First friends then lover finally wife (part-6)

Sanchi with teary eyes looks at Kabir. She said to her don’t cry Sanchi. Be brave. You have confessed your feeling. Now you are free. You can concentrate on your work.
Kabir: Looks at Sanchi and start scolding. How dare you Ms. Sanchi. Do you remember you are in your senior’s Cabin? If I report to management it will be your end here.
Sanchi; Yes sir I know. I am sorry. I just tell the truth. I will not do the same mistake.
Sanchi…. Sannchi… she knows the voice. She wake up from her dream.
Kusum; Beta what happen?
Sanchi; Aunty.
Kusum: Come with me. I want to speak to you.
Sanchi; But I have to report Dr. Kabir.
Kusum; I am your patient. Your first priority is me. Am I right?
Sanchi; Yes Aunty.
Sanchi leaves from there.
Kusum: close the door Sanchi.
Sanchi thinks why she is asking me close the door.
Kusum: Beta. I hope you know I am ill. My only medicine is Gollu’s marriage.
Sanchi with her broken heart start hearing her with a smile.
Kusum; i like a girl as my daughter in law. I need your help.
Sanchi: How can I help in it aunty?
Kusum: He is not going to do anything. I want to know if you like Gollu.
Sanchi; What?
Kusum: Yes sanchi I wish if you agree to be my daughter-in law no daughter. Gollus wife.
Sanchi with teary eyes says No.
Kusum: Sorry Beta. I thought you like him. With sad face.
Sanchi: Aunty its not about me. He told me he is committed to some other girl.
Kusum; No. Thats not true.
Sanchi: Do you remember seeing me today morning. I was locked at library with dr.kabir. That time he told me he is committed. And he changed my duty from here because he thinks I am trying to impress you.
Kusum; Sanchi. Seriously are you fool. You can’t see his feeling for you.
Sanchi: There is nothing like that. I thought so but the truth is he is committed. I need his happiness so aunty please helps him to get his love.
Kusum smiles and says. That means you likes him.
Sanchi blushes. Kusum informs her about the truth and gives her a chain. And says it is their ancestor one.
Sanchi become red.
Kusum: Don’t tell Gollu about this. He made by daughter cry now his turn.
Sanchi hide the chain with her dupatta.
She gets a message from Kabir to report him immediately. With a smile sanchi goes.

Kabir in his cabin informs her about an emergency case ask her to assist him. He also informs her that after that they will proceed to medical camp. All other interns can start their journey.
In class sanchi informs about the change in programme. Wish best luck for all. After that she proceeds to OT.
Kabir was already waiting there. This day surgery was little complicated. It take more than 4 hours.
Sanchi and Kabir comes out with and informs Operation successful.
Sanchi go and changes the dress. I can visit Kusum. But Sanchi receives the message to come to parking lot. We are leaving for medical camp. Sanchi rushes and send message to Kusum.
Kabir : Sanchi ..we are late. We have to reach there before sunrise.
Sanchi: But sir.
Kabir: Hope you know driving.
Sanchi: yes.
Kabir; then get in.
Car starts. The silence makes her sleepy. Kabir was noticing her from mirror. He thinks how adorable she is?
Kabir calls sanchi.
Sanchi; Did we reach sir?
Kabir; No. Can we have some food?
Sanchi: Looking at the Daba says I am feeling sleepy. I don’t need food.
KAbir ask her to come and have food.
Sanchi; Sir….Her mobile blinks. Seeing the message she smiles.
Kabir: what happened? Why you are smiling?
Sanchi: Nothing.
Kabir thinks whose message it was?

Precap: Kabir brakes when she says she is engaged.
Wind takes Sanchis Dupatta and Kabir sees her chain. He start smiling looking into it .

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