First friends then lover finally wife (part-4)

Riya sees them from hospital. She fumes. I have to talk to Dad.
Kabir releases Sanchi. Sanchi rushes to hostel.

Next day in class
Kabir wishes Good morning to class. And assign duty to all inters.
He looks at sanchi and hand over his mother’s case file to Riya. Kabir says Now onward Riya will handle Kusum case. Also you are assisting me in today’s surgery. Riya smiles and thank him.
Sanchi looks sad. Kabir is mind says you have to accept the truth Sanchi.
He lives from class. Sanchi ask Kabir my assignment sir.
Kabir: This week you are free Dr. Sanchi. Go to library and make some notes in oncology. I need your case study. Also Veer will not assist you for this.

Sanchi become sad. Why? She don’t speak.
Class laughs.
Riya: what you think Sanchi you will win Dr. Kabir’s heart. Its not going to happen. I am Riya Malhotra. Remember my surname.
Pragya and Isha console her. Sanchi says I know he is angry with me. But I have not do anything wrong. What you did Sanchi ? Isha ask her.Sanchi says the entire story.
Pragya: I know you can’t lie. But try to hide truth sometime.
Sanchi goes to library and start preparing notes.
Dr. Varun ( senior doctor) assistant is on leave. He asks nurse Furnadus about interns and their duty. She says all are assigned by Dr. Kabir.

Dr. Varun: What’s this? I have to talk to Dr. Malhotra.
Dr. Varun sees Sanchi sitting in library and thinking.
Dr. Varun: Dr. Sanchi what are you doing here? This is not your home to take rest.
Sanchi: Sir. Actually I am assigned to prepare a case study on Oncology. Dr. Kabir did not assign me any patient for this week.
Dr. Varun: Ok. He step forward then ask Sanchi. Come to my cabin by 10 o’clock. For this month you are going to assist me. I will inform Dr. Malhotra and Dr. Kabir.
Sanchi: Thank you sir. I will report you. ( she become happy)
Oh no how could I forgot that today is aunty’s birthday. I have to wish her. Whatever Dr. Kabir thinks I don’t care.

At Kabir’s mom’s room

Sanchi: Hello aunty. Happy birthday.
Riya enters and inform kabir’s mom that she will be her new doctor from today onwards and ask sanchi to leave the room.
Riya: Dr. Kabir got to know about your cheap tricks that’s why you are not here. I will not allow you to disturb my patient. So please.
Sanchi become sad
Kabir’s mom looks at her. why Gollu did so.( in mind)
Sanchi leaves the room with tears.

Dr. Kabir and Dr. Varun at Dr. Malhotra’s room.
Dr. Varun: Dr. malhotra my assistant is on maternity leave. I need a new assistant.
Dr. Malhotra: ok. Kabir assign him an inter from your team.
Kabir: Ok sir. Dr. Pragya will assist you from today.
Dr. Varun: Dr. Kabir I think Pragya is handing that coma patient. Dr. Sanchi is free these days.
Kabir: But Sanchi is assisting me Dr. Varun.

Dr. Varun: She was assigning you Dr. Kabir. In cafeteria a treat is going on from Riya’s end.
Kabir; No I will not allow this. How could she assist him. I know his character. He is not a good person( in mind). It’s not possible Dr. Varun Sanchi is coming with me for next week camp. That’s why I assign her to prepare for Oncology notes.
Dr. Varun: Someone else will assist you. May be Riya. Or is it like you don’t want to assist Dr. Sanchi anyone other than you. Some interns and staff are talking about yesterdays hostel incident.
Kabir; Mind your language Dr. Varun.

Dr. malhotra: Stop it. I have decided Sanchi will assist Dr. Varun for this month. So gentleman please.
Kabir get angry and leaves the room followed by Dr. Varun.
Kabir message Sanchi to meet him in his cabin.
Sanchi: May I come in sir?
Kabir: Whats your problem Sanchi? You not even trust me. You went to Dr. Varun ask ask him to hire you as his assistant.
Sanchi: No sir. I didn’t.

