The first day of the New Year…the first day of a new life – by Ani (2)

The first day of the New Year…the first day of a new life

Purab decided to initiate. ‘Abhi, this is Pragya di…Di, this is, um…well… Abhishek, my…um…friend’. ‘I know…’ I mumbled.
He then dropped me in the mech. shed— where I told him to— and sped off, leaving a shocked and utterly disturbed me, to look at them go away…

Then, I came out of my fantasy and rushed to the mechanic, got my scooty and flew to my clg.

It was a fine day…but tiresome…only coz of the cultural event in the evg…

I left the clg—as per instructed—to fetch a few things. I returned a bit late…and while parking, hit one of the costliest cars lined up in the parking lot.

‘Shit…today is definitely not my day!!!’ I rushed my scooty away, hiding it in one of the corners and ran to staff room. After a few minutes, I found my dear principal; shouting angrily at someone, later I found it was the security…

I ran to the place—definitely the parking lot as u assume—I found a tall s*xy man, facing my back and shouting angrily at the phone.
When I enquired princi, the man turned and I found him to be none other than him!!!—That car was familiar!!!—princi questioned me, how did u reach here…“by auto”—a stupid lie.

He (Abhi) shouted everybody to disperse, except me!!! Just think of my position… I almost died with fear.
‘You were the one who hit my car, right?’
I paused for a moment thinking before I answer. I can no way escape from him ‘How did u know?’
‘You came by ur scooty’
Damn it…such a lame lie Pragya…I mused to myself. ‘I am sry…’ I mumbled.
‘Its OK…but I cant leave you’.
‘Pay me for my loss or repair my car now’…
‘WHAT!!!…hmm…OK… How much?’
‘Almost…um… 7000/-’

‘What??? I know you still rely on Rajiv for your mech. works…such a gold digger he is. Though I mentioned u so many times, u never listen to me. Wait, I will call Mohamad bhaiya…your work will be over in 600/-’ *so dumb that I didn’t even realise I was actually blurting out sth that I was not supposed to do. If I stood there a moment more, I would have actually spilled the beans, abt us obviously* I spoke uncontrollably faster and left the place dialling bhai’s no.

I was actually stunned to realise that he had found my lie. My duffer husband would have blindly been scolding sm innocent man…but then sth occurred to me, may be my love turned him blind and deaf…but that was not the prob now, and it doesn’t even matter now.

30 minutes later, Mohamad bhaiya came there. He was not there that time. Who knows…maybe chatting with one of his new models in his free time.
After bhaiya completed his work…i gave him a Rs.1000 note —it was legal that time yaar. When he finally denied, I handed him 2 big dairy milk silks.
‘one for my pyaari brother and other for his daughter’
‘Pragya, she is 21…if u still give her chocolates as if she is a kid, when will she grow up? How will I get her married’
‘Arrey bro, her prince charming will be on his way’
‘But, when are u gng back to ur prince?’
*there was a silence…after sm tym*
I hesitated…‘That is not possible and you even know that’ I struggled hard, but still kept myself calm.
‘Why don’t you make him understand? I don’t know everything that happened btw u both, so I shouldn’t talk abt that. But I even cant keep quiet…Cant u just tell him? What if he had that accident after u had kids? Would u still keep away from him?’
‘Bhaiya pls… he wont understand’
‘You r wrong, I know u want him to be safe…but when he did love u, why r u maintaining this distance?’
‘Bhaiya no, pls…lets leave this’ all the tears that I had been fighting with defeated me and rushed out. I hugged bhai and cried for what seemed like hours.
After some time, when tears died, Mohamad bhaiya patted my head. ‘Let Abhi come back to u soon’–he said.

‘May I talk to Abhi???’

I stood numb!

Thanks for ur cmnts guys…hope u like this one too. But I was worried with the less cmnts I got, i mean do share ur views. Pls do open up guys. and i am a little sleepy now. so forgive for mistakes.

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