Finding the True Love Again (Adni OS)

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I’m new to Telly Updates. I’m also one of Adni fans and very disappointed with StarPlus’ decision to off-air the show. I wanted to watch more of my favourite couple #Adni. So it’s the least that I can do is to write an OS for them. I hope you will like it. Please don’t mind the writing as I am going to write some intimate scenes between Advay and Chandni here as well. I’m not starting from the last episode rather I’m going to start from where Sasha is still between Advay and Chandni, and in this OS Chandni got an admirer from Sasha’s family which gets Advay jealous!

Finding the True Love Again (Adni OS)

When her Dev put the ring on that Sasha’s hand and announced her as his future wife as well as savouring his relation with Chandni, it broke her(Chandni) heart. But she was strong more than that and wasn’t so easy to break down, she secretly vowed to win her Dev back. But innocent Chandni didn’t know that Sasha is the queen of evil planning and determined to kick her out of her Dev’s life. A day after the ring ceremony Sasha brought her father Papa Jimmy and her cousin Aman to Advay’s house as they all were going to stay there till her marriage to Advay. No one knew their evil intentions of making Advay think Aman and Chandni have grown to like each other and want to be together. Everything was well planned out, Chandni because of her good nature and a well-mannered girl treated Sasha’s family with great respect. Aman seemed to be a good person to Chandni and he helped her with her trivial issues many times, gradually they became good friends.

Advay was keeping an eye on everything and especially on Chandni, at first her friendship with Aman didn’t bother him, but it was that time when Sasha asked him if he is going to divorce Chandni. “Advay are you going to divorce Chandni before our marriage?” Sasha asked hesitantly. Advay with surprise and a little bit annoyed “Why? I mean why all of a sudden you are worried about me divorcing Chandni? Our so-called marriage didn’t bother you before?”. Sasha replied with a little reluctance and fake smile on her face “No, actually my cousin Aman has gotten quite fond of Chandni and he is taking serious interest in her. I think Chandni also likes him, plus Aman wants to marry her, I think Chandni won’t refuse his proposal once you divorce her.” “What? Are you mad? How dare he to think about my wife in this way? And how dare she to think of someone else than me?” Advay’s anger was on full-scale. Sasha didn’t believe what she just heard from Advay, so to reconfirm she asked again “what did you just say? Can you say it again? Advay somehow got control over senses and left from there without saying anything.

It was 1:00am at night when Chandni in her sleep heard footsteps in her room; lights were off so in the darkness she couldn’t see who it is. “Who’s there?” she asked with a little worry in her voice, “Nani is that you” she asked again, no reply. Next moment she was surprised to see the face of her visitor “Dev! What are you doing here?” he didn’t answer her just kept on staring at her with his angry eyes which were making Chandni afraid of him, there was something strange in his eyes like is obsessed to get what he wants. “What is going on between you and Aman? He asked Chandni in low but angry voice. “Whatever is going between us has nothing to do with you?” Chandni replied him stubbornly. “Chandni, I’m asking you for the last time, answer me or else you will regret it” he told her with more anger. “I have nothing to tell you, you can go from my room now” she told him with equal anger. With a devilish smile on his face Advay said “It’s strange that you are asking your husband to leave your room, on the other hand I’m in very romantic mood and need my wife” before she could utter a single word of protest Advay covered her mouth with his and began to kiss her with ruthless passion, ignoring the fact he was torturing her physically and giving deep wounds to her soul.

After kissing her ruthlessly Advay said “Chandni Yash Narayan Vahsisht I won’t leave you worthy enough to be with someone else”. Chandni knew what he was going to do next but she was so shocked that she couldn’t say or do anything. Advay did what he said, in his anger he consummated his marriage with Chandni making passionate love to her, but she was like a lifeless doll in his arms. Her soul was deeply wounded; her self-esteem was brutally snatched away from her by the man she loved most in the world. The next morning when Advay woke-up he was still in Chandni’s room, she was still in his arms sleeping, but there were marks of tears on her face and a lot of pain and anguish. When he looked at her, he felt a stabbing pain in his heart and guilt washed over him, he realized what he had done last night, and he had taken away her innocence. After making sure that she was still in deep sleep, Advay made it out of Chandni’s room.

Few hours later everyone was hearing Sasha shouting insanely “Advay are you crazy? You are calling-off our marriage? Why?” Advay in full ASR attitude replied in a firm voice “Because I don’t want to marry you? I’m not in love with you? And you are having an affair with another guy, you are cheating on me?” “What? How can you say that I’m cheating on you?” Sasha asked angrily. “Do you want a proof? Here it is?” Advay showed Sasha her intimate pictures with her old college friend Anand who happened to be the one to send these pictures to him. Now, Sasha was silent and ashamed “look I didn’t want to do it this way but you made me, I’m sorry but I can’t marry you” Advay told her with sympathy. “You are such a hypocrite Advay, you are not marrying me accusing me of being characterless, but what about Chandni? She is also a characterless sl*t?” Sasha said in poisonous voice. Chandni was standing at quite a distant place listening to all this crap, the next thing really surprised her, Advay slapped Sasha “don’t you ever dare to talk about Chandni this way, now get out of my house” he said angrily. Later when Advay came to his room, he began to think about his night with Chandni and he had done to her. “One thing is for sure that Chandni didn’t has any baby before marriage, she was untouched, but then whose baby it was. Who can tell me the truth?” this was the thought that was constantly disturbing him.

