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Next day arrived and the storm in Shivika’s life too.

“Shivi… Shivanya… Shivi…” Anika shouted aloud finding Shivi like mad here and there in every room.

She reached the hall and started calling out Shivi loudly and everyone gathered listening to her screams and shouts.

“What… what happened Anika?” Shivay asked when Tanya’s attention caught and she understood that Shivay has got his memory back.

Anika broke down crying in Shivay’s arms taking Shivi’s name.

“Relax Anika… nothing will happen to our Shivi… just relax” Shivay patted her back trying to calm her down but then she opened her fist revealing the letter from Om.

It read—

Bhabhi… we should be sorry for doing this to you… but we are not because you should suffer a little for what you did, you just snatched away Shivay, the main player of our game, from us and now he is adamant in sharing the property with you. But how can we let him do that? We are taking away Shivi from you, but the day you leave him and go away she will definitely return to you. Just stay calm bhabhi until VEER teaches you a lesson.

Shivay was shocked reading each word and he reread again but the words doesn’t change to his favour.

“Shivi…. my daughter” Anika’s hiccups and sobs continued.

After sometime Shivay went to call and inform the police when Anika ran out without listening to anyone from back to find her daughter by her own.

“Anikaaa…. Anika stop” Shivay called from back but she drove the car and went out.

Shivay too followed her in another car but in a signal he lost her car and she continued driving till a truck suddenly came in front of her from a lane inside.

Cllleeeaaacchhh…. Anika’s car stopped.

“What the hell… just move away from my way” Anika shouted.

“Your way will lead you to me darling… your Shivi is with me, just come with me” Veer shouted back coming down from the car and smirking evilly.

Anika’s jaw dropped listening her Shivi’s name from his mouth and she soon came out of the car.

“Where is my daughter? Just take me to her” she shouted as loud as she could while tears went down.

“Well… at first stop shouting darling, and come with me” Veer said walking up to Anika’s car and grabbed the driver’s seat while signed Anika to sit beside him. Anika without any second thought ran towards the car and sat beside. Veer started the engine. Anika’s sobs, hiccups and tears continued and she drifted in the era of unconsciousness.

“Anika… Anika” Veer jerked her a little and counted her pulse when he got sure that she is unconscious. “Let’s reach to my den and you will be fine, I always had the dream of making you mine and defeating Shivay… I completely did it today darling, but just don’t worry… I know you love Shivanya a lot… I won’t harm her a bit also because she would be my daughter right? After we marry…” Veer’s laughter reached high as tears formed in his eyes out of happiness.

Anika remained unconscious as they reached to his den. He landed her on the chair and started staring at her as the smile covered his face.

“Awwww… you look too cute, well today before I propose you again… I want to confess something, I want to tell you that through what I went to get you… how much effort I did to get you” Veer laughed out loud again and sat in front of Anika to describe her what he did.

His explanation started “I was in my last year in school when I fell for you, your beauty, your sense of humour, your every action compelled me to fall for you and then I thought to propose you, I did but you denied and Veer Pratap Chauhan never bears a no from anyone so I tried hard to make your no a yes but no you sticked to your decision and out of our fight Vini became the victim. I moved away from your life promising to myself that I will get you… by hook or crook… and then I came back again at the last of your second year and helped Vini to get cured. She was grateful to me and so was you but you had issues with me still and I waited more. One day, I went to your house to share my feelings with your parents when you were in live-in with Shivay…


“Namaste uncle… Namaste aunty” Veer greeted.

“Namaste beta… but we don’t know you” Anika’s father said.

“I know uncle but I want to share something about your daughter” Veer said shocking both Anika’s father and mother.

“About our daughter?” Anika’s mother asked caressing Sahil’s back who was of five months then.

“Yes aunty… I love Anika and want to marry her” Veer said while Anika’s mother’s and father’s eyes went wide in shock.

“Do you know what are you even saying? She is in relationship with whom she would get married… Shivay is a gem and you are saying we would agree to give the hand of our daughter to you and not Shivay?” Anika’s mother freaked out.

“Yes aunty… either you would give by your choice or else I will take my thing back to me by my ways now you choose” Veer almost threatened.

“You do whatever you want to… but just remember neither Shivay nor us or Shivay’s family would leave you if you try to harm my daughter” Anika’s mother howled.

“Well for that then they should know my plan which no one will come to know… all the best aunty and uncle” Veer said the last words and walked out.


they did not agree, when I made the plan of killing them. Yes the accident they suffered in which they died was made by me. You were very happy that day and I got to know that you and Shivay are planning to go abroad for your higher studies but I had to stop you and that was the last thing I could think off…” Veer looked away.

“How dare you?” she shouted shocking Veer. “How dare you kill my parents, how dare you snatch away all my happiness? How dare you do all those?” Anika got up from her chair and started hitting Veer.

“Stop it” Veer said and held her hand tightly looking her with rage and anger and continued “you weren’t unconscious?” he asked in a higher tone.

“How dare you destroy every happiness of my life?” Anika tried to hit again when he pulled her up and tied her to the chair. Tears continued to flow down.

“Well Anika… that was just the starting darling, just listen to the entire story” Veer said smirking evily.

“Who are you to destroy my life?” Anika asked trying to get rid of the ropes but he continued his own story.

“And after that… I went back to your life again, as your friend. That time you had no choice and you accepted me as friend. One fine day I asked you to write I AM GETTING MARRIED and you wrote it maybe thinking it as any of my nonsense doings but do you know what I did with it?” Veer asked now looking at Anika who looked down at the floor with disgust.

“Okay.. okay I am saying… I sent that do Shivay and he believed too that you are getting married but for that I had to work a bit hard by making some official papers and fake photographs… well he accepted at last and went to abroad to complete his studies. Years were passing by when Vini came to know about my plan. I suggested her to go away and gulp down everything she knows or else I would kill you and her parents. She did as I said but she tried to play over me and then I killed her and her family” Veer stopped while Anika shouted again “how dare yoouuuuuu??”

“Listen.. listen there are more to it” Veer said smirking and continued “then you forced me to marry Komal and I did that but went away from everyone and made it clear to Komal that she would be my name sake wife. She agreed being a true husband lover wife. Then you and Shivay met again in the trip. You two got reunited and it pissed me off more. I wanted to kill Shivay but when I gave it a thought that it’s not easy to reach him then when we again met on that new year party and I misbehaved with you as the part of my plan.

Shivay then gave it back to me what I wanted… I wanted that he will start taking extra care of you and then I can reach to him and kill him. But when I reached to him I thought to make him suffer because of snatching you away from me. I kidnapped him and started giving him doses of drugs… gradually the power of the doses increased but after three long years he managed to run away but a loyal doctor under me found him and tried to inject him the dose when you came inside the ward and got to see everything. I hid behind the curtains and no one bothered to ckeck. The doctor took the name of OmRu as instructed and then you know everything what happened without the thing that OmRu is actually against you” Veer completed.

Anika couldn’t believe her ears that what she heard. She was numb and her body shivered thinking of the tortures. The scene of her parents’ accident rolled in front of her eyes. She remembered how the message of Shivay’s kidnapping reached to them one day. She remembered how Vini’s family and Vini suddenly went missing.

She was at loss to react anything when the bold sound pierced the dark place “it’s enough Veer Pratap Chauhan… now it’s my turn to show you how dangerous can death be”

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