The First Ignorance
He was busy in rising his career of his dreams yes he had changed a lot from that day when he got his first opportunity of proving himself it was a big platform for him he was extremely happy that day because he got his biggest opportunity and he performed well also it was not well it was actually that much well that he turned into the biggest star in one night his song was that much successful that every child or youngster was singing that song and due to that he was on cloud nine that he came back to home that day late night and till that time I was slept but he made me awake and said “Oh Pragya Pragya Pragya you cant even thing what happened today you know your husband has turned into totally a different personality a rock star today I am rock star Abhishek…. No no it seems weird I am rock-star Abhi and you are my sweet wife Pragya” he was in his over joy and I was looking at him his eyes were showing that he was satisfied now he was having a new hope of getting successful all was new for him today he was looking like the most happiest person of the world he was happy and so was I. That day he said one thing to me which was unexpected for me, he said “Pragya the day you came into my life my life has changed I have became the luckiest person in the world you know” saying this he hugged me tightly and said “I love to Pragya I love you so much” and I was feeling happy for him I was thinking that finally my husband said this to me yes I know our marriage was arranged and we were more of a friend beside that any married couple finally one and half year was completed to our marriage and one thing was changed in past few months yes that was my feelings towards him he knows that I think that I am his friend and moreover his wife don’t know when I lost in him I fell in love with him and today he said those words to me today he said to that he loves me but my heart was confuse that is it true does he really loves me or he just said this in flow of words I was totally confused so I broke the hug and said “what ? what you say just now can you repeat?” he answered me cupping my face “yes my dear I can repeat it 1000 times that I love you I love you I love you…… yes I am in love with my wife” and my got little bit teary but I controlled and he left me their itself and went out saying to me stay there like this only and so I did. He came back after few minutes and asked me to close my eyes and I did so he make me wear something I can feel that but what was that I don’t know as my eyes were closed after he make me wear that he asked me to open eyes and so I did and what I looked was I was wearing a pendent and that was a half heart so I asked “Abhishek it is half heart why did you make me wear this?” he hugged me from behind and answered my question he said “look at the mirror and you will find where is the half heart” I did so and what I looked that he was wearing its half part yes the half heart was with me and half was with him and he turned me towards him and said “these half hearts are the proof that u are my half life girl and I am your half and these are two strings which will join us where we are for sure” his statements brought tears in my eyes as I was having that love from him which I expected from him in these days I never demanded anything yet from him its not the reason that he wasn’t able to fulfil my needs because he was spending all his investments in his dream but yes the reason was that what I wanted I just got it today I just wanted his love so I got that now he is a big star and his life is changed in one night now I am not a wife of Abhishek Mehra now I am wife of a rock star Abhishek Mehra sorry sorry Abhi Mehra. I was seated on the couch and he was on lying on my lap and I was caring his hairs he said “you know Pragya when my more albums will launch na I will make you introduce to all the world that see she is the girl who is behind the success of Rockstar Abhi she is the one who supported him in every means and then you will girls will feel jealous of you and I will feel like king and you are my queen am I right my dear” I laughed at his silly behaviour and said “ok my dear ji” he slept in my lap that night. That memories were totally recognisable and unforgettable because he proposed me that yes his proposal was not so grand it was just normal but it was special for me but who have imagined that this happiness for me was for only few days. All was going smoothly he was day by day getting what he wants he was on the peak of his success and I was also extremely happy for him I remember his last concert where he sung some song which were composed by himself for the first time he did that and that became a turning point of his career this made him and extremely big star and after that all things started declining. Wait a minute did I said declining !! yes extremely right I said declining but not for him but for me now a days he was not the same person who proposed me several months before and gave me credit of his success he was somehow different now he use to scold me more we are having more fights on small things he is pretending that he cares for me I thought that this is all because of the work load so I never tried to inquire the only thing I did was I just listened to him he scolded me I listened he yelled at me I listened whatever I did I listened as because doing so I was getting his attention for a while but it was enough for me. One day I went for shopping with one of my friend and we were in the shopping centre shopping some dresses that day he also came their he told me already that he will go their but my plan was sudden and as he entered the mall people gathered there as his fan following was much more somehow he manages to escape with the help of the security of mall and I looked at him so did he but what happened then was totally unexpected I was moving towards him and he turned his face towards other side and I was shocked to the hell yes he ignored me for the first time but it was like someone is stabbing me again and again it was not the normal ignorance that a person face if another one is angry upon you but it was like I doesn’t matter for him anymore and without questioning