It has been a month since that night Advay and Chandni were avoiding each other, he was ashamed to face her and she was reminded of the pain he had inflicted upon her that night. But that was not all for Chandni, she was afraid to tell her in-laws and Advay that she is pregnant with his child, she wasn’t sure what would be his reaction. When Chandni realized that she is pregnant she was at the top of world with this happiness that she has something of her Dev’s. Sudden of all, she felt too much protective of the little life that was living in her womb, she realized that she loves her unborn child more than anything and will do anything for it. She was afraid that if Advay know about her pregnancy he might snatch her baby from her or worst he might ask her for an abortion. Finally, Chandni decided to leave Advays’s house and spend the rest of her life with her baby.

It’s been past seven months since Advay got that note from Chandni:
“Dear Dev,
I don’t know what crime I have done to make you hate me so much. But it’s enough now, I cannot tolerate your hatred anymore and can’t see you in pain due to my very existence. Therefore, I am going away from your life, I’m leaving this city forever.
Your Chandu”

Since that day there wasn’t a single peaceful day in Advay’s life and he was in constant anguish. “Where are you Chandni? Where should I find you stupid girl? Now I have realized my love for you and want to give all happiness of the world to you, but you are not here? God please help me, give me my Chandu back?” Advay was silently wishing to get her Chandu back. “Excuse me Sir, there is a man and girl outside to meet you” a servant informed him. “Ok, call them in” he said. He was surprised and hopeful too to see his visitors; they were Neeru Mama and Meghna. “How are you here?

Did Chandni send you? Where is she?” Advay asked them hopefully. “Advay we know you are Dev, Chandni had told us, I told her the real reason of your hatred, but son what you don’t is that what happened to your family, Chandni had nothing to do with it, she was innocent, my sister Indrani was the mastermind, she is Chandni’s step-mother so, she used Chandni in her plans by manipulating her. Chandni has also found your brother Meeku, he is also here” it was Neeru Mama telling the biggest truth of Chandn’s life. “When Chandni knew about the crimes her parents did, she savoured her relations with them and got them punished by the law for murdering your parents” Neeru added more details. “I also want to tell you another truth, the baby you think is of Chandni Jiji, it’s not hers I am the mother of the baby, she took all the blame on her to protect my future” now it was Meghna.

“Bhaiyya,” it was Meeku coming towards Advay, they hugged each other crying “you didn’t do well to Chandni bhabhi; she has suffered for the crimes she didn’t commit”. “I know Meeku, I did wrong to her, but now I will make everything right” Advay said with determination and confidence. “Where is Chandni? Please tell me” he pleaded to Neeru Mama. After getting Chandni’s address Advay drove his car to it like a bullet train, he just wanted to be there as soon as possible. Chandni was unaware of Neeru Mama and Meghna’s visit to Advay’s house they told her they were going for some important work and will return soon, she was doing her routine chores when she felt her baby kicking, she was 8 months pregnant now, she smoothed her hand over her big baby-bump with love reassuring her baby that it’s alright “it’s ok baby, everything’s going to be fine, mom is with you my little champ, don’t worry” she told her unborn child smilingly with all love in her eyes.

Suddenly she heard an impatient knock on the door “hold-on a sec, don’t break the door, I’m coming” when she opened the door all the smile from her face went away and shock took its place, it was the last person on earth she was expecting to see, it was her husband and father of her child Advay Singh Raizada.

“You? What are you doing here and how did you get my address?” she asked him coming out of her shock. On the other side when Advay saw her with a huge baby-bump all of the apologizing speeches left his mind and anger took their place. “Mrs. Chandni Advay Singh Raizada how dare you!” he asked angrily taking 2 steps towards her, which made Chandni to move back quickly and in doing so she is about to fall but Advay catches her quickly. “Are you mad Chandni? Do you want to harm yourself and our baby? You have to be more careful now?” he snubbed her while carrying her in his arms carefully. “Please put me down, I can walk on my own, I don’t need your support” she told him stubbornly. “And what are you doing here anyway” she asked him. “First of all, answer me that why didn’t you tell me that your pregnant? Why did you hide my child from me?” he asked her angrily but putting her on the bed gently and carefully. “Who told you that it’s your child, you accused me of being characterless girl remember then why the hell on earth do you think it’s your child? It’s my child only” Chandni replied him bravely.

