First friends then lover finally wife (part-3)

All interns enters SKS mall. Pragya says to Isha I am sure Veer is up to something. I have informed Sanchi about the new venue. Veer comes in between Isha and Pragya.
Veer in his mind plan to check where Sanchi is? He says to everyone let’s start the party. Music plays. He informs Gaurav that Dr. Kabeer & Sanchi are still here. I have to find them. I will bring Sanchi here.
Gaurav: How you know Dr. Kabeer is here?

Veer: I saw his car at the parking lot my dear.
Gaurav: Veer, You mean you come here for Sanchi.
Veer rushes from party saying don’t think again.
Veer checks Fashion store. He enquires about Sanchi. One salesman informs Veer oh that love birds they look made for each other. How caring he is? I hope they will be at food court. She is hungry.
Veer: Thank you bro..They are not lovers. They are senior and junior in work. Just have official relation.

Saleman: Sorry sir. Frankly speaking they look like couple.
Veer in mind. Oh Ms. Golgappa at food court with Hitler. When I ask you ….too bad.
At Food court
Kabeer excuse Sanchi to attend his Mom’s call.
Kabeer’s Mom; Did you ask her?
Kabeer: What?

Kabeer’s Mom;I know Gollu you are with my Bahu. Did you ask her for marriage?
Kabeer: Mom. I am not going to do it. Bye Mom.
He cuts the phone.
Veer enters the food court and sees Sanchi. He come ask Sanchi Oh Ms. Golgapa you are here. How did you know my favourite dishes? Good work Golgapa. I am impressed.
Sanchi try to explain. But Veer didn’t listen her. He start to have the food.
Finally Sanchi says whats this Veer. Have some manners. Its for Dr. KAbeer.
Veer teases her saying Dr. Kabeer. Don’t try to fool me using his name. He is senior at college not here. I am not going to listen you.
Kabir comes back. Hmm. Veer what’s this?

Sir actually I came to invite both of you .
Kabeer; For what?
Veer: Party.
Kabeer: This party is for what reason Veer? And I have no time for your stupid things Veer.
Sanchi are you going?
Veer: Holding Sanchi’s hand. Of course sir. Sanchi loves parting.
Sanchi; Stop it Veer. I am not interested at your party. And one more thing I don’t like sleeping at police station. Sir I am coming with you.
Veer: it’s not fair Sanchi.

Kabeer: Lets go.
Veer: Dr. Kabir why you act as a villan in my love story?(in thoughts)
In Car Sanchi feels hungry. Why that Veer come? I am feeling hungry. Once I reach hostel I will go to mess. But its late food must be finished. I have to go out and have some Golgapa. I don’t want that canteen food. Pragya and Isha are at party. What to do?
Kabeer: What’s the matter Sanchi. You look tensed.

Sanchi: Nothing sir. I am ok.
Car breaksdown. Kabeer get down from car and checks. He calls someone to repair. He informs Sanchi “we have to walk to hospital. Its near [email protected]
Sanchi: No problem sir. Its good. I was feeling hungry. There is a good chatt shop, I like the Golgapa.Sanchi in mind. Oh no what I said.
Kabeer: I hope I have to prescribe you medicine. We had food half an hour befor Sanchi.
Sanchi: Sir Veer have my food.
Kabeer: Ok. Ok.

Sanchi: bhaya 2 plate Pannipuri.
Vendor: Doctor sayiba. You are back. What happen your Khadoos boss give you leave?
Sanchi have Panipuri. She looks very happy. Kabir looks at her
Kabeer: (Looks at sanchi ) What you said
Vendor: All inters comes here. They says about Dr. Kabeer aka Khadoos. Only sanchi wants to work with him.
Sanchi: bhaya…
Vendor: Both of you looks good. Who is he? I like him more than Veer.
Kabeer: I am Dr. Kabeer.
A vendor looks at Sanchi and says sorry to Dr. Kabeer.
Kabeer: Can we go Sanchi?

Sanchi: Hmmm.
Kabeer: Tell me sanchi….
Sanchi; What?
Kabeer; About me. You I mean interns thoughts about me.
Sanchi: That all consider you as the best mentor, good doctor.
Kabir: I am not asking you to praise me. Asking about you people tell about me in my back.
Sanchi; oh no. Why I feel 5minitues walk as 5 years.
Kabir; I am waiting.
Sanchi: Sir. There is nothing like that. Students feels you are little strict.
Kabir: And

Sanchi: nothing else sir.
Kabir: Why all interns are in my mom’s room?
Sanchi; All want to impress your mom..If she got impressed route is clear.
Kabir; What?
Sanchi : oh no what I did. Are you fool Sanchi ( In thoughts). Sir we reached hospital. I have to go. Good night.
Kabir : Sanchi complete what you said.
Sanchi;Nothing sir.
Holding Sanchi Kabir ask her : What you said earlier. Clear it. You are visiting my mom for…
Sanchi; tensed. Yes. No
Kabir looks at Sanchi.

Sanchi: I mean I am visiting her because you assign me.

Precap: In class Kabir assign Riya to take care his mother. Riya smile. Sanchi becomesad. Kabir looks at her.
Kabir in thought you have to accept the truth Dr. Sanchi.

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