FINDING MY LOVE….. ANIKA Shivika ff Part 1 By Sana & Ahsana

Sorry friends for this late post. I was busy with my college classes, so I can only post at weekends. The first part of my ff was an combo work of me and my bestie Sana. Love you ???? Sana. Thank you so much for helping me.
Now I was going to starts my shivika ff “finding my love… Anika “please ignores the grammar mistakes.

The sky is blue and the Sun is shining everything is normal as usual day except that it was today. Today is the day where everyone was eagerly waiting for months, today is the day when one’s effort and hardwork is going to be recognized and today is the day when the country ‘s Best Bussiness man was going to be announced.

The whole India had their ears to the radio station, television and mobile news. Business world was so competitive and all give their best shot in it. They had put a lot of pressure on it and winning it means the world to them. The judging was fair and only deserving gets the title.

So it wasn’t a surprise at all when Shivaye Singh Oberoi was announced as the country ‘s Best Business Man, it was so deserving. This young man in 27 worked hard day and night to develop his empire Oberoi Empire. In this four years of sleepless nights, empty stomachs of skipping food during work and more is playing back to him at last and it was a pure Bliss


It didn’t take anytime for media people to reach his mansion and also business man in their expensive suit to congratulate and to impress with a intention of at least getting in a deal with him. There was no doubt that all men wants to be in his shoes, women and young girl Dream’s and drools over him ,yeah no one will be able to resist his attractiveness.

The whole oberio mansion was quickly decorated and security guards tired to get the paparazzi away. It was filled with noice and the only word make out is “where is he ” “why he isn’t here yet? ” “he is so handsome and deserving ” “I want to congratulate him and we need to have a business talk “etc.

There is him

Shivaye Singh Oberoi

Best Business Man of the Country

He came down the stairs in a navy blue tuxedo with his hands raking his stylish set hair. He had a proud smile of his face which sad that he did it. A smirk replaced his genuine smile when he saw the crowd awaiting for him. He stopped and turned around to look at his brothers, his family and life.

Omkara Singh Oberoi was there behind his brother in a white kurti with a black over coat and his hair reaching his shoulders. He was handsome like his brothers as well but he was sensitive and a artist. Everything around him turns to beautiful and breath taking paintings on canvas in his Art gallery
He was a true self and hated lies. Everyone respected him now even person would be able to hate this beautiful soul.

Rudra Singh Oberoi,the younger and the most charming person. He was so she and hot that every girls want to have a hit with him. He is a little flirt and not to mention he is a innocent child inside who cries for his favorite protein shake. He was there being a competition to other two for the spot light in white tee shirt with a black jacket over and also ripped dark blue jeans. He stood next to shivay waving at the crowd and boy sure he is someone who loves attention.

The three of them came forward and took the blessings from the backbone of their family who is their Dadi, a lovely lady in her late sixties blessed them and hugged them together. Then they moved to the other elders and now the three of them are standing in the stage in center looking at each other with grain to grain smile in their face.

They chuckled and tosser their glass of wine together with saying loudly “DIL BOLE OBEROI ” with their free hand touching their Heart. Everyone stood adoring their Obro moment and seeing there ? for each other. They were inseparable.

Later shivay interacted with the media and came to his brothers. And they have memorable obro moment. That time the
three of their eyes caught the two little childrens standing in front of them with a serious expression on their cute arguing over something.

It was a girl who looked like a princess in her floor lengthing white gown and a boy who have eyes of blue greenish kanji eyes like shivay in three piece suit and now they were in a headed conversation.

“Billu” the girl called out sweetly but one could make out the sarcasm in it.

“Don’t call me Billu I hate it and I do have a nice name which is Shivam Khurana “the boy said running a hand through his light brown hair totally annoyed and frustrated.

“I don’t care who you are, may be you are Shivam Khurana but you have eyes like Billi and I will surely call you billu, billu, billu… BILLU ! ” . The girl sad and a giggle escaped from her lips.

If looks could kill then the girl would be buried deep down now seeing the death glares the boy is shooting at her. He went closer to her and took the tap in her hands ? and not being able to hold his anger he threw the tab and it landed on the floor in pieces and then headed stormed off from
there . The girl stood there shocked and her face turned into a pale colour.