Advay was surprised at her guts and he knew that her anger was justified; she was the only person in this whole matter that was innocent and had been wrongly punished. “No one has to tell me, I know it’s my child Chandni, why did you hide it?” he asked again. “How do you know?” she demanded again. “I knew of you being untouched since the night I consummated our marriage” he replied politely “now tell me why did you hide it from me?” he emphasized again. “I was afraid of your reaction, I wasn’t sure what you would do, I was frightened that you might snatch away my baby from me out of your hatred for me and my family, so I left without telling you” she replied hesitantly. Advay’s expressions softened, there was regret on his face for what he had put her through, he sat at the bed beside her, taking her hands in his, he kissed them lovingly, Chandni was surprised at his reaction. Then he placed her hands on his chest right where his heart was beating for her, Chandni suddenly felt tears rolling out of her eyes which put Advay in more torment, he moved slightly towards her kissing away her tears. “Chandni please don’t cry, your Dev has returned to you. I know I have done and said terrible things to you, punished you while you were innocent, didn’t trust you and worst mistake was having doubts on your character, I cannot make the past right but I want to make our future beautiful, I want to give you all the happiness of the world, please come back to home with me” Advay pleaded to her.

Chandni was unsure whether this time Advay was really here to take her home or it was another part of his revenge and hate. Advay could easily see the shadows of distrust in her eyes, “Chandu, please trust your Dev, I’ve come to take you home. I know, I had told you of my hatred but even then I really didn’t hate you, rather I loved you a lot but I was blinded by my anger that I couldn’t see it then. But now, I’m clear of my feelings and love for you, please don’t separate me from you and our child, I can’t live without you even for a second and I don’t want to live without you.” Chandni now believed that her Dev has really come for her “how can you make me believe that you are not making a fool of me again, you won’t kick me out of your house and life?” Advay could understand her plight

“Chandni look into my eyes and tell me if I’m lying” he held her face in his both hands and made her look into his eyes “I love you Chandni more than anything in this world and I hate myself to put you through what I did, I’m really sorry for all I have done to you, but I’m not sorry for getting you pregnant and having a family with you, please trust me.” Chandni could see the truth in his eyes “ok, I’ll come with you, I’m trusting you Dev, don’t break my trust again please, I won’t be able to pull myself together this time.”

Advay smiled with relief and hugged her “Ouch” Chandni moaned with pain as she started to have contractions because her delivery dates were very near “Chandni, what happened? Are you ok?” he asked her worriedly. “Dev it’s time” Chandni told him with painful smile, “what?” Advay asked confusingly. “It’s time for us to go to hospital because I’m in labour stupid” Chandni told him with a little annoyed voice. “Oh, ok I’m getting you to the hospital” Advay picked her up carefully and with long strides he went to his car, opening the passenger seat door he carefully put Chandni there and hurriedly took the driving seat.

On their way to hospital Chandni was quite exhausted with the contractions pain and Advay was never this worried in his whole life for anyone. “Chandni just hold on, we are there, doctor, nurse anyone my wife is in labour and needs immediate medical attention” Advay shouted with his full ASR attitude and his demand was met quickly as Chandni was taken to labour room of Wockhardt Hospital. Advay with Nani and Pooja was waiting impatiently outside of the labour room for last 2 hours when they saw a nurse coming out with a small bundle in her hands, “congratulations Mr. Raizada you have a beautiful baby boy”

she handed over his son to him, heart full of joy and love for this little baby he took his son in his arms and showed him to Nani and Pooja, everyone was very happy, but he was still worried about Chandni. “Nurse, what about my wife? Is she fine? Can I see her?” he asked the nurse worriedly. “Mr. Raizada your wife is perfectly fine, but we have tranquilized her so she can have some sleep, she is quite exhausted, but she will be awake in 15 minutes the you can see can her” nurse told him with a smile on her face.

Advay was relieved to know that Chandni is well but those 15 minutes were like a lifetime for him, 15 minutes later he was standing next to Chandni’s bed watching her slowly opening her eyes. “Dev?” she said in a weak voice “yes Chandni, I’m right here” he told her taking her hand in his “where is our son?” she asked him looking around the room. “He is here Chandni” Advay replied placing their son in her arms.

He kissed her forehead gently “thank you Chandni, for everything, for coming back in my life and our son” Advay confessed his gratitude to her. Chandni kissed the face, hands and feet of her son with tears of happiness in her eyes “you don’t need to thank me Dev, I’m just happy to be with you and our son; I just want to live a peaceful and happy life with you.” “We will Chandni, I’ll make sure of it, and I promise you that we will live a happy life with our many children, Ajju ki Mummy” Advay told her with a naughty smile on his face “Ewe! Not Ajju, I told you it’s like a sneezing sound, his name is Akshat Singh Raizada” she told him proudly and they both smiled lovingly looking at their son.

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This is my angle of Adni’s love story. Please feel free to comment.

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