Kabir: You have to report him for a month. Hope you are happy now. Leave.
Sanchi: What I did now. Always kabir misunderstand me. Why can’t he hear others part.
Kabir looks from the window little tensed. I have to do something.
Sanchi reports Dr. Varun. He hand over some case file and ask her to study properly.
Sanchi come back to canteen. Kabir calls all interns in class except Sanchi.
Sanchi get disheartened.
Kabir ask for the assigned patients and their diagnosis. Looking at file Kabir ask Sanchi are you prepared for today’s surgery.
Riya; sir you ask me to assist you for this month sorry for this week.
Kabir; Ok Riya report OT by 3.
On the way kabir thinks I ask her to assist me for this week but she was talking about month. Did she inform Dr. Varun? Oh no I have seen Riya with Dr. Varun.
After surgery Dr. Kabir meet me at class. Call the entire class.

Kabir: Riya how was your today’s surgery.
Riya: it was good.
Kabir: Stop it Riya. Do you know what all mistakes you have done today? Due to your lack of concentration and not studying the case file properly we may lose a life. Don’t think about assisting me again. First prove yourself study well.
I want to clear you all one thing if you will not improve your basics I will not going to pass you all. Study something from Sanchi.
Class dismissed.
Veer; Where is Ms. Golgappa?
Riya; Sanchi Sanchi Sanchi. What in her
Girl in class (Anu): she proved herself as the best intern. Patients ask about her. You me and anyone in this class is not upto her standards. Stop back mouthing and start studying from basics.

Riya: You
Pragya: Don’t shout Riya. We are not your slaves.
All goes to Canteen. There they so Sanchi with case files. Veer ask Ms. Golgappa what is this. You get a week holiday and you are wasting your time with these files.
Sanchi: Sorry Veer. I am assisting to Dr. Varun.
All class looks at her.
Isha; Congrates Sanchi. Riya did you hear properly. She is assisting Dr. Varun. And you.
Pragya: She has her surname Malhotra yaar.
All laugh at Riya.
Sanchi excuse herself and proceed to Dr. Varun’s cabin.
Varun: Yes Sanchi.
Sanchi: I have finished the files sir.
Varun; Good job Sanchi. I am impressed. Now I got why Dr. Kabir was not ready to send you from his team.
Sanchi; Sir really kabir don’t want to relieve me?
Varun: kabir. Interesting…
Sanchi: I mean Dr. Kabir.
Varun: Today’s your shift is over.

Sanchi comes from Dr. Varun’s cabin. She sees Dr. Kabir. I can’t understand him. Sometimes I feel … no Sanchi he is your senior. He don’t like you..He likes Dr. Riya Malhotra.
Kabir walk towards her.
Veer come and ask her for treat.
Sanchi; Treat for what reason?
Veer: Getting a new mentor. Assisting Dr. Varun.

Sanchi thinks. I don’t want to go. But have to. Otherwise Kabir will come back in my dreams.
Sanchi: ok Veer. I will give you the treat.
Kabir hears he walks away. Sanchi feels sad.
Veer; friends Sanchi is giving treat today for her new mentor.
Sanchi; Veer its not that way.
Kabir in thoughts Sanchi why do you select Dr. avrun and Veer. May be you like Dr. Veer. I will not come in your way. But please focus on your career. Don’t spoil your future.
Sanchi goes to library after having tea. on the way she sees Kusum’s room. Riya was not there.
Sanchi think a while and enters her room.
Kusum: Hello beta.
Sanchi: How you feels now aunty.

Kusum: better. But I like my old doctor.
Sanchi: Aunty… she hugs kusum. But Dr. Kabir don’t like me. He thinks I am not doing a good job.
Kusum: I will speak to him.
Sanchi: no aunty. I am assisting Dr. Varun now. Riya is assisting Dr. Kabir. (Sanchi is sad )
Kusum: I will speak to Gollu.
Sanchi; no no aunty. If he knows I complain to you he will be angry. I have to go know.
Kusum : Ok beta. She thinks both likes each other but have no courage to say the truth.
I have to do something.
Sanchi at library.

Librarian: Sorry. Time is over. Library opens for 5pm. If you want to use library you have to come early. See you tomorrow.
Sanchi; Please sir. I need only one book. Give me 5 minute.
After sanchi’s pleading he agrees.
Sanchi; Thank you sir.
Dr. Kabir at his cabin looks for some book. He thinks to take it from library. He locks the room
Librarian; Dr. Kabir.
Kabir; I need some reference material.
Librarian: reluctantly says yes.
Kabir walks to oncology section.

