First friends then lover finally wife (part-7)

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Sanchi gets a call. Looking at the phone sanchi crookedly smiles.
Sanchi; Yes Sunny.
Sunny: Sanchi where are you?Are you this much busy that you don’t have the time to spend with your brother.
Sanchi : Sunny my dear I forgot to inform you that I am going to attend a medical camp. I will not be able to visit you this week. We can go for a trip after that.
Kabir fumes. Who is Sunny ?
Sunny: what are saying Sanchi. Going for tour. I think you are in sleep.

Sanchi: Sunny take care. Love you. Ummma… Bye. Good night.
Kabir shuts the door.Angrly walk towards Dabba.
Sanchi send message to Kusum.
Sanchi: You had made me fool. You hurt me. Its my turn Dr. Kabir.
Sanchi come and sit with Kabir.
Kabir; who was that Sanchi.
Sanchi; Sir Do you remember you told me yesterday to confess my feeling. I did that. I am engaged.
Kabir: What? I ask you to tell me your feelings.
Sanchi: why should I tell you. I tell the truth to the person whom I love you.I will introduce him soon.
Kabir: No it is not true.
Sanchi; What you have sir.

Kabir; I don’t feel hungry.
Sanchi; but you ask me to have food.I will order. You have to have it.
Kabir: Angrily leaves…
Sanchi follows him. Dr. Kabir please stop.
Kabir : we are running late Sanchi. Weather is changing. Come fast.
Heavy rain starts with storm. Kabir looks at Sanchi. She is drained. Her Dupatta was gone with the wind.
Kabir; Sanchi get in.
Sanchi enters the car. She is totally drained. Kabir and sanchi looks at each other.
Kabir identifies the chain.
Kabir; From where you got it.

Sanchi; I told you sir I am engaged. My mother in law presented the ancestral chain.
Kabir looks at sanchi surprised. He is happy but angry too.
Kabir; if I am right your inlaw’s name is Kusum?
Sanchi; Yes sir. His son is a doctor.
Kabir: Sanchi. Why did you both do this to me.
Sanchi: You fooled us now its our turn.

Lightning touch the ground. Sanchi close her eyes with fear. She start chant mantras.But this time Thunder and Lightning were come together. She unknowingly hugs Kabir. He was surprised by Sanchi’s behaviour. But he can’t allow her love to fear. She is safe now in his arms. Here she is not her intern but his love. The girl born for him only for him. He can do anything for her. To protect her he will fight with the nature.
Kabir; sanchi. Don’t worry. Nothing will happen. I am with you. Your Kabir.
Sanchi: slightly open her eyes.
Kabir; I am sorry. I love you Sanchi.

Sanchi: I love you too Dr. Kabir.
Kabir: I made you cry. I promise you I will never allow you tears to come.
Sanchi is still in his hug
Sanchi looks at Kabir. This time the light was too strong Sanchi hug Kabir tightly.
Sanchi release her hand. Kabir understands her. He looks at her. He release her from his arms.
Kabir; we are drained. ( seriously) I think we have to change the dress. Cold don’t know who is Dr. and who is patient.

Sanchi; shivering. Hmmm.
Kabir and Sanchi changes the dress at Dabba. After having dinner they start their journey. But this time as a couple. Kabir was holding Sanchi’s hand.
Kabir drives car. Sanchi looks so cute in her sleep. First rays of sun touch her. Kabir looks at her beauty. He don’t want to wake her. But he has to speak to Sanchi.
Sanchi opens her eyes.
Sanchi; What are you looking for.
Kabir; You. My cute Sanchi.
Sanchi blushes.
Kabir come close to her. I am going to miss you Sanchi.
Sanchi; Where are you going?( tensed)

Kabir; only 15 minutes drive We will reach medical camp.
Sanchi: So what. Its good na.
Kabir; No. when we reach there you will become my head intern. And I am your senior.
Sanchi: I know.
Kabir; How could you know me this well sanchi.
Sanchi; Because I love khadoos Hitler Dr. Kabir.
Kabir smiles.
Sanchi; our relation we will be with us only.
Kabir; Thanks for understanding me. But you will get your rights soon.
Sanchi; I believe you.

Kabir leans forward and kiss her forehead.I love you Sanchi.
Sanchi blushes.
Kabir takes a ring from his pocket and looks at her.
Sanchi; what is this?
Kabir; I am making you mine for ever.
Sanchi smiles and gives her hand. Kabir make her wear it.
Sanchi; Can we go know.
Kabir: I don’t want to. But my first wife is waiting.

Sannchi: What.
Kabir; I am committed to my patients.
Sanchi: I love you Dr. Kabir.
Kabir smiles and starts the car.
Medical camp.
Before coming out from the car kabir hold Sanchi’s hand and kiss her. Sanchi smiles.

Precap: Dr. Khadoos Vs. lover kabir

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