Finding the Love – Part 7

Finding the love – part 7

“I’ll do the dishes mummy.” She declared as soon as she came out of her room where she had been hiding all this time from that disastrous meeting.

“it’s all right Ashu, i’ll do. They are not many anyway.” Her mother said pouring the beans curry into the serving bowl but she found the girl already  smudging the foam with the soap.

And next the small steel bowl was literally thrown into the sink after soaping and gradually all the utensils were being put with an extra force.

something was not right .” her mother thought as she passed the curry wok to her and side glimpsed her in a hope to check her.

Thinking to give her a little time she left the kitchen with the bowl and met her father who was coming with the smart phone to the kitchen; unable to open his whatsapp contact list and Ashna always helped him with that.

“don’t go to her,she looks a bit upset.” She stopped the man and together they went to the dining table.

“why..what happened?” he said as he took the chair. “did she tell you something?”

“no. she didn’t but –

“hey dii, what happened why wanting to damage every utensil of mum’s kitchen.” The second and chirpy girl of the house said entering the kitchen.

“please, Roshni…not now.” She said in a stern voice and continued soaping the pots.

The couple outside heard the little word exchange and lady said to her husband, “she does this; a noisy dish washing session, when she is upset or if something is bothering her.”she whispered to her husband.

“so lets wait for her to open up herself .” man suggested calling his other daughter. “Roshni, come here. I need your help.”



The dinner mostly went in silence when she thought she should tell them because keeping it to herself was killing her. She recalled the morning when she had thought, in evening she will tell them his YES and here she had to tell them his NO.

She could have waited him to come and tell them himself but then she was stronger than this and she knew it was better to end the illusion itself then to expect others to show up.

“Papa mummy, I need to tell you something.” She mustered up the courage finally.

“Why ,you don’t need to tell me.” her sister commented smiling at her and in return she got a stare from their mother.

“Yeah Ashu say..” her father said.

“We don’t need to wait for him anymore, he has gotten his bride.” She said trying to concentrate on her spoon to brush away the tears .

“What do you mean Di?” her sister asked surprised although she had been saying her from quite some time he wasn’t saying a yes.

“Yeah, he has got the girl and as he has gotten an offer to work in Germany, he needs his marriage soon.” she said finally looking up she was surprised why no one reacted surprised than her sister.

‘You are okay?” she asked as she found both of them staring her.

“Ashna…we have seen the life, experienced the life…we have known this from quite some time. It was expected.” her father said. “From day first he was hesitant about this proposal. No wonder it came.”

“and are you okay our girl ,”her mother came to her. “don’t worry love ,there would be some other prince who would marry my perfect girl.” And she hid her face in her mother’s stomach and the lady caressed her hairs.

“ today I got to know hugs can be one handed too.” After a while her sister tried to make the atmosphere light. “what say papa?” she said as she kept her chin on her father’s head from behind circling his neck with one hand.

“Why not…but lets now wash our hands, and after that we will all play antakshari today.” Their father suggested.

“yes.” And Roshni high fived their father.

And here she hugged her mum a little more trying to forget that one man she waited for years, perhaps he was not his knight in shining armor….perhaps.


Hey guys next part is updated and its short cause I want Ashna and this moment to be her own.

I love her guys; she would be that one character I will love always and she will always be a part of this story in direct ways or indirect ways.

Hope you like it, I will wait for your response. And thank you all the readers and silent readers for your support.

With love Morusya.

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  1. Nice update waiting for next update

    1. Morusya51

      thank you dear….i will try coming soon.

  2. it really a person fr whom u r waiting fr long..turn up to u n says a no..n moves on..n d ppl vd u say..dnt wry ders something good in ur stores..but at the end of d day u r helpless..n need to move on..n ya u r right dis one was necessary to show..dat how a girl says a “No“ of a boy to her parents..but love the way she handled it..learnt a lot of life lessons frm u morusya..tq

    1. Morusya51

      yes, you actually captured it right .i wanted to show this aspect of life – she is understanding his decision, she is accepting it too, she is coming out strong to her family but but but she is helpless.
      this one aspect i wanted to show and i am happy you mentioned it 🙂 quite a lot of times we happen to understand the harshness life offers, we handle it but there is a pang of helplessness .
      thank you so much Saniyaa for reading a nd understanding them….awwww,love you girl for the last line.♥♥♥♥

  3. love hurts and love heals, for u to go up ladder sometimes u need to miss a step or two, nice episode, post soon

    1. Morusya51

      yes….love hurts and love heals. and in my opinion it is not the one certain relation’s love which heals…..quite a lot of times people fail in marriages ,proposals but the one which heals them is not another marriage or something like that, sometimes it can be love of family, friends or anything different to that relation. and yes, when you are hurt its time you are mending yourself for your another and more beautiful version.
      thank you Diana for loving them and reading them…love you ♥♥♥♥

  4. So nice episode plz update soooon…….

    1. Morusya51

      thank you dear and now updates will start on or after 14th..sorry.

  5. Palak_55

    Rather giving Ashna as a negative charcter….you portrait her as a strong girl and i like this very much.
    nice episode….
    and again i am sorry….

    1. Morusya51

      yes…she could not be Negative cause she had felt it and maybe she too knew it was coming. lets see how her life changes. thank you so much dear for you liked it.

  6. Muniya

    I’m definitely liking Ashna…waiting to see more about her.
    Nice update…

    1. Morusya51

      Thank you Muniya…yeah i too like her and we will definitely see more of her in future too.

  7. Fidato

    Really nice one Morusya…. Day by day I’m getting greedy to read more from you…Dear.. Ashna… Really liked her….And how she handled her love life… I really loved her family…They support her like pillars… The warmth of their love made her strong to face such a situation… Loved it….

    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much Fidato, most of the time your comments come when i am least expecting any comment and they make my day 🙂
      yeah, the so called third wheels of a story aren’t always the one you should be hating , moreover we should be loving them for the strength they show despite there loss.(and in real life this is what happens if we ignore a few hate stories ;-))

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