Finding the seeds to grow the happy family tree — Aarti Shivay Singh Oberoi

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name: aarti shivay singh oberoi

nicknames: aartu and mini calculator oberoi

age: 14

description: 2 minutes younger than aastha. she is a lot like shivay: she loves to cook and that is her stress buster, she is very layered as in sometimes angry, emotional, prefers to be around people her standards, tastes and status, loves to be around her family and finally she is egoistic. she needs to point out all the prices like shivay hence the name calculator oberoi. like anika, a chatterbox by birth.

she loves running a lot. she is not that high in academies but high in sports. she loves running, basketball, football, tennis, baseball, netball, badminton, table tennis and hockey. one day she wants to make it big in the running field and wants to be in the Olympics. she does fifty pushups per day making her a bit like rudy.

she doesn’t like to eat much junk food. she prefers healthy food. she loves earrings and clothes a lot. she does shopping every weekend. she doesn’t listen to anika much and shivay adores her. she dyed her hair against anika’s wishes but anika got used to it.

finally she loves playing football with her brothers and sister shivanya.

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