Shivay stood there rooted to the ground and he looked their with a feeling of missing. His face lost its smile and smirk and now it was expressionless. The memories flooded into his mind .
17 years ago

“Billu.. ”
“Don’t call me Billu I hate it and I do have a nice name which is Shivay Singh Oberoi ”
“I don’t care who you are, may be you are
Shivay Singh Oberoi but you have eyes like Billi so I will surely call you billu, billu, billu… Billu..! ”


“Friends ”
“Promise to me shivay you don’t leave me, you are always with me ”
“I Promise you anika I don’t leave you, you are my best friend forever ”
“Pinky promise ”
“pinky promise ”


“I hate you shivay, you are broke your promise, I don’t want to see you ”
“Even I don’t want to see your face, please go from my house ”
” yeah I was going to leave you


“mumma Papa please call Yaash uncle and
says to him that bring back anika in OM. It’s was all my mistakes. I can’t live without her ”
“she was leave you forever. Yaash ‘s car meet with an accident, anika was die in that accident along with Yaash ”

“No it’s was not true, she can’t leave me, I
promised her that I was with her forever ”

Shivay came back from his memories. After
remember that he was shout

S: No….. It’s was not true…. She was never die in that accident. She can’t leave me. I
will “find my love….. Anika ”

After that he was goes to his room
and closed his room’s door .
Omru ‘s are follow him. And ask him to open the door. But he didn’t open.

R: O how much happy shivay bhayya today but all of his happiness was wide that children’s argument .
O: After seeing their argument, shivay may be remembered anika Didi. How many times we are try to understand him that she was die in that accident along with her father. But still he is believing that she is alive.
R:O if shivay bhai ‘s believe true then we will find out Anika Didi and we should return back his love.
O:But how can we find out her, because we both don’t meet her and don’t know her family.
R:But O one person will able to help for finding Anika Didi.
O:who is that person rudy?
R:None other than our pyari Dadi.
O:you are smart Rudy. I didn’t think about it.
R: I’m smart Singh oberoi he na.
O :we don’t have time Rudy. Shivay ‘s birthday is next month. If we will able to find anika Didi then we will able to give a birthday surprise for shivay.
R:Nice idea O . Now we should talk to dadi

Omru are goes to their dadi to talk about anika, That time in shivay ‘s room
After closing the door he go to his shelf and
took a box from the shelf. He was opened the box, there was so many childhood pictures of shivay with anika. He took a
locket from the box it’s was love model
locket, the first part of the locket was a picture of Shivay and denoted S in its center and other part of the locket was a
picture of anika and denoted A in its center.

S: where are you anika …?I know that you
are never die in that accident. You can’t
able to leave me. All of my family members are saying that you die. But I know you are alive. I will find you Anika


Once again thank you Sana for helping me.
Love you a lot dear.
I’m waiting for knowing you all’s opinion, if you have like this part then comment.


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      Thank you Niriha.I glad you like it.

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    Hey Ahsana di, you added my name in title for today. It was unnecessary and I just wrote it down while you had the complete idea. Awesome and the last part of memories was amazing. First part di eyuthiyalm ad adipoli akum ennadil oru doubtm illa. Thank you so much, I was very glad to help you and happy knowing you liked it my di is rocking and all the best love you, hugs !

    1. Ahsana98

      Sana idea endetanenkilum ezhudiyadu neeyalle adinal adinde credit ninakum kudi avakashapettadanu ADA ninde perum kodi vechadu.AA memorise part ezhttapettu ennu arinjapol sandosham. Iniyum enne help avashyamullapol you too dear..

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    1. Ahsana98

      Thank you Rufi for reading. Don’t sad dear . our bhayya was cry because his life is not with him and he will find his love and that love bring his happiness back. Is anika die or not ,the second part of the ff will give the answer, so waiting for that. Once again thank you and love you so much dear.

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    Awesome loved it to the core post next part soon????

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    Awesome work ! Kudos to both of you. A fresh piece of literary is always like a treat to read. Enjoyed it to the core. Waiting for the mysteries to get unsolved. Keep writing, all the best !❤

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      Thank you so much Vedika . I am very happy after reading your comment. Thank you dear for your support. I glad you like it. When I get time I will surely update next part.The compliment from you made my day very special dear.Thank you so much

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    Superb dr….hope shivays faith comes true….. expecting more from u all dr….

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    Awesome start….. Loved it!!

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    hey Ahsaana…this is super awesome start…i am just loving it…sorry i am late to post my opinion ….i have a reason, i wanted to read peacefully and then post my opinion…. seriously it’s an awesome start…congratulations to you and Sana !!! way to go gals….waiting for the next episode

    1. Ahsana98

      Thank you so much Harika Di for your support. I glad you like the story. Don’t say sorry Di ,it was me who send the link of my ff lately ,sorry for that. I am very happy to read your comment Di.

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    1. Ahsana98

      Love you so much Fathi.I glad you like the story.The idea is mine but it was written by Sana for me.First part was an combo work of me and Sana.I only write from the flash back scens .Do you post the second shot of your TS??

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        Both of you have done great work..
        No i havent..
        I’ll tell u when i’ll post

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