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“Stop it Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi… or else we will kill your daughter… don’t you dare touch Veer” Om shouted pointing a gun at Shivi’s head while she was licking her candy without even understanding that what is going to happen with her.

“Wooo… see Shivay, your daughter will die now… wow Om and Rudra you never seemed so loyal partners to me but you two actually are… I am impressed… now tell me Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi” Veer smirked while coming close to Shivay whose constant stare was on OmRu and Shivi.

“What? Now why are you looking at them so shocked, now howl at me… now ask me what should you do to me… oopppsss sorry it hurts right to see your daughter at the gun point… HAHAHAHAHA…?”  Veer’s laughter continued.

“Hehehehehe….” Shivay and Anika started laughing looking at Veer and then at OmRu. Veer startled looking back at Shivay and Anika as his laughter ended in his throat looking Shivay laughing this hard.

“Hey… they will shoot your daughter and you are finding it as a joke? Scream… plead in front of me to leave your daughter… I said plead” Veer shouted while OmRu too joined Shivay and the three started laughing aloud.

“Heyyyy….” Veer shouted.

Shivay looked at Om and Rudra. They too looked at Shivay.

“Bhaiyaa… listen… listen we should hang him up side… up side down till his brain… which… which I doubt he has… reaches to its perfect position from knees” Rudra said holding his stomach and laughing in between.

“No laughter competition is going on… why everyone is laughing?” Veer shouted out his frustration holding his head. “Stop it… just stop it I said” he said again but as loud he screamed their laughter became the double.

“Okay Shivay now enough of torturing him by our laughter… we should disclose everything or else his head will burst” Om said stopping his laughter and again continued.

“Okay… okay I am explaining… just be calm” Shivay said and sat back on the chair again.

“Stop it… stop it” Veer again shouted aloud hearing OmRu and Anika laughing still.

“See Veer first of all your mistake was you believed OmRu blindly… how can you even think that OmRu… who can die for me will plan against me? Secondly from where you got the screw of your brains that are so  loose… how can you even think that OmRu will harm Anika and Shivi haan? Of course it was the part of our plan and they were acting too as we did. Ohhh god… I will burst into laughter again” Shivay completed and the laughter followed.

Veer looked and scanned each and everyone’s face at loss. When Anika continued from behind “Veer… OmRu are my brothers… brothers… and yeah you know that plan you made for me of keeping me in the dark store room was such a crap yaar… no listen do you even think that when I am shouting of letting me go from the room then no one will come to save me? Oh god… that day was the best day I think as I got to eat a lot in that two hours in that room. And yeah the room was indeed a store room but darling it had A.C and enough light to do anything you want.  And yeah how can you even think Pinky maa would accept anyone else as her bahu? She loves me more than Shivay also. I am her daughter… so this was your next mistake thinking she was against me and was planning for Shivay’s re-marriage. She was with us Mr. Veer. In fact the entire family knew the plan and they were with us. So from next time stop making this type of useless plans.” Anika completed and looked at Shivay who was staring at her with puppy eyes.

“What happened?” Anika asked looking at Shivay.

“Why did you call this villain darling?” Shivay sounded childish teenager.

“Awwwwwww… my bagad billa… okay okay Veer darling is taken back” Anika said looking at Shivay and then at Veer. Shivay’s face lightened up listening to that.

“What’s going on?” Veer asked trying hard not to cry.

“Meeeeaaaawwwwww” Rudra said from side looking at Veer.

“What was that?” Om asked.

“O… look at the tiger who has become a wet cat now” Om and Rudra hi-fied each other and started laughing again.

ShivOmRu went near Veer and looked at each other. “Om..Ru shouldn’t we punish him for torturing my Anika… for trying to separate us… for keeping me away from you two for so many years?” Shivay asked looking at Om and Rudra. Om handed over Shivi to Tanya.

OmRu nodded yes and before Veer could even react punch landed on his stomach. “This was for torturing my Anika” Shivay said.

Rudra now punched on right cheek of Veer “this was for keeping our Anika didi… now bhabhi… away from us for ten long years after her college”

“How dare you try us to separate three of us?” Om held Veer’s collar and kicked him on his stomach.

Now Anika went close and looked at Veer. Tears made there way down again.

“Hit him Anika… he has killed all your hopes… he has killed Maa and Babuji… he has killed Vini… slap him Anika” Shivay howled looking at Veer.

“YYeeeaaauuuhh” Anika slapped him “how dare you kill my parents” Anika said and another slap followed “how dare you kill Vini” she slapped him again “how dare you try to snatch away my Shivay from me… how dare you try to harm my daughter… how dare you try to ruin my life? For a moment after new year you compelled me to think that I have lost my Shivay and he has seriously lost his memory. For you I was not allowed to hold my husband’s hand in front of anyone” series of slaps followed as Anika continued saying and she fell down with a thud crying.

Shivay went to her and wrapped her in his arms and let her cry in his protective embrace. Shivi came down from Tanya’s hold and went to her Mumma.

“Mumma…” Shivi softly called and Anika lifted up her face to see Shivi looking at her.

“Yes beta” Anika said brushing Shivi’s hair.

“Don’t cly (cry)” Shivi said and wiped Anika’s tears from her cheek. Anika hugged Shivi and let her tears flow down. Shivay wrapped both of them, OmRu too joined them.

“We are also there” Ishana and Soumya said looking at them. Om and Rudra extended their hands and they both ran towards them.

Time passed as Anika composed herself and got up taking up Shivi in her hands. Everyone got up and looked at Veer… who was in the hold of police by then.

“ONE FOR ALL…” Shivay said extending his hand and waited for others to join. One by one Anika, Om, Ishana, Rudra and Soumya kept their hand over Shivay’s and said aloud “ALL FOR ONE” they looked at each other and smiled broadly.

