Finding the Love – Part 5

Finding the love – part 5

“What?” he asked as he found the girl in front of him staring him.

“You do it on purpose or it happens whenever it’s me involved?” she tried not to lose her calm she never had but he always made her wait extra twenty or twenty five minutes.

“And what I do on purpose?” he shrugged keeping the mobile on the table.

“Leave it.” She too shrugged

“So you needed to talk something?” he asked ordering for their coffee.

“When you going to tell my family about your firm No,” aaah, it sounded too rude on her tongue than she had anticipated.

She still hoped some surprise as she played with the flower pattern on the table cover, she came with the hope of maybe this rude demeanor would end his all uncertainties he was saying all these years.

She wasn’t wishing to look up and meet his suddenly stern body, his suddenly pale turned eyes, she was feeling the sudden silence over them but she had no way out there, she too was tired of all those questions thrown to her all these years about her wedding, about the confused behavior of proposed groom and more than anything she felt time and things were slipping from her hands.

“Are you sure about it?” he asked utterly surprised with this question though he knew he had to face this conversation one day.

“Yeah….hundred percent.” She said still not meeting his eye.

“See….he started.

“I know it’s not your fault entirely, you never said a yes to me. actu actua-” she fumbled for the right words. “actually before they were just considering you but now they want an answer, they are not saying it but it would be good to tell them what you papa and ma ! They are still not over you.”

“How could you be this patient Ashna….sometimes I really wish why we couldn’t meet before, I had fallen for you instantly.” He stared her slightly trembling self which was shouting she had been dealing a tough time right now.

And she looked up amazed of the words, a new terror enveloped her, “all this time you were in love with someone, aren’t you?” and Her expressions changed from longing for  someone to desperation for the answer but he didn’t answer anything rather swiped his screen a few times and extended the screen to her.

A girl not more than two or three smiled to her from the screen, the warmth from her eyes rested her creased brows and she swiped the screen and now she was with him and the comfort level of them suggested her only one thing and it killed her one more time.

“you had a secret daughter all this time”… came not more than a whisper “and that’s why you kept saying me a No, why couldn’t you just say long back and one minute….. Why no one knows about it,” she felt frustrated when he smiled in response.

“See. My brain will burst if don’t answer me right away.” She had been dealing with a great time to maintain that calm composure.

“Will you believe me if I say I am in love with her from the past seven years.” He said turning the little cup-hold to his side.

“Why I am getting a feeling I don’t want to hear this.” she said taking her phone.

“Please Ashna, I need to tell you this…will you please sit for a while.” He stopped her.

“And after that you won’t wait for me to say anything, I will leave as soon as you complete.” She warned with a straight face.

“Anything you say.” He relaxed.

She wished she could have told him how much she wanted him, how much she wished it was Their Moment, how much she wished today the Uncertainties were going to end but maybe the Selfless Wait for Someone is not that Sweet always, as the old saying promised.

“You do know the physiotherapist visiting Ma from a few months now.” He started.

And she felt cheated of all those times she met the lady ,she seemed a good hearted lady then how could she stolen this precious something from her…..But wait !!! wasn’t she a widow???


“Sayyam….. this time? Everything is okay son! the old lady asked as soon as she opened the door.

“Who is Madhu,” echoed the authorative voice in the hallway and matching the same voice came the stern man in front of both the them.

“oh Sayyam…this time?” the tone dropped an octave low and it was a welcoming one now.

“how was your journey uncle.” He asked touching his feet.

“it was good,I returned this morning itself.” And as They entered into the hallway.

“actually I need to tell you something important.” He said taking the seat on the long sofa.

“hun…go ahead.” Said the old man, shifting uncomfortably.

“Paps….. and in no moment he was engulfed into the little arms of the girl “you didn’t meet me today ?” and before he could have answered her anything.

“Silkie,your Naanu isn’t going to give you the chocolates if you don’t brush ……y o u r   t e e t h before sleep.” The last words came in a mere whisper She too was surprised of him at this hour.

“See mamma, PAPS is here.” Her daughter was happy but she felt embarrassed of the word now in the presence of her parents and feeling utterly insane she mumbled a little Hiii.

