel each and every emotions which his act was inducing. She looked at him and decided to break silence by her confession.

“Laksh, I want to tell you something”- This line of Ragini broke his chain of thought and he stared her ,Ragini was feeling nervous to admit it and his eyes on her was making her more nervous. She wanted to say it but was not able to decide how to say it-“You know Laksh, four year back. I saw a boy who used to come in a boxing club for practice . I used to come there too but only to see him , only to hear him , only to decrease my restlessness which grew in my heart even if I missed watching him for single day . By the end of year he leave that club and at that time I decided to take admission in the college in which he took admission . In few days, I was able to become friend of that boy and now I cann’t tell you how happy I am on knowing my love too love me. “-She completed her story and paused.

“who is he??”-Laksh asked with anticipation and impatience.

She smacked her forhead and said-” Offcourse You duffer, I love you. The boy whom I followed was you. ”

Laksh look at her with surprised eyes. She used to watch him four year back when he used to go to practice boxing and was in love with him all these years when he thought of her as only friend. He took his step forward decreasing distance between them and hold her waist. He cupped her face and looking in large hazel eyes whispered-“I love you too.”

He bring his face so close that their nose were touching each other’s and breaths were mingling .He looked at her luscious lips and then her eyes , which she lowered in acceptance. Getting the required permission he moved forward and placed his lips on her petal like lips. He first captured her lower lip in between his lips. Sucking and nibbling her lip he turned her around so that she can get support of car from back and pressed himself more into her. After her lower lip he moved toward her upper lip and took it in between his lips trying to suck its all sweetness and preserve it in his mouth.

Ragini was long lost in feel of his lips. She was not knowing how to respond to his kiss . She just let him do whatever he wants and tried to do same in response.

Laksh after nibbling her upper lip for some time came back on lower lip nibbling it sometime and sometime softening it with his tounge while sometime sucking it. His tounge tried to enter her mouth but seeing her not opening her mouth, he bit her lip, This made her gasp and catching the opprtunity he moved his tounge inside her mouth. He moved his tounge freely inside her mouth touching each and every corner. His passion was increasing with time and he was moving his hand in sensual way to give her enormous pleasure and seeing her sqirm . He pressed himself more in her if it was even possible. His hand roamed on her back feeling her completely and trying to bring her closer and closer. He again wrapped his arms around her waist to support her and tasted her pink lips like there was no tommorow.

First Ragini was not able to follow him and his act of biting her lip made her gasp in surprise. And when his tounge entered her mouth she felt like thousands of butterfly are flying in her. She moved her hand on his nape and tried to bring his face more and more closer.All this sensation was new to her and she tried to match his passion, In short time she too darted her tounge inside his mouth and tried to taste every nook and every corner. Her tounge soon started battling with his tounge,both in need to enter other’s mouth. After few second of battling both tounge started to move in rythm sticking to each other and moving all around. Need of air forced them to part away though non wanted to end their very first kiss.

Panting and taking heavy breath she placed her forhead on his forhead. Breath still mingling with each other. A red hue crept across her cheeks and to hide her shyness she hugged him tight with her hands on his shoulder from below his armpit. He too wrapped her in his arms feeling content.

After passing of few minutes when their heartbeat and breathing came at normal pace. He peeked his watch which was showing only one hour left to reach mall. So , he kissing her cheek whispered in her ear-“Let’s go , otherwise my image of good boy will be affected in front of your mom.”-upon watching her parting away and raising her eyebrow he winked and said-“Punctuality also count in good qualities.”

Smacking his arm she went inside car and made herself comfortable in the passenger seat after which he too sat in driving seat. With the sweet memory of their first kiss in the rain they both drove off.
Its done. Hope everyone likes it. Please give me the suggestions and in few hours i will give another OS and it is on ragsan. Sorry raglakians but i like their pair too. So one on them and one on raglak. I read similar story and felt its good. So with the changes i made this os. Will be waiting for your response

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