Finding the Love – Part 2

Finding the Love- part 2
They ate the ice-cream, played that gunshot like game and when she slept tiredly in his arms he carried her on his shoulders all the time and so to give him a little relief Krishna offered,” let me take her, you would be tired now.”
“Why,you don’t like this happy family portrait walking in the park.” he grinned shifting the sleeping baby in her arms.
“Because I don’t believe in fantasies.” She said as she took Silki in her arms.
“Why it is so hard for you to accept how it is, don’t you want to live again?” he asked as they kept crushing the teak leaves.
“I am living Sayyam and it’s you who should start living, you have given me seven years of your life and now I don’t want you to do that.” She said with no lack of confusion.
“you are such a stubborn mommy, Silki was so right.” He said making the face.
“I am not joking, and aren’t you ever serious?” she stopped suddenly and looked at him.
“Well, if I had been serious then right now we had been walking the streets of Copen Hagan hand in hand.” and he encircled her in his one arm and pulled her along the park.
“you will never understand me.” Mumbling a few more incoherent things she walked ahead and he smiled on this.
What happened if it was Not the beautiful city of Copen Hagen and they were walking in that little park………they were together, and he was in solace.


Now when she is already sleeping, why don’t you just go your home,” she said huffing the anger enveloping her as he covered the little girl in the covers and kissed on her forehead.
He had come to her house and even talked with her daughter when she woke up and started her talks with him,but he needed to go now, he had her mother waiting for him.
“You were not this a few years ago, I remember you used to be so sweet to me.” he said pulling her one cheek.
“I don’t want to argue with you.” she said giving him his car keys.
“Krishna, you have become a mum yourself but is it the way to talk with someone, he cares about you.” Her mother softy told her as he touched her feet.
“yeah aunty, that’s true. She is a mum herself but doesn’t know how to behave with someone who cares about her.”and he smirked hugging her mother.
And she knew she was alone in this battle so putting down her weapons ,she said, “what can I say when no one is willing to hear.”
“mum,if you are done talking and hearing his nonsense, bid her a good bye cause I am tired and I need to rest.”she said retiring to her room.
“ok lady,see you soon.”he said her retreating back smiling cause he knew in a few minutes she was going to call him herself.
“whatever.” she mumbled entering her room.
“So how was your trip Sayyam?” asked the lady in her late 50s pouring the iced green tea to him.
“it was good aunty, I have planned to take her someday with me, I remember she used to love the gothic style buildings of Europe.”he said biting the cookie.
“So did she agree?
“no, but I will someday.” he was confident.“by the way,I have bought you all Domino steins and kuchens from Germany, actually they specially make these in Christmas seasons.. I know you will love it and no ,they are eggless this time.” he assured and the aged lady smiled on the man who cared about her earnestly.
“give me a moment ,I forgot those in the car itself,also where is uncle, ?”he asked looking for his keys.
“he has gone to meet aashu,he was complaining to meet him.”she told him
“you too could have gone with him and meet the boy.” He said getting up. “but I understand….in a few days I will take them both with me then you and the old man would go and see different places together.” And with a swift movement he was gone from the hall.
“mum, where is Sayyam?” she was there and with the looks it was obvious she wasn’t not in the best of her moods.
“why what happened girl,you look angry?” old lady enquired. “and what is in this packet?”
“the majesty himself will answer this…if he already left.? She asked.
“no, he has gone to fetch some gifts- and she was cut mid way.
“more gifts….let me just meet him,”and taking angry steps she walked out of the house.
“yeah mom, I had been in office all day after my flight landed in Bangalore, had to complete a few things, I am coming home in a few minutes.”
“Ma, we have talked already about the issue,now don’t just start. I will talk with Ashna.”
And ending the call he turned and a packet was thrown to him and he caught it in time, “what the …. And he found the lady and a look on the packet he understood the reason and before he could say anything.
“why you keep doing this, I never told you to gift these to me?” she shouted in a low voice.
“but you love anklets?” he smiled opening the little red box.
“and see these have the smallest beads as you like,they won’t make much sound.”he added showing her the really beautiful pieces.
Giving a little glance at them she said tiredly. “I didn’t want to but heard anyway, why you keep lying your mother for me?” and turned to enter the house when he stopped her .
“I didn’t lie to her, I never had. And I was actually in office whole day, wasn’t i?” he looked in her big eyes.
“and what about her hopes, and about your wedding dreams she is dreaming for the years?” she asked not looking to him.
“she has every right to dream about my wedding cause it is on the cards and it will soon happen. I am not that cruel of a son.” He smiled and in no time he was gone into the house leaving her with a pang of pain in her heart.
She wanted to just run away from this torture, it was too much for her. She was okay a few months back when she didn’t know the lady she was going to meet was his mother,when she didn’t know who was the patient she was going to help, when she didn’t know about the coming torture.
And here before her eyes, her own mother was savouring the kuttens or cuttens….. what was the name of that foreign cake he had bought with her oh-so caring son.
“come Krishna, enjoy this sweet delicacy . stop being grumpy all the time.”her mother asked to join them.
“no ma, I don’t want to, I said na I need to rest.”and with little steps she went to her room hoping for a peaceful respite.
Curling to her little girl she caressed her hairs when she felt someone was near her bed edge and before she could turn something cold touched her skin and with a click it was done. And before same was done on the other feet she pulled herself up and found him on the bed edge with the other anklet .
“well, what will I do of the single anklet so let me tie this too .” he said sheepishly and leaned to tie the next one and she didn’t stir or stop him.
“why are you testing my patience, Sayyam?” she asked as he was done and extended the dry cake to her.
“cause I can’t help. See, how beautiful they look.” He answered admiring her anklet clad feet.
Keeping the plate in the side she left the bed and said, “ I have been married to some man and now I am the widow of him, what will people say to you.” And she looked to the now visible stars against her window glass.
“I have loved some girl seven years back and I never thought about any other girl even when I knew she wasn’t meant to meet me but look, destiny has made me meet her again and I can’t loose the chance.”he joined her on the window and he was calm.