The old couple were sensing the uncomfort both were going through but there was really little they could have done for it.

She was contemplating on whether to sit there or go back in the room but both the options had its own lovely results when her mother helped her “Silku why don’t you go brush first as mamma Is saying and then your talk with your Paps?”

“But Paps, you are coming in our room?” she asked cutely as if asking for a promise not dropping her lashes for a moment.

“Yeah my princess, I am coming.” He dropped her from his lap. “but first go and brush otherwise …..

“Otherwise KITANU MAN will make holes in my teeth.” She completed the half sentence with a familiar expression.

“Yeah go fast, mamma is waiting for you.” He pushed her lightly.

And here she smiled on their tactics, It didn’t seem Silki wasn’t his child or she met him a few months back and unknown to her the old couple too witnessed her sudden moist turned eyes.

“so you wanted to talk about something ?” the old man asked as soon as Krishna and his granddaughter were out of sight.

“Yeah…actually Uncle I have got an offer to lead the work in Germany and that means I need to shift to Germany for a few months or years.” He said turning serious ,the boy like demeanor of a few moments back was gone now.

“hun…go ahead.” Old man said thinking something.

“And I thought it was better if we married in the meantime…talking straightly I am here today to ask you her hand. Much wait and many things passed, now I don’t want to delay anymore.” He completed with confidence and he wasn’t that same 24 years old boy who had come with his mother all those years back to ask for the hand of same girl.


 Hey guys, next part updated. it is already holding a little hint but I love surprises so lets wait for the things to unfold on their own.

And how many of you know the KITANU MAN??? Okay, a little hint !!! it had come with one of the super characters we had in past.

Don’t worry if you couldn’t guess I will tell in the next update itself as I come with it and that will be soon Cause I had to add a scene here but I couldn’t so I am dying to type that scene J

I hope you like it and I’ll be waiting for your response. with love Morusya.

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  1. Wow so nice and wonderful update. Waiting for next update

    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much dear..i hope you like the next part too and it will be soon.

  2. Palak_55

    Now, how i praise u dear,… dictionary is totally empty now….:)
    The way u describe each and every scenes, does not gives me a feeling of reading rather i feel i am watching the scenes ……emotions, expressions everything i can feel through your words of writing…..and today that brush scene giving me this feeling only…..your Krishna’s dialogue for Silky was also among those …
    and about “KITANU MAN”…i can guess….who was he…and also the super hero character…..and u know only your imaginative mind can only think of giving this “KITANU MAN” idea….really dear from how long back years you again bring this KITANU MAN……:)
    but today also i did not get my answers….??? 😉 ….waiting for next one…:)

    1. Morusya51

      oh my god….then dont praise me sweetheart, just keep enjoying them and they will come more beautifully out 🙂 i really start thinking is it my notification feed i am seeing(twg)? i keep thinking for something in everything i am doing and maybe it clicks…maybe 😉
      but i am really happy for the love and appreciation. and yeah you are right KITANU MAN was that bad man years back in our childhoods and i love adding these little things cause i too miss those days. i am happy we remember him 🙂
      answers need time girlie but for you i will try it come soon.thank you so much my lovely reader.

  3. Muniya

    Lovely update…
    No hurry…I like things to go in their own flow…it’s more amazing.
    And ‘KITANU MAN’ is from ‘Shaktiman’…how can i forget that…it was my fav show then.

    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much dear and yeah you are right it is from Shaktiman..we all had loved it those days. and if you like it in the flow then yeah it will be in flow 🙂

  4. Fidato

    Hey… Morusya… Sorry I’m bit late…To comment… I’m in love with this “Silky”….Such a cutie pie…. Kitanuman… just adorable…

    You’re just amazing.. using simple words… You’re giving such a beautiful story… Without a hint introducing new characters but we don’t have any confusion and easily catch up…The story… Loved it…

    1. Morusya51

      Thank you so much Fidato….i am feeling really up with the love you guys are giving to them….and yes the real Silkie who was in my mind all the time too is a cutie pie ☺
      And Kitanu man. !! Haha… i hope you guys keep loving them and they will come out more beautiful ….love you girl ?

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