First friends then lover finally wife (part-1)

Hi friends I am also a kanchi story starts at kabirs moms room.
Mom : gollu promise me what I ask you should give me.
kabir: of course mom.ask me what you want.
Mom: I want my bahu. I like a girl.
Kabir mom don’t start again.I am not interested. In marriage now.
Mom: oh.then what’s this kabir.
Showing kabirs diary she tells me to like her. She is also a doctor. She has good.values to.
Kabir: it’s not right mom. You read my diary with outmy permission.
Mom: if I don’t read how could I understand your feelings.if you will not ask her then I will ask her.
Kabir: no mom you will not. First let her complete her internship. After that I will ask her. If she is not interested it will be a big misunderstanding.
Mom: you wait here. Veer will propose her.don’t wait gollu. Promise me to speak with her.
Kabir: ok mom.I will.
Mom: today.(smiling)
Kabir: not today. I have an operation today.
Mom: I don’t want to hear anything.ask her today itself.
Kabir: I will try.
Kabir msg sanchi report him at his cabin.
Sanchi comes.
Kabir: sanchi did you studies today’s case.
Sanchi: yes sir.
Kabir: sharp 3 pm.
After operation.good job sanchi.what’s your today’s plan.going for Saturday party.
Sanchi: no sir.
Kabir: ok then. C an you come with me to mask
Sanchi: what.
Kabir: actually tomorrow is moms birthday.I wasn’t to surprise her wit h a sari.Could you help.
Kabir it’s little tensed.
Sanchi: oh. Not a problem’s my honour.
Kabir: I will pick you from hostel.
Sanchi at hostel room. Pragya I Am not able to attend the party. I have to go to mall with Dr.kabir.
Pragya and isha surprised.what.
Pragya: what happening between you two.
Sanchi: shut up guys.actually labor does moms birthday tomorrow.he want to gift her a sarri. For shopping he needs my help that’s all.
Isha: isn’t that simple. I am standing here. Fashion expert the. Why he ask you.
Pragya: that’s true.
Sanchi: don’t be silly guys.
Sanchi gets the message that labor reached hostel.
Ok guys bye. I have to rush.
At hostel door. All are surprised seeing kabir. Rita comes.
Suddenly sanctioned comes and enter the cars front seat. All look at her.
Interns talk what’s this. Dr kabir and sanchi.
Warden: I am here from last 10 years. And I know Dr.kabir from his early days. He never goes with a girl.
Students start speaking.Tia get fumed.
Tomorrow: kabir and sanchi at hospital. He hugs sanchi . All are furious.

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  1. is this the very first chapter?? nice outlook but lot of spelling mistakes. maybe u hav ur dictionary on in ur phone.

    1. SivaRenjini

      Thanks for the comments….I will try to improve the content. Want to post regularly too.

    2. SivaRenjini

      Thank you all. I will try to improve the mistakes. Please share your views. I am a new comer here. It will be helpful for me.

  2. The story is gd.i liked it. Bt who is tia?

    1. Thats not tia but riya…

  3. Loooooved it.i am also a kanchi faan.It is suerbbbbbb. Please make it a little more lengthy. Can you post daily.Pleaase if not pls tell when all you do
    One suggestion it would extra cool, if kabir gets zealous by veer.I just love that.can you pls write litle more correctly
    Just a suggestion

  4. Sorry but can you change the cover picture since it is very common

  5. Superrrrbbb…waiting for the next update eagerly plzzzzz post asap…awesome episode dude…

  6. Wowh! Love it. Keep posting please.. next episode asap

  7. heyy ….i like it’s nice story…..waiting for next part…there is some spelling mistakes……can you update it today itself

  8. can you make next a bit longer

  9. Woww loved it. Waiting for next part???

  10. Swetatitli

    I just love this ch.The 1st ch itself is much interesting what will be about others.And I am also a big Kaanchi fan

  11. Nice story

  12. It’s vry nice and I love kanchiis jodi plz update fast.
    waiting for tomorrow updates

  13. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow interesting ?I like it so Kabir is in love with saanchi very interesting haha all r getting jealous of Saanchi specially Ria ???

  14. wow nice one i like it please update the next one fast and check the spellings also

  15. Hey I think you have helping dictionary in your phone because of which you are getting mistakes. It’s a nice episode but try to put some jealous scenes to make it more interesting.

  16. great start up..the story is awesome and eagerly waiting for next update.but reduce spelling mistake.but so nice

  17. Kriya agarwal

    Gud storyline i think kuch jealous scene and triangle luv scene look fab but usse pehle kabir n sanchi ki bich kuch chemistry dikhao like library or lab. Etc mein dono fash jana create some bonding and come close together well it just my thought pls update nxt n daily if u can

  18. Awesome .Keep writing dear.I loved it.??????
    I hope this ff is gonnaone of my favourite ff.

  19. It is nice. ☺

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