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She was at loss to react anything when the bold sound pierced the dark place “it’s enough Veer Pratap Chauhan… now it’s my turn to show you how dangerous can death be”

“Shivay… you?” Veer asked shocking the hell out.

“Yes me… my Anika’s saviour… well you had enough time torturing her, now its my time to show what the real torture is” Shivay said very calmly.

“How dare you enter into my place without my permission?” Veer howled back walking close to Shivay.

“How dare you touch my Anika?” now Shivay’s voice rose up reflecting his anger.

“Shivay, he killed my parents… my bestie… he killed everyone” Anika managed to say between the hiccups.

“Relax Anika… he had enough fun torturing you, now its my… no our turn to torture him… Tanya… Tanya, come here” Shivay called out looking back.


Shivay lost Anika in mid way and went back to Oberoi Mansion where police was enquiring Tanya.

“Mr. Oberoi, here you come… well I don’t think that this girl was the actual master planner but she was just a pawn of the master planner’s game” the police said.

“Tanya… tell us everything you know, see now you just cannot run away saving the person you want to because we already know who is he” Shivay said and Tanya’s eyes travelled up in shock to meet his.

“Ohhkkaayyy… okay I am telling everything” Tanya said shivering and closed her eyes as the tears made their way down.

She started “one- two months ago we met Dr. Veer when we visited Delhi for my husband Abhay’s treatment… he has suffered an accident and he is in coma, we met him and he promised me that he will cure my husband but only in one condition, I promised him that I can do anything and everything for my husband and then he shared his plan and asked me to be with you and inject you the drug he has given to me after you ran away from his hold” Tanya stopped as her sobs followed.

“What happened thereafter?” Shivay asked impatiently.

“I started to keep an eye on both of you and Anika, I thought that you have seriously lost your memory and is misunderstanding me as Anika. I gave all the information about you and Anika to Dr. Veer. Then he instructed me to give him every information of yours and Anika’s deeds minute by minute… I used to do that following his orders. But on the last day of december I got to know that Abhay’s condition is critical and I went to see him and then when I asked you to behave normal with Anika without knowing that you are completely fine. On the first day too I went to take Abhay’s care. I came back at Oberoi Mansion when I felt he was fine.

I asked Veer to make my husband fine soon but he was in no mood and then you said about the marriage proposal. I was to deny it but Veer said me to say yes and I did so because he has threatened me again. He asked me to run away the moment OmRu kidnapped Shivi. But then you called the police and stopped me from running away. I followed all his instructions just… please leave me… I never wanted to do any bad of yours… please” Tanya’s sobs continued.

Shivay asked her to show the den of Veer.


“Shiivvaayyyy…” Anika shouted out.

“How dare you try to hit me?” Shivay asked holding the rod halfway through which Veer was to hurt Shivay.

“Stay away from me and Anika Shivay… or else I will kill your daughter” Veer threatened.

“How dare you say that?” Shivay completed and punched him over his nose again causing it to bleed and then again shouted “Tanya..”

Now Tanya walked in looking down.

“Tanya you? I asked you to run away the moment OmRu kidnapped Shivi… what are you doing here?” Veer shouted out the last words.

“Yeah… actually good question, what is she doing here? Well I am explaining… you be sited” Shivay said sitting on the royal chair of Veer. Veer fumed up seeing that but he couldn’t do anything as he knew Shivay knows something so he opted to not speak anything and waited for Shivay to start when Tanya went to Anika and freed her from ropes.

“Hey, what the hell are you doing?” Veer howled looking Tanya opening the ropes but it was of no use as Tanya was not in any mood to listen to him.

“Wait wait wait… why shouting on her? Talk to me… well no let me tell you the truth.” Shivay said and stared at Anika and continued “Mr. Veer Pratap Chauhan… ohh no no… Dr. Veer Pratap Chauhan, you started the game of hide and seek and now its my turn to end it. Well it all started the day you kidnapped me, I tried to run away but somehow you managed to fail all the attempt of mine and started dosing me drugs. I wasn’t in any condition to retort back.

Then you started making me believe that you have killed Anika and I have lost her, that time I lose all my hopes as you showed me some fake photographs of Anika’s death… I started believing those but somewhere I was damn sure that those were fake, but the dosage increased day by day and the drug effect made me to believe those lies as truth.I broke down day by day.

You started beating me mercilessly everyday after drugging me… I had also lose the hope of living life so I gave in more and waited for the day to die to meet my Anika in heaven but you made sure to kill me everyday. But god wasn’t with you and then I saw Anika on the road when I was being taken to a hospital as I had high fever from past some days then. Then I somehow understood the steps of the master-planner. You mistakenly took me to the hospital we own… somewhere I knew that the time has came that I should get freed.

I ran away in search of Anika in the hospital but I couldn’t find her when your men found me and took me to a room and tried injecting me drugs again. You were successful in injecting the last time but my Anika came to save me and she saved me from you. Initially for a day or two I had lost my memory and couldn’t recognise anyone but when I went unconscious and then again regained consciousness, my memory was back. I greeted all my close ones and then turned to Anika but then I found a new face standing on the door step, I understood that it might be your plan and I recognised Tanya as Anika. You were confused but when I started behaving rude with Anika then you gradually believed that I am seriously thinking Tanya as Anika.

But Mr. Veer the camera you fixed on our room was being manipulated minute to minute ensuring that you never come to know about me and Anika’s relation in these days. I and Anika started leading a normal husband wife life and sharing bed room…” Shivay now stopped and smiled looking at Anika. Anika too smiled back.

“How is this possible? Tanya always kept an eye on you two… she used to drug your food so that you can never get that part of your memory back but if your memory was fine then also as the action of the drug you should be affected highly and you should have started loosing your mind again” Veer asked confused looking at Tanya. Tanya kept looking down when Veer shouted out again “speak up damn it”

“Relax relax… I said na I am explaining” Shivay said calmly smiling.

“Then please do so” Veer took out his frustration.

Shivay started “well initially I got to know that Tanya has the same drug with her but how can the drug act on me when I changed it… and about Tanya and me sharing the room, it was very simple that we used to dose Tanya a bit high with sleeping pills that she used to sleep very peacefully and I always acted in front of her… it wasn’t a problem at all… so now you tell me how you want to die?” Shivay asked looking at Veer and then at Anika.

“Tanyaa….. now you see what I do to Abhay” Veer shouted.

“Please don’t do anything to him, I did as you instructed… please leave my Abhay” Tanya pleaded folding hands and kneeling down.

“Don’t worry Veer… Tanya has shared that how you used to threat her by saying that you would kill Abhay who is in coma… and Tanya you don’t plead as Abhay is fine now… he is admitted to one of the hospitals we own… he would be fine soon” Shivay completed and Tanya broke down in tears owing to them everything that Shivay did for Abhay.

Anika went to her and tried to calm her down when she broke down in Anika’s arms.

“Now tell me Dr. Veer what should we do to you? I mean… I don’t want you to just go away like this, neither I want to touch you and commit any sin… so what should we do with you?” Shivay’s tone was very calm.

“Shivay” Veer again got up and went to hit Shivay when he guarded own-self very nicely and the fight begun. But the next shock stopped both of them from punching each other…

“Stop it Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi… or else we will kill your daughter… don’t you dare touch Veer” Om shouted pointing a gun at Shivi’s head while she was licking her candy without even understanding that what is going to happen with her.

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