First friends then lover finally wife (part-5)

Sorry friends. I am late. I can’t make my word. Sorry once again.
Kabir and Sanchi are locked at Library. Kabir thinks ways how he could provoke Sanchi to tell her feelings. At the same time he is confused about her feeling.
Kabir: I know sanchi you don’t have the guts to speak loud.
Sanchi: Who told you this?
Kabir thinks his plan is working. But how well that she don’t know.
Sanchi interrupt his thoughts and ask you like Riya or Isha.
Yes she is in my path. I have to make her confess. But how?
Look sanchi I am not interested in neither Riya nor Isha. I am committed.
Sanchi hides her emotion and start asking about the word committed.
But this time Kabir was not going to give the ball to her court. He ask about her love. She didn’t answer. Kabir tells her that he was not speaking to her as her senior as a friend.
Sanchi don’t want to tell him the truth that she loves him. Instead he told him that she don’t have any lover.
Kabir tells her if she find the person made for her don’t wait tell him otherwise she will lose him. Kabir smiles.
Sanchi was broken this time. She don’t have the courage to cry in front of him. Instead she took the book and start reading. Kabir was enjoying the moment. He want to know how much she loves him.
Kabir in heart says Sanchi give me a day. I will make everything perfect. You will be mine from tomorrow. You have to accept me as yours.
Next day librarian open the door. He sees Kabir and Sanchi. Kabir scolds him for locking them. He goes to meet Dr. Malhotra. He don’t have time. He should speak to Dr. Malhotra about changing sanchi’s department and their medical camp.
Sanchi is lost in her thoughts proceed to hostel. On the way she sees Kusum’s room. Their she can see Isha & Riya are doing their best to impress Kabir’s mom. Seeing this her broken heart will break into pieces once again. Kabir’s mom sees sanchi going with teary eyes. She gets concerned. She calls sanchi.
Sanchi: Namaste aunty. Why did you call me?
Kusum: What happen you looks sad.
Sanchi: Sanchi hide her tears and start acting normal. I am good. I am little tied. That’s all.
Kusum: if you don’t want to share your sorrow then don’t . please go and take rest.
Sanchi leaves Isha get concerned. She follows Sanchi. But this time Sanchi is not going to share her feelings.
She just ask her to tell Dr. Kabir that she is on leave today.
After a long cry she proceeds for a bath. This gave her some peace.
Her mobile blinks. Sanchi report me in 15 min. Dr. Kabir.
No I don’t want to report him. I am Dr. Varun’s assistant.
Sanchi come back to her thought no Dr. Varun.
She run to report Dr. Varun. She collide with Dr. Kabir but she didn’t notice him. Now sanchi have one love that’s her career.
Sanchi: May I come in dr.
Dr. varun; Oh sanchi. What are you doing here/
Sanchi tries to explain him. But he inform her that Riya is assisting him and she is Dr. Kabir’s assistant.
Sanchi enquired why.
Flash back shows how dr. Kabir made Dr. Akash to say yes to his wish.
Kabir; Sir as always this year’s free medical camp is going to happen. It would be my honor if I get the opportunity to head the programme.
Dr. Malhotra: Says Yes.
Kabir; I am taking back Sanchi to my team. Riya will assist Dr. Varun.
Dr. Varun enters the cabin and ask how could his assistant changes without his permission.
Kabir: Sir I think Riya is more experienced in VIP cases.
Anand sir has to say an yes for it because Kabir used his previous statement.
Sanchi comes to class.
Kabir: We are proceeding for medical camp. Be serious about it. You have a chance to get good grades. no pranks.
Sanchi ask permission to attend class. Dr. Kabir ask where was she? You have to report me 15 minutes before.
Sanchi says sorry. I have to meet him and inform him I am not interested in assisting him. It will make me more fragile.
Sanchi knocks the door for permission.
Kabir; Yes sanchi. Be prepaid for tomorrow’s assignment. You have to check all items. And make sure no pranks.
Sanchi; Sir why did you change my duty.
Kabir: Do the duty which I assign you Dr. Sanchi.
Sanchi: But sir
Kabir; You can go now.
Sanchi with all her courage tells Kabir : Sir I can’t assist you.
Kabir: What
Sanchi; I cant work with you because I love you. I need some time to make myself understand.
Kabir smiles with victory.
Kabir; You have to dr. Sanchi.

Precap:Kabir scolds Sanchi for her behavior.
Kabir and Sanchi drive to Medical camp.

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