Shivi stared at Veer and then at Anika. Anika looked that and asked “what beta?” Shivi pointed towards Veer. Anika understood Shivi is asking Anika to take her to Veer. Anika looked at Shivay who blinked his eyes giving assurance to her. Anika with small steps went to Veer holding Shivi tight.

Shivi moved her fingers together indicating Veer to come close. Veer did so and Shivi kissed on Veer’s cheeks and smiled and then looked at her mother again. Anika smiled as a tear oozed out again. Shivi nodded no and again wiped her mother’s tear and kissed on her mother’s cheek.

Veer remained stunned looking at the gesture of that small being. Tears got filled up in his eyes too. Shivay went close and held Anika by her shoulders and dropped a kiss over Shivi’s head who in turn turned to him and smiled. “Veer at least for this small gift of god…” Shivay said pointing at Shivi and continued “…please try to change in your life, why always thinking to harm others? Just try to love people and believe they will love you back” Shivay completed.

Police took away Veer who looked back at Shivi with tears and muttered “bye princess” with a smile and went away.


Months passed and it was Shivi’s birthday. Everyone was busy with the arrangements. Anika was busy selecting the best dress for her baby doll. The evening arrived and everyone came down in the fancy dress of bollywood heroes as instructed by Shivi.

They together cut the cake along with Shivi.

“Shivi… Shivi smile” Om said and clicked her picture.

“Om Chachu” Shivi called Om close to her and Om extended his cheeks thinking she will kiss but when her Papa has taught her to apply cake on face rather than having it then what can anyone do and she dipped her entire hand on the cream and softly rubbed the hand over Om’s face.

“Shivi” Om said and looked at Shivi who ran behind Ishana to hide. Rudra started laughing looking at them and licked their picture. Om swiftly went to the cake and then at Rudra.

“Rudra” Om softly called and Rudra looked at Om and as it was planned his two cheeks got painted by the colours of the cream of the cake. Ishana took up Shivi and started laughing aloud looking the two brothers without expecting Anika to come from behind.

“Love you Ishu” Anika said and applied the cake mask over Ishu’s face now.

“Anika di” Ishana said and started running with Shivi in her hands behind Anika. Shivi laughed aloud looking at the cake fighting of the elders.

Now it was Soumya’s turn to take Ishana’s revenge and she threw a cake piece aiming at Anika but it landed up on Shivay’s face who looked at everyone’s face who were laughing mess by then.

He noticed only Anika was left.

“Anika…” he called Anika sounding serious.

“Yes Shivay” Anika went towards him.

“Happy birthday mumma” Shivay said and very politely applied the face mask of cake on Anika’s face and rolled down laughing looking Anika fuming up.

“Hey everyone… one photo please” Rudra said and extended his arms for a group-fie. All the old elders too joined the gang.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHIVI” everyone said aloud as the picture captured their smiling faces and their happiness.


——————————-THE END

Heya doodles here comes the end to our journey together. Many moments and memories were made through this. For me this story is my best piece. This story has gifted me so many new friends and many chamelis too for torturing to the last extent. Everyday maybe more than you all I used to stay excited for posting the next part and see all your reactions so that I get to work at my faults the next time. 

I tried my best to made the story a smooth mystery, thriller and suspense with every twist. I just hope you all enjoyed the story.

One confession at the end– Initially I had no plan to include Shivanya’s character in my ff and planned some other story but one of my very close person, a sister of mine inspired me a lot for writing a baby character through her writings. She is no more with us but all her memories and good works will definitely stay with us.

Okay now no one should be emotional and we all should end this story in a happy note and with a smile on our face. 

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THANK YOU SO MUCH friends for making this story so nice for me. I will miss you all. Hoping to come back super soon.



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    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Aafi. I am just good I think cause there is lot more to become awesome.
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    1. Nilash

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    1. Nilash

      Pakhi before I reply to your comment I just wanna say that I love your name. PAKHI is a very very cute name.
      Okay now my replying part. Thank You so much for commenting this big. This means huge huger hugest to me. Thank You so so so much.
      Yes when Shivi kissed him he understood that a child is the purest form of being and he was behind killing her. So he had to change 🙂 thank you so much again for praising me.
      Awwww that means I succeeded in portraying the human nature. I am not an excellent writer dear it is just all your love that makes it so successful. And I never accept a sorry because friendship me no sorries. You were busy na but you read and that was the best part 🙂
      Phew thank god I am still safe after torturing till the last episode 😛
      Thank you so much Pakhi.
      I am coming back super soon with another story but am not sure that it would be khidkitod or not but I promise that I will try my best.
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    1. Nilash

      Thank You so much Chaithu.
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    1. Nilash

      Thanks a lot Raji. Shivi’s character is much close to my heart so had to make it good to read at least but you felt amazing and this made me happy. Thank You so so much.
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      Veer ki sar thod waali epi is the best… kya kya words invent kar diya tum ne. Ha ha ha… aas paas koi tha to nai na jab tum naach rhi thi 🙂 😛 😛 😛 Shivi yaar haan I just tried to make her as soft and cute as possible and you loved it uske like bara se bhi bara wala thank you. Yaar wo lambu last me jail to gaya na to wo bechara to pakka hai. 😛 😛 Okay darling mai jaldi se bhi bahut jaldi wapas aa rhi hu bas apne dil or dimaag ke darwaaze ko khula rakhna. Villain ki beizzati bhi to karni hai… hum wo kaise miss kar sakte hai 🙂 😉 😉 😉 😛 😛
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    1. Nilash

      Thanks a lot Shivika. Thank You so much for reading the story dear.
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