Hey guys,next part updated. I hope you like it. Will be waiting for your response. With love Morusya.

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  1. Muniya

    Awesome update Morusya..
    Loved it dear..
    The last scene was so touching❤️️

    1. Morusya51

      thank you dear, i am happy you like this story and the last scene… that you have mentioned i myself is reading it again and again.

  2. Wow so nice and awesome and wonderful and amazing update loved it so much

    1. Morusya51

      thank you dear,hope you love the next part too.

  3. Wow loved it Nd I really like your story line so update soon

    1. Morusya51

      thank you dear, i am happy that you like this new story too,i hope you love the next part too.

  4. hy, dear i m so so so sorry for being late… i know u waits for everyone’s response and this encourages u more…but sometimes everthing is not in our hand…BTW episode was superb n kriyyam’s past was emotional one .. …close to bring tears in someone’s eye n literally it brought in my eyes and i hope in coming prts their luv story going to b very romantic n peaceful….come soon waiting for next one… fast …fast

    1. Morusya51

      it is alright sweetie, i have told you before too read whenever free,write whenever free and a little secret i could have told you in a private message but since you aren’t registered here- i love surprise messages which come when i am not even expecting them so write whenever you can cause i feel encouraged always 🙂
      and i was contemplating for two days just about how to write about this past,i had no idea but suddenly i started typing and things kept happenening.i am happy you liked that. and hold your tears more drama is on the way 🙂
      yes,it will turn more romantic and peaceful but before some dramas are necessary which by the way build the story.will be back soon dear.
      Note- did you find the other book?i am waiting for you there 🙂

  5. Secret ….u kept it secret only, when it rollout at that time only i also get to know it…..i luv surprises by u.?
    n abt another ff ….still dear i m not able to find it sorry but i tried to find it several times on TU n even google it…but i think whenever it will b in my destiny it will come automatically to me…?

    1. Morusya51

      its okay and it surely is in your destiny as again surprises are piled up here which will slowly unwrap as we ring in the new year 😉

  6. hey morusya thank u sooo much…wonderful story line plz keep updated daily…

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      thank you so much dear, next update will be soon.

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