him I left from there as my friend was done with her shopping. That day I wasn’t able to forget those ignoring eyes so I was awake and it was mid night he came back and I was seated on the couch thinking about the same incident and without looking at me he said “you didn’t slept yet” he was removing his watch from his wrist which was changed today it was not the same which was gifted by me on our first anniversary till now he use to wear that but today this was little bit different and then he again asked the same question and I came out of my thoughts and answered to him “nothing I was just thinking that someone ignored me today and why he did so” He turned towards the closet he was still ignoring me “ so what if I ignored I didn’t felt to meet you there so I did what’s the matter in thinking that” and I was again left in tears by his answer as this was not worth it today he was ignoring me in every means he was avoiding eye contact with me but why he is doing so am I no more important for him he has forgotten my love my care towards him how can he say that he didn’t felt to meet me outside our home people use to say that early success made the person blind it seems it was true he was getting blind in his success this was not done he came out of closet and just slept asking me to off the lights and I did the same. Haah ! from that day his game of ignoring me started now he use to ignore me on every public place on and mostly in our home also and It was not worth for me I was feeling like someone is taking my life away every moment. This was the day he was getting award for his achievement and he called me and asked me to come to the venue he was happy and so I was but who knows that how much happiness was it for me. I went there but didn’t found him anywhere I was alone standing in the corner today I was wearing pink suit with white work on it and left my curly hairs loose as this was his favourite look he always use to give me compliment for that look and I was searching for him with much desperation but wasn’t able to find him finally his name announced and I got hope that now I will be able to look him and he got on stage and I was the one who was happy most among them and this was the time of his thank you speech which was the worst part for me now you will think that why thank you speech was worst for me so I will say you look yourself so he started saying “THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT BECAUSE OF YOUR SUPPORT TODAY I AM HERE BUT ONE MORE PERSON IS THERE WHO WAS WITH ME ON EVERY STEP EVERY MOMENT SHE NEVER COMPLAINT ABOUT ANY THING SHE JUST SUPPORTED ME ON EVERY STEP OF MINE” till now I was happy but on the next moment my all happiness got vanished as he said “AND THE PERSON IS NONE OTHER THAN MY LOVE TANUSHEREE AKA TANU” I was like someone has snatched the ground from my feet what did he said just now the person who supported him was tanu not me and when did he got in contact with this girl as our marriage was arranged by our parents and the assurance was neither he was having any past nor I then how did this happened and how I didn’t got a clue about this then all the incident started roaming in my mind that ignorance that rudeness was because of her he got another girl in his life that’s why he was doing so and I was thinking it all as stress he betrayed me now I am just a responsibility for him how and why I was not having sense so I left the place at that moment itself I came back to home and it was about 12:00 in the night when he came back I was in totally peak of anger and he did that again he make me wake from me sleep and started sharing his happiness but this time I couldn’t bear that and yelled at him “Mr Abhi who the hell I am looking to am I your slave that when you want to talk with me you will wake me up when you want to ignore me you will do so and when you want to yell at me you will do let me tell you one thing if you are thinking so then you are extremely wrong mr because I am not and please whatever you want to talk just leave it for tomorrow because now I want to sleep and please don’t disturb me also” and he said “What the hell I am here to tell you what I felt and you are saying so how dare you talk like this to me who are you to talk like this to me” my anger busted out from my tears and I just stood up and went near him and grabbed his collar and said “Yes who am I? You know this question was extremely right now I will answer who I am.. I am a fool who thought to support you at every moment who was concerned for you at every moment and who loved you every moment and who always thought that her husband love her a lot I am that much big fool” he grabbed my arms tightly and said “have you gone mad today or what you know what I thought you are the one with whom I can share my happiness but no I was wrong” I jerked him back and said “No mr you are wrong I am not the one with whom you share your happiness am the one with whom you share your sadness the one with whom you share you happiness is that Tanushree tell me one thing Abhishek why you did this to me have you any answer for that?” He looked at another side and said “so you know that ok let me tell you one thing then I love her she is my love” I was like someone has poured chilled water on my head and then gathering courage I said “then why you said me that you love me then why you said to me that I am your half life will you please answer this to me?” He turned towards me showing his anger and pulled the half heart pendent from his neck and throwing it he said “now happy this was the thing which was I did wrong and now this is the thing which I doing right.” He was about to say but I stopped him saying “thank you so much now you are free and do whatever you want to do because I got my answer today now no need of saying anything else” I was feeling like I am in hell that time he just looked at me and I moved from there and slept on the couch and next morning before he woke up I left from that house as it was no more place for me to live I wasn’t having their any of the person with whom I can share my feeling so I left the place keeping that half pendent on his side table which he thrown last night in anger………..
