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Next day arrived and Shivay as planned announced about the party. Everyone was very happy. Shivay asked Khanna to inform every staff and every company they are linked with. Anika and Om took over the charge of decoration. Ishana took the charge of food and catering while Rudra looked on. Shivi was playing in his arms.

“Shivi beta…you go and play there I need to join this discussion too” Rudra said while pointing the corner of the couch to Shivi and putting her down. Shivi smiled and with small steps reached near the couch.

She tried to get up but slipped down. No one was looking at her and was busy in their discussion. She again tried to go up and slipped down the next time too. She looked at every faces and then tried again. She was about to slip when she clutched the cover of the couch tightly but she was gradually slipping down when a pair of hand held her and put her up on the couch.

“Papa…” Shivi softly called and smiled, he too reciprocated her smile and sat beside her.

“Papa…play” Shivi said taking his father’s hand in her’s and crawling her two fingers up and down while giggling.

“He… He… He” her smile and laugh caught attention of everyone when everyone noticed her busy playing with her father. Shivay was also so much engrossed with her. Smiling and laughing aloud.

“The best father of the world” Anika muttered to herself.

“Ahem…ahem” Ishana and OmRu did together while Anika looked down while blushing.

“Okay Rudra will help me” Ishana said.

“All the best Ishu…he is the number one work destroyer…have a great time” Om said looking at Ishana. Ishana glared at him and spoke “not a word against my Rudy boy”

“Bhabhiiiii….see see Om learn something… bhabhi…” he said sobbing fake.

“Yes Om no words against our darling devar” Anika too joined Ishana’s side.

Rudra went to them and hugged them.

“Drama queen…” Om taunted to which Rudra pulled out of the hug and immediately said “no…drama king”

Everyone burst out laughing aloud to which Shivay and Shivanya started giving them confused looks. Shivay gestured mad by circling his finger thrice above the ear and smiling ear to ear. Shivi too winked agreeing to his statement and got back to their work of playing.

Evening arrived soon. Guests started arriving by exact 6 P.M. Then when Mr. Malhotra came in and greeted Shivay and Anika turn by turn. The three brothers were attending the guest when Anika took Om aside.

“Om…where is Tanya? I have not seen her since morning” she said.

“I don’t know bhabhi…I also searched for her sometime back but a servant said she went out early in the morning” Om replied.

“Ohh okay… then I must go back to my works and listen you know na…” Om cut Anika in between and completed her sentence “don’t worry bhabhi.” Anika smiled and went back to Ishana to help her in catering works while Rudra was as expected busy with Shivanya.

Tanya returned after an hour. She was well dressed for the party. As soon Shivay saw her he went to her.

“Where were you Anika?” he asked

“I…I… I got stuck in some work… let’s go and enjoy…the part…party” she stammered while answering. Shivay kept quiet and didn’t ask any further question.

They all were enjoying and the announcement for couple dance was made by Rudra. “Dance…dance” Shivi who was in Rudra’s arm squealed in happiness and clapped. Shivay took Tanya on the floor to dance. She was looking into his eyes while Shivay was looking here and there.

Everyone swirled their partners and the partners got changed. Tanya landed on a man’s hand while Anika took the empty place of Shivay’s hand. She looked deep down his eyes while his sight too got stuck in her eyes. They started moving and their hearts synched with every beat of the music.

The man started touching Tanya in an unusual way while she felt uncomfortable. Tanya looked at Shivay but he was busy dancing and again everyone swirled their partners and this time Anika landed in that man’s arm and Tanya went back to Shivay. He started touching Anika in the same unusual way.

Shivay pushed Tanya back and hit the man’s nose hard and said howling “Veer Pratap Chauhan how dare you touch my Anika in that way?” He asked.

His eyeball went into the deepest shades of grey. It seemed as if fires are coming out of his eyes. Veer looked at Shivay holding his nose as blood is running down.

“How do you even remember my name Mr. Oberoi? You have some sort of memory loss right?” Veer asked.

Shivay looked at Om and then answered “Om has given me the guest list of every person present in this party. More or less I know everyone by their face but your face seemed new and unseen to me so was your name on the list…so I guessed it that you are only Veer Pratap Chauhan.”

“Hmm…get it but why do you react when I touched Anisa and not your wife…when I touched your wife you were busy dancing with Anisa and when I touched her you just pushed your wife and punched me” Veer said.

“Anika went to me and explained how you were touching her…then I looked at you and found you touching this girl (pointing towards Anika) so I couldn’t control and have punched you…and listen dare you touch my wife again” Shivay said.

Tanya and Anika looked at Shivay who was fuming with anger. Anika initially thought to go and calm Shivay down but dropped her idea looking Shivay howling again.

“Anika…Anika” Shivay howled looking at Veer Pratap Chauhan with rage. Tanya went forward. Shivay continued “slap this man hard so that he gets a lesson” he said.

“But Shivay…” Tanya tried to say something.

“I said slap him” Shivay roared looking at her.

Tanya looked at Veer and then at Shivay. She went close to him and slapped him hard.

“One from my side too Tan… Anika” Anika said and Tanya slapped Veer again.

Veer glared at Shivay and Anika angrily.

“You have to pay huge for this Mr. Oberoi…just keep this in mind” Veer said and went out of the party.

“We are sorry for this… please enjoy the party” Om said.

Everyone started enjoying the party. Shivay went to his room. Anika and Ishana headed over to the food area to look after while OmRu continued to attend the guests.

An hour passed.

“Di…where is Tanya..she went missing again” Ishana said.

“Yeah…from today morning only she is behaving so weird.. Ishu let this party end we will find her and ask her…she might be anywhere around only” Anika answered.



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