Librarian gets a call from Asok( CFO)
Sanchi comes with a book she doesn’t’t find librarian.
I think he went out for some work. I can take some more time to get the exact material.
Half an hour later Librarian comes and didn’t see anyone. I hope they have gone. Now I can go home. He locks the door and go.
Sanchi and Kabir are still in Library looking for books.
Sanchi and Kabir pick the same book. They glance at each other. Dr. Kabir.
Sanchi: withdraw her hand.
Kabir: what are you doing here?

Sanchi: Sir you told me to make case study.
Kabir: You are not my responsibility. You are assisting Dr. varun.
Sanchi: I wish you hire me back ( slow voice)
Kabir; what you said?
Sanchi; Nothing.
Kabir: Look at you who has courage to be a part in all unnecessary thinks but don’t have the guts to speak loud.

Sanchi: Sorry sir. I am getting late. I have to leave.
Kabir takes the book and come to desk.
Sanchi: Oh no. It not going to happen with me.someone please open the door.
Kabir comes. What’s your problem Sanchi. Why are you shouting?
Sanchi: Door is locked.
Kabir; what the hell is happening here?
Sanchi: What we do?
Kabir:Let me call him. He checks his pocket. Where is my phone? Do you have phone with you.
Sanchi: No sir.

Kabir: Great. (Angry)
Sanchi: Pragya, isha
Kabir: Why are you crying like a baby.
Sanchi: Sorry Sir. Sit here.
Kabir start reading the book.

Sanchi: Sir is there any way we can go out.
Kabir: Of course Sanchi. Tomorrow the librarian will come and open the door then we can go out.
Sanchi: No (helplessly). I have to report Dr. Varun by 6 in morning.
Kabir: Shifting his eye from book. Why so early?
Sanchi: He ask me to report early tomorrow. I have to assist him for Mr.Malik’s Surgery.
Kabir: thinks. Malik’s surgery has postponed to day after tomorrow due to his high BP. Varun did not inform her about this. How can anyone be so irresponsible.
Dr. sanchi did you go through Malik’s case file properly. Yes sir. What his condition.
Sanchi: Says he is ready for the surgery sir.

Kabir; did you check his BP.
Sanchi: Actually I haven’t check the patient. Dr. Varun didn’t give me a chance.
Kabir; Ok.
Lights went off. Sanchi screams. No

Seeing this Kabir laughs.
Kabir; Dr. sanchi are you all right.
Light comes back.
Sanchi; Yes sir.
Kabir; that means you fear darkness too.

Sanchi: Hmmm.
Kabir laughs and says I am unaware about the fact that the girl fights with for truth fears darkness.
Sanchi: Sir its not like that. you too have some fear.
Kabir: Laughs. Oh really.

Sanchi: get angry. Without thinking about anything she says you fears to express feelings. Always wear a mask of angry man.
Kabir looks.
Sanchi understand her blunder. She stops talking. Sorry sir.
Kabir : looks at his watch. Its 9pm. I have to bear her for 12 more hours. Its not a good idea. If I spend more time I am going to adore her. But the truth is I likes her not as an intern. She is more than an intern.
Kabir: Sanchi what your future plan?
Sanchi: Being a successful doctor. Do my MD in cardiology.
Kabir: Why Cardiology?
Sanchi: My mom wish
Kabir: I am asking about your decision.

Sanchi: Me too like Cardiology.
Kabir; If your mother ask you to marry someone then what will you do.
Sanchi: She do not. I know her. If she says I will marry him.
Kabir looks at sanchi and ask what about your feelings Dr. Sanchi.
Sanchi:When it comes between my love and my mother I will choose her.
Kabir: Good. Who is your Love Sanchi.
Sanchi : That’s you sir (Mind). For the time sake its my career.
Kabir: I wish you say that’s me (Mind). Good choice sanchi.

Sanchi: Do you have girl friend? Sorry. Sanchi don’t be fool again.
Kabir: If I answer this question will you answer my question which I ask you yesterday.
Sanchi: In thoughts. Need to answer my question sir.

Precap: Librarian comes and sees Sanchi and Kabir sleeping in table.
In class: Did Dr. Kabir announce holiday?
Kabir informs Dr. Malhotra that Sanchi, Veer, Pragya, Isha, Gaurav and some others are going to assist him in medical camp. Riya will assist Dr. Varun.

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