First friends then lover finally wife (Part 8)

Sanchi looks get amused seeing sudden change in Kabir’s behaviour. Seconds before he acts like a cute, caring, lovable person. But now he becomes a Hitler. How can anyone changes like him. I think no one can change like him. But its true I love him more than anything in this world. ( Sanchi in her mind)
Kabir; Dr. Sanchi are coming or changed the plan to go back.
Sanchi: Yes sir. I am coming.
Kabir: report me after 20 minutes.
Sanchi; only 20 minutes.
Kabir: we are not going for attend any party Sanchi. We are here to work. Is it clear.
Sannchi: Yes Sir.

Veer watches them. He smiles. What you think and what is happening? Kabir can never be a normal person.
Isha & Pragya comes and hugs Sanchi.
Isha: How is my Kabir. Did he ask about me/
Sanchi; Smiles. My Kabir. Come from your dream land Isha.
Pragya: Don’t start again. Come lets go. Tell me how was your journey. Did you fall for him.
Sanchi: Stop it guys. I have to report Dr. Kbir.
Medical camp started. All interns are in their work. Sanchi was staring Kabir. He was busy with his patients.
Veer; I Hope someone is missing me here.
Sanchi: Not again. Go and do your duty Veer. Sanchi leaves.
Veer; I am not going to leave Ms. Golgappa. You have to say yes.
Kabir was watching them.
Kabir: I have to do something with this Veer. She is not an intern to me Veer. She is mine.( In mind)
Kabir looks hearing a loud noise.
Woman: I don’t want to consult you.
Riya: Mam but why.
Sanchi and Kabir come there.
Kabir; Whats happening here/
Riya: She has some problem with our dress sir. They want Dessy girl type doctor.
Woman; I don’t need your help Dr. Look at yourself. That girl is fine. (pointing at Sanchi)
Kabir: Dr. Sanchi please.
Sanchi: Yes Dr. Kabir.
Woman: Betta… Come here. Finally I find her.
All looks astonished.
Look Look. How is she.
Son: She is so pretty mom. I like her. Can we speak with dad.
Sanchi looks puzzled.

Woman : He will agree. Holding sanchi the woman start speaking. Beta are going to be my doctor in law. Beautyful, educated more over have our sanskar in you.
Now everyone get puzzled. Riya smiles hearing this.
Pragya & Isha interprets. This time Dr. Kabir cant act as a senior. Its about sanchi.
Holding Sanchi’s Hand Kabir Stop your nonsense. Leave her. I said leave.
Woman: I think my choice is wrong. Beta this girl has a boy friend. We don’t need such cheap girls.
Kabir gets angrier. But Sanchi made him quite.
The war begins between Dr. Khadoos and lover Kabir.
Kabir; Get back to work now. Sanchi report me at lunch break.
Kabir goes. Isha & Pragya:what was that.
Veer: How many fans my Golgapa have
Sanchi; Stop it Veer. I am not in mood.
Lunch Break
Kabir; Sanchi I am sorry.
Sanchi: But why sir.
Kabir: Not telling her that you are mine. If I said that no one will dare to look you. Even Veer.
Sanchi: Smiles. Kuch Jalne rehi he kya
Kabir; I am serious. I am sorry. He hold her close to him
Sanchi; Did you had lunch.
Kabir; Hmm.
Sanchi: Don’t tell lie. Then what is that? Pointing to plate.
Kabir; I am not hungry.
Sanchi: Ok. But I feels and take the plate.
She feeds Kabir.
Kabir; Smiles. I don’t deserve you sanchi.
Sanchi: Shh. She offers one more spoon.i don’t like while having food.
Kabir: hmmm. He holds sanchi. His hand is now on her waist.
Sanchi: What are you doing? We are not alone.
Kabir: I know. No one have the courage to enter my tent without my permission Sanchi. Hope you know I am Khadoos, Hitler for them.

Sanchi: For me to dr, Kabir. She bite Kabir’s hand and runs.
Kabir; You have to pay for this Sanchi.
Sanchi: I will.
Pragya and Isha looks Sanchi.
Isha: Something is cooking here.
Pragya: Look at Sanchi
Veer: Don’t worry girls she is in my dream.
Pragya: all are in there on imaginary world.
Camp fire
All are dancing and enjoying.
Veer: No time for a game. Truth or Dare.
Sanchi; I am not interested in it. I am going to sleep.
Veer: Look Sanchi don’t act like Dr. Kabir. Please join.
Pragya & Isha request her to stay back.
Kabir was watching all this from his tent.
Bottle spins.
Veer: Oh its Riya and Sanchi.
Riya: Truth or Dare Sanchi. I know you will chose truth.
Sanchi: dare.
All claps.
Riya: Propose Veer.
Sanchi: its not fare Riya. I am not going to do this.
Riya; Rules are for all Sanchi.
Veer: Thanks Riya.
Sanchi; something else.
Veer: No No…No other choice.
Riya: Ok. Go and kiss dr. Kabir. Kabir going to expel her.(in mind)
Sanchi: Are you got mad Riya.
Bala & Madhu: oops.
Riya you rocks someone from crowd.
Sanchi: I am not going to do this. I am going.
Riya; Looser….
Pragya & Isha: sanchi we are coming.
Riya: If you have guts then do it Sanchi. Otherwise all will call you Ms. Golgapa.
Sanchi: Don’t dare Riya.
Riya; Then do the task.
Sanchi: I will do the first task.
Msg;Kabir: No you are not going to do that Sanchi.
Riya; I had changed my mind. You ask me for new task I gave you. Now no changes.
Sanchi reads the message.
Riya: Ms. Golgapa go and take rest.
Sanchi; I will do the task.
All start clapping.
Pragya; Sanchi no need to do this. He will kill you.
Isha: Sanchi don’t come in her word.
Riya; What this girls. Support your friend.
Sanchi moves to Kabir’s Cabin.
Kabir; Smiles seeing her. What are you going to do Sanchi.
Sanchi: will you be quite for some time.
Kabir; Smiles.

Sanchi purposefully falls on Kabir and kiss his cheeks.
Kabir: whispers to her ears. “not bad. Your brain is running my dear.”
Sanchi; Stand up and says sorry.
All interns look at the couple.
Kabir in his Akadu behaviour; what the hell are you doing here?
Sanchi: Sir actually I thought to invite you for camp fire. Sorry sir. I think I have to leave now.
Pragya; You did it Sanchi.
Sanchi smiles and looks at Riya.
Kabir smiles.
Sanchi excuse herself from camp fire by saying she want to sleep.
Sanchi gets message from Kabir.
Kabir: what was that?
Sanchi; a dare that’s all.
Kabir: I don’t think so.
Sanchi; don’t think too much.
Kabir; Then why should you select the second task.
Sanchi; because you said no for 1st.
Kabir: that’s not true.

Precap: secret love story

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