Finding the Love – Part 6

Finding the love – part 6

She too had been brushing her teeth when she heard them talking in the room. He was there and she felt utterly awkward thinking how it looked, “he wasn’t her husband and though her parents allowed him there, the reason was they believed them both but now at this hour she wasn’t comfortable of him in her room.

Thinking about all this she came in the room and found him leaning on the bed and both the chatterboxes engrossed in the never ending talks they used to have. Wiping her face as silently as she could she walked out of the room though she felt his stare on her as if he wanted to talk something but she had no courage to be in the same room with him.

Thinking to have a glass of water meanwhile passing the time till he was with her daughter she pressed the filter tap and that’s when –

“Avoiding him??” it was her mother and due to the suddenness water spluttered on her long sleeves. She so hated wet sleeves.

“You scared me Ma,” she exclaimed leaving the tap press.

“So you are avoiding him?” her mother repeated the question.

“Actually Ma…he wanted to talk with Silkie and moreover I needed water so….

“It’s not easy to live life alone,” old lady exhaled deeply.  “when you are getting a chance why you want to be stubborn……… he is waiting for you, don’t make him suffer anymore.” Her mother turned to leave. “and we are not thinking anything if he is in your room at this hour.” her mother smiled over her shoulder.

“Maaaa…she turned beetroot on this.



Entering the room she found him still talking with the little girl and this was again the same story of how a monkey fooled two cats and ate their bread. She grinned on this and thought to sit on the chair till they completed.

As she was turning the pages of her diary checking the schedules of her next visits to her patients she noticed In two days she had to visit his mother and thinking about it her stomach churned. The lady was waiting for a big pompy wedding of her only son from years and here because of her she was deprived of this.

“no. she wasn’t going to make the lady  wait anymore and today itself she was asking him to marry Ashna as soon as possible.” She thought to herself.

“Silkie , its your school in morning na ,let’s say Sayyam uncle goodnight for today.” She told her coming to the bed .

“yeah my girl, we will talk another day.” He said adjusting her baby monkey soft toy to her lap.

“okay paps, will you come tomorrow too?” she asked hugging her soft toy.

“ummmm, let’s say whenever we will meet we will eat your favorite ice-cream and hear the story of monkey and cats…okay?” he suggested.

And she was already nodding her head at the mention of ice-cream. Kids only give their ears to the thing of their interest.

“Good night Paps” she said kissing his cheeks.

“So??” he asked as he straightened.

“Today I need answers and I don’t want to hear a No anymore,” she declared.

“Well, why everybody seems ready for a court martial today?” he joked cracking his neck strains. “let me sit first then we will be hearing YES from both of us.

“Why don’t we sit in the living room itself,” she said silently hoping she didn’t sound like a teenage girl who was scared to be in the same room of her crush.

“Sure.” He nodded rubbing the back of his neck.




“Thank you for the coffee but it had been better if you asked a few cookies too ?” he said spooning the mug.

“Are you hungry?” she asked narrowing her eyes.

“Yeah, had argument with ma and then the hunger died but its coming back.” And she felt embarrashed of her earlier behavior.

“sorry, there is some rice left and I’ll fix something quick.” She said getting up instantly.

“no,no a few Marie biscuits would be enough, I will eat at home itself otherwise ma will feel bad.” He stopped her.

“okay as you say.” And she left for the said biscuits.

“So you had an argument with her, don’t you think it would already been hurting her.” she asked eyeing him dipping his biscuits into the coffee. while eating he wasn’t caring his manners.

“it was inevitable anyway.” He shrugged “a day of people angry on me, I guess.”

“and how many people are angry on you,” she asked ,her temper already fading.

“if I should include you then three.” He said cheekily. “first Ashna then Ma and I know next one is you.”

And at the mention of Ashna she recalled what she needed to talk with her but before she could have said anything-

“You didn’t ask why I was here today and at this hour?” he looked  at her face.

“Yeah, I was just going to ask…” she thought to listen him first.

“I met Ashna today and told her I can’t marry her.” he said like it was no big deal.

“what??? she got the surprise of the day.

“Are you serious ? how could you say this to her …..and one minute this is why your mother and you had an argument ,right?” she enquired with anger ,shock and every other emotion she felt that moment.

“yeah, you have got the conclusion.” He again shrugged too busy in sipping his coffee.

“Why you are here today?” she felt a terror. “and wait,What you talked with my parents.” She was baffled and it was evident as she had left the cup and was now facing him on that long sofa.

“yeah, you are thinking right, I asked them your hand.” He smiled putting the mug on the center table and wiping his face with the back of his palm.

She felt she was shivering, she felt her hands were getting cold, she felt herself so low and of all the things she felt she felt it was not right.


Hey guys, next part is updated. hope you all like it, will be waiting for your response. With love Morusya.


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  1. omg…he is so casual…u hv written in such a way that i felt im krishna..and saiyyam is talking to me..n d blood was rushing so fast in my veins..n my hands got felt as if ots happening in frnt of me..vd me..ahhhh dear u r so good..i hope u r understanding..wat i want to short i loved no supperrrrrrr loved it…

    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much Saaniya ,i had been missing your comments. and god you felt it that much !!! your feelings are more beautiful dear… you lots girl :)?❤
      i am seriously reading it again and again like i read a few comments again and again, u made my day.
      hope u love the next part too.

  2. Morusya51

    Sravya, thank you so much sweetie ,there have been something wrong there so i m posting a reply here for your comment.

  3. Muniya

    Really Nice epi dear…
    Waiting fo next.

    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much Muniya…you are one of the loveliest people i met here. ? next update will be soon.

  4. Hey morusya saniyaa say that I feel also same…..Thnk u sooo much & plz update sooon plz plz……

    1. Morusya51

      oh girl, have you all thought to make me emotional already with these lovely words ?? ?? its really a big thing you all are feeling it how i feel while writing….love you girls and how about an update tomorrow night ?
      i missed you girl…love you<3

  5. what happened to her, that the idea of marrying him upsets her

    1. Morusya51

      wait a little dear ! and the idea of it upsetting her – well, remember the second or perhaps third chapter there was a memory that she was happily married in her earlier marriage, a little wait dear things will unfold.
      i hope you liked the chapter though 🙂

  6. Palak_55

    Nice update dear……
    And I am really, very sorry for being this much late….

    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much dear….never say Sorry dear, read whenever you are free.?

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