Abhi’s Point of View
it was horrible day when I woke up next day after our fight I thought like every time she use to forgive me she will do it again but to my luck she didn’t did that she punished me and her punishment was she left me she left me alone that day I didn’t understood her value in my ego I didn’t showed much effected to that I got up and asked Robin to bring my breakfast and coffee but I didn’t felt that taste today but if I will show this so then for sure she will taunt me that I can’t live without her so I had that breakfast and left from there but while leaving I saw a note on the desk near my bed there was written that “IF YOU FEEL LIKE MISSING ME FORE NAME SAKE SO DON’T DO SO AND IF YOU WILL DO SO THEN PLEASE DON’T TRY TO FIND ME BECAUSE WHAT I GOT IS ENOUGH YOU GOT EXTRME SUCCESS NOW YOU DON’T NEED ME YOU HAVE YOUR LOVE SO JUST ENJOY YOUR LIFE” I kept that note and thought that she is pretending that she has left me it seems that she is in hope that I will apologise to her but she is wrong I won’t do so and ignoring that note I left from there and spent whole day with Tanu and after I came back to home I looked that she wasn’t returned home back I asked to Robin he answered that she left in morning with her luggage saying that she is going for someone’s happiness and I was shattered by that because I didn’t expected that she will do so yes I know I didn’t loved her I betrayed her I cheated her but she was my friend with whom I was sharing all the things she left me just like that I was in anger that she didn’t even care about me I will not forgive her let her go wherever she wants to go I will not find her then she will come back to me for sure and like this I ignored the matter and slept calmly days spent months spent years spent but still she didn’t returned and Tanu also left me as she was not the one who was with me but with my money I understood those days I wasn’t getting any contracts so she left me and then again my career graph started raising she came back but this time I didn’t let her come back again in my life it is being 4 years have spent and she hadn’t returned yet and I understood her importance I understood that I was genuinely in love with her and I am in love with her but she is not coming back to me I have tried her number but she have changed it from past 3 years I am searching for her but I am unable to find her and now I am going for an inauguration of a mall in Gurgaon a place near Delhi and in between Delhi NCR soon I reached there and after inauguration I went from there as I was not interested in further program my life has became dull without my wife I was missing her to the core now I was feeling that how she must have felt when I said to her that she doesn’t matter in my life. Next day one of my friend asked me for shopping as he wanted to gift something to his wife as this was their anniversary so I agreed as I was also wanted to fresh n up my mood I went with him to same mall and I saw something unexpected there yes she was their my life was their Pragya was there on one of the store she looked at me and I looked at her I was moving towards her and what happened next was hell shocking to me yes she turned her face to another side and left from their THIS WAS HER IGNORANCE FIRST TIME SHE IGNORED ME and that was also in that manner that she doesn’t even want to see my face so I felt that time that how she must have felt when I ignored her that day she controlled herself but I wasn’t able to do so I don’t have courage to face her ignorance so I rushed to the direction she went and luckily I found her at the dress section with one of her friend I saw that she was selecting dress for herself so I just went near her and covering her mouth I dragged her to the changing room without getting into notice of someone and after getting in what I did just gave her a bone crushing hug and continuously asked “Why ? Why this much big punishment for that haah why you left me you must have asked me something else you must have stopped talking to me but why you left me tell me damn it?” I was asking again and again and she answered “because you don’t need my presence in your life your life Is complete without me that’s why” her answer make me felt that her feelings have end for me she is no more in love with me although she will come with me because she is my wife but I thought she will not love me anymore and with those thoughts I broke the hug and she was about to move but it didn’t happened because something stopped us from moving and that thing were our pendent yes they were join now that half heart was turned into full heart and we both were looking at each other and without uttering a word I hugged her again and this time she also responded she was crying and so was I but the thing was we found our day of love that day yes that heart which joined made us complete because nothing was left after those heart got joint and made a complete heart I got my love she got hers our half lives converted into full.

The End

sometimes love doesnt needs to prove itself it just get proved like happend in the case of Abhi and Pragya just feelings expressed that and i want to say that dont ever ignore the person who is with you every time for a single moment because you dont know how it feels when you ignore the person but when the person ignores you for the first time then you feel like hell like happened in the case of our Abhigya Abhi ignored Pragya alot what she felt he didnt came to know because she never expressed it but when she did the same he was feeling restless unable to stay far so thats why i just kept the tiltle of the story THE FIRST IGNORANCE which was from Pragya’s POV hope you all like it 🙂

Credit to: narrator

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