Fire in the heart swasan ff INTRO CUM PROMO

Hello guys …..this is khushi here actually I m new…not new I write an ff on edkv actually i was planning to write an ff on my favorite swasan for so long but I didn’t have that confidence coz I read many swasan ffs and they r just fan I didn’t knew whether anyone will read it or not …..but now gaining a lot of courage I have decided to write a swasan ff hope u will like it….this is an intro cum promo

Swara gadodia: only daughter of her parents…don’t have much confidence very shy talks less scared of her parents coz they r very strict….

Urvashi gadodia: step mother of swara don’t like swara in fact hates swara coz of aan incident that happened in past..

Shekhar gadodia: father of swara a heart less man just love money and only gives importance to money is very strict with swara wants that swara should be rich ….did second marriage with urvashi after her previous wife died…

Sanskar : he is a very decent boy loves everyone is the apple of the eyes of his mother friends and teachers he is sweet very talkative and fun loving…

Sharmistha: mother of sanskar she has a dark past got dumped by her ex husband and had brought up sanskar on her own loves sanskar more than her life and is an independent woman…

Other characters will be introduced as the story will proceed…

Present a girl is shown crying writing something…

Dear mom and dad….
I have always tried my best to make u happy but it never seems enough mom hates me a lot I don’t know what have I don’t that I get so much of hatred….. I don’t get sleep at nights just thinking of my life I have no idea about where my life is going m tired now I can live more I can’t fight with my luck more….I GIVE UP???
I always wanted to make u both realise that m a good girl but it seems that u don’t consider me urs I have given u a lot of pain so now m going to free u from this pain…m going far far away from here to a place from where I can never come back……I can’t live this life anymore
Please forgive me for all the mistakes I have done till now m sorry…goodbye
Yours SWARA…

Swara: bas yeh suicide letter likh diya hai umeed karti hun voh mujhe maaf kar denge mere Marne ke baad bhi mujhe nafrat nhi karenge

Precap: suspense will tell in next episode??

What is this why is swara going to suicide…??
Will she give up her life ??
Will someone save her??
What has happened that she is going to take such a big step??

To know more plz do read my ff fire in the heart …

So this is it guys how is it??
Did u liked it plz do read and comment and do tell me how it is I really need all the criticism and appraisal also…

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  1. Tamanna

    It’s nice… Interesting…. Update next one soon

  2. Divyanshri

    Starting main hi Marne ki planning….. great…… interesting plz continue soon???

  3. Vyshu10

    nice…feeling sad for swara

  4. Sethidisha002

    k fine i will definitely read

  5. Jwala


  6. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Hmm, interesting.Waiting for first part.

  7. Interesting dear..
    Do continue..

  8. Abirsha

    Awesome…. Update in english dr….

  9. Its interesting…rlly v nice..update soon

  10. hey interesting story i am completly swasan fan nice concept … plz yaar update soon…

  11. Sumo

    so khush! although m not swaragini fan but m ur fan .. ??? it was great loved it a lot.. wen r u going to post?

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