The first day of the New Year…the first day of a new life – by Ani (1)

‘No…why me????’ Pragya was all lost in thoughts.

‘This is not right. How can he do this? I mean…NO!!! With just a few meetings and a week of work, how can he judge me like this?’ ‘After all he wasn’t able to make out abt his sister who he lived with for all his life, and his so called girlfriend…he can never understand what he is doing or what others around him are doing. Even I did so many things but he took everything in a diff way. Like, I proposed him and instead of reacting…he started acting…when I started acting, he was reacting, I acted like being money minded, instead of trusting me (that was my only wish that time…) he turned against me, when I was really vexed and ready to let him marry Tanu, he was behind me…and when I stopped his marriage with Tanu, he started romancing with me instead of finding the reason…see, everything he did is out of mind…diff, so different…so dumb!!! But it was quite fun seeing those two witches’ face blackening every time sth happened against them. That Aaliya…the perfect Dracula, tall, long nailed, pale and looking exactly evil…and that tanu…oh, she is actually fuggi. I wont allow him call her that, but she is that balloon. She was, is and will be a balloon…ha ha…’

Author’s POV:

Pragya was laughing madly…when suddenly her eyes fell on their marriage pic. Her laughter vanished…she took the pic and started crying badly. How she misses all those lovely moments?…but she smiles in btw remembering their cute lil fights and nok-joks…their romance and fear…

Pragya was all the while smiling and crying at the same time. She developed this habit of crying-smiling in lonely room two months ago. It all started with Abhi’s accident. Abhi had completely forgotten her. Her world got ruined. All those she thought would support her, turned their back on her. Esp., dadi…she(pragya) doesn’t even wish to look at dadi’s face.

Her own world, the world of broken dreams was back to her. She became the same old professor Pragya, but this time more calm and more understanding.
All was going well (though not well really, i mean without confusions and probs) after that ML. But one incident brought her here. What’s that?

Let’s ask her…

Pragya’s POV:
Sure…that was my meeting with him. Meeting?? Yes, a second chance to meet someone again, for the first time. The first meet was itself disastrous. Disastrous???? Dangerously disastrous.

I was getting late for my college, waiting for an auto. It was so late…coz that time I didnot have my pyaari sister to wake me up : ( : ( . That was when I saw Purab’s car. “PURAB!!!” I screamed in the edge of my voice, when he stopped the car puzzled. I started running to the other side of the road (he was in the opp side) signalling him with my hands to wait. I was hit by a motor, but fortunately didnot fall. I terribly scolded the man with those few bad words that i learnt in the clg. Purab was blinking at me, noticing my words…he must not have seen me using those words before…but frankly I didn’t even know what those meant. I then ran to the car, got in, sat, and turned on my radio. Purab was listening and driving and by the way, he was so happy…may be bcoz of Sira…Sira?? the girl, Purab had moved on with or rather given life to.

Sira is an almost raped girl…but her virginity was still safe, only coz of Purab. He saved her, not in any means of showing heroism but on grounds of humanity…Ultimately being questioned by Purab on giving a second chance to herself while deciding to commit suicide, Sira sprung back on him.

She shot Purab with a series of questions—as if she knew his whole life history—of giving himself a second chance. Thats how THEY started their second life…TOGETHER. Though I hadn’t seen Sira, I almost figured Bulbul while Purab gave her descriptions…Purab even…
Oh!!! I am getting carried off…coming back to the car, I turned a moment to the back seat to get rid of my handbag for a while…the worst step!!! I froze…while Purab was firing me with question as if he were a curious kid. ‘tell di, tell, tel…dont keep a good joke to urself…tell!!! tell!!!tell!!! TELL!!!!’ he suddenly pressed the break throwing us both to the front and then back to the seats. ‘are you gonna tell or not???’ he turned and saw the stunned me. He turned looking where I was looking—back.

‘Shit!!! Oh, SHIT’ he stumbled with words. Behind us was the only man whom I never wished to see again…it was him. He sat their smiling…prob looking at my radio station!!! He made a smile then turned back to his laptop. But, I felt that his eyes were still on me—virtually!!!

Purab decided to initiate. ‘Abhi, this is Pragya di…Di, this is, um…well… Abhishek, my…um…friend’. ‘I know…’ I mumbled.

He then dropped me in the mech. shed— where I told him to— and sped off, leaving a shocked and utterly disturbed me, to look at them go away…

One more thing that popped out of my head guys…this was meant to be posted on 31st dec…but tu wont accept posts on those days…so I am posting it now. I know, I am already with two other things. Don’t worry, I wont mess things up…have trust ;P ;P
So, Give ur cmnts…and the link for my other few shots (few might not have read):

Shot 1

So a happy new year wished to all!!! Sry, its belated 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

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