First friends then lover finally wife (part-2)

At Riya’s room. What the hell is going here? Why Sanchi ? I have to do something. Her friends enter the room. We told you earlier Kabir likes Sanchi.
Riya: Shut up. Get out…
Some boy’s rushes to veer’s room. Hi Veer. What are you doing here? That Sanchi went with Dr. Kabir. I think they are going for their first date yaar.
Veer: Stop it guys. Sanchi is not like that. She is different from others. And guys are you dreaming. Dr. Kabir he don’t know how to smile. He is Junior Malhotra. Don’t think about them.
One boy; As you wish. We thought to inform you.

Veer in mind. Why did you do this sanchi? You haven’t come to meet me that day. I have taken your side in front of others. But I know Dr. Kabir likes you. I thought as an intern. Now I understand its not like that. I have to speak with Pragya.
Veer rushes to Pragya’s room.
Veer ; Hi sweety. Where is miss Golkappa. Is she coming for todays party.
Isha: No veer. She went out for shopping.
Veer: Shopping and Sanchi. Are you guys kidding?
Pragya: Hm. She went with Dr. Kabir. I think tomorrow is his mom’s birthday. He wants to gift her sari.
Veer: Ok. Actually today’s party is at SKS Mall.

Isha: Ok veer. Anything else.
Veer goes from room.
Pragya; This veer is up to something. very big.
Veer at his room. I know Dr. Kabir you will not go too far from Savithri Devi. SKS is the best mall for shopping. I am coming Miss Golgapa. I don’t want to lose you.
All are getting ready for party. Riya are you not coming?
Riya: No. I have to finish some important work.
All goes to party.
At SKS mall.
Sanchi: Sir this one will suite aunty.
Kabir: Nice one. I like it Sanchi. Mom will definitely love this one.
Kabir ask to sales man to pack it.
Kabir: I hope you didn’t have lunch.
Sanchi: No sir. I …
Kabir: there is no need to tell lie Sanchi. I am also hungry.
Sanchi and Kabir proceed to food court.
Kabir; what you like to have?

Sanchi: mmm….
Kabir: Don’t tell me you want Golgapa.
Sanchi : What?
Kabir: Actually Veer call you by this name. What’s the story?

Sanchi: He has no other job sir. But I loves to have Golgapa.
Kabir smiles. Sanchi get message from Pragya about the new party venue.
Kabir: What happened? Did your boy friend miss you.
Sanchi: Sir. What are you saying.
Kabir: Riya told me about you and Veer … Sorry Sanchi. We don’t want to speak about personal matters.
Sanchi: What? I am going to kill that Riya. Me and that idiot!
Kabir: Cool Sanchi .
Sanchi: Sir I don’t have boy friend. I have only one love that’s my career. I want to be a good Dr. Like my father.
Kabir: Oh your father is Dr! What his name.
Sanchi: In thoughts tears comes from her eyes.

Kabir : what happened? Sanchi are you all right.
Sanchi: Yes. Actually he is no more.
Kabir: Don’t be sad sanchi. You will become a good doctor.
Sanchi: Thank you sir.
At hospital. All looks at sanchi.
Riya: Sanchi you finally come back from Date. What a shameless girl. To top the exam you are dating with Dr. Kabir.
Sanchi : no Riya.
All start laugh at Sanchi.

Kabir : Stop it Riya. I love Sanchi.
Kabir Propose Sanchi. Will you marry me?
Sanchi: Yes.
Kabir hugs her.
Riya wake up from her sleep shouting no…Its my dream. just a dream. Kabir is mine.

Precap : Sanchi to Dr. Kabir. Sir I am coming with you. Veer leave my hand. Veer look at Dr. Kabir.

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  10. nice work keep it up☺
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