Hello doodles here I come back with the next part. Happy reading. I hope you all enjoyed the story up till here cause some shocking revelations are on way so I would like to suggest to go through the PREQUEL (The 7 Days Story) once before you all proceed further if you haven’t read the prequel.


No Ishu he did not go away… He was there with me… my parents suffered accident… they died… I was helpless and knew just nothing from where to start. I tried to contact Vini but she was lost too. I tried so hard to find her but I lost her again. Her neighbours informed me that she and her parents has shifted somewhere else and they don’t know where. I was at loss… I had my dreams… I had responsibility of Sahil… I was just stuck at such a point where no ray of hope were there and then he came back to my life again… again…” Anika looked at Shivay. Her eyes spoke that the terribles times are getting played in front of her eyes. Shivay caressed her back and Ishana ruffled her hair.

(please refer to EPISODE- 12 of THE SEVEN DAYS STORY as Anika’s parents death and her condition that time was described in that episode of that story)

“Relax Anika… take your time” Shivay said while she put her head over his chest to find solace and peace. Shivay pecked over her forehead and continued to caress her back until she became calm and composed to continue the narration. Anika got up and looked at Ishana.

“Di… please relax” Ishana pleaded with moistened eyes. Anika nodded her head and hugged Ishana.

She continued “remember Shivay I have explained that I got a job and went to delhi” Anika stopped for an answer from Shivay.

He nodded and said “yeah… yes”

“There I got him… I wasn’t in any condition to deny his favours… I thought that he has helped Vini a lot… so maybe he has changed and the way he started to take care of mine and Sahil’s, I couldn’t just deny to allow him to help me. He became a very close friend of mine. He helped me for the treatment of Sahil and at the initial stage of my job. Some days passed when Veer asked me something really strange.


“Anika… would you do me a favour?” Veer asked.

“Yeah… if it’s in my ability I would definitely love to do” Anika said

“Okay but first promise me that you would definitely do” Veer asked innocently.

“Okay I promise” Anika said pressing her eyebrows.

“Please write I AM GETTING MARRIED… in this piece of paper” Veer said giving her a pen and paper.

“But why should I write that? I mean…” Anika tried to say something but Veer cut her off and middle “you promised me that you won’t ask any question… so please” Veer requested. Anika couldn’t deny much and she wrote writing her name down the paper.


I wrote it and asked some questions to Veer but he answered none. I didn’t think much about that and I forgot about it soon. Four years have passed by and suddenly a day…


“Anika… I want to share something” Veer said holding Anika’s hands.

“Veer… maybe I know what you want to say” Anika said trying to free her hands. His grip loosened and she took back her hands.

“Anika, I know that day of our school… you… you can never forget, but believe me I have changed a lot… for you, please at least try to love me once and I promise I would keep you happy… you would be the most happiest person… please Anika” Veer said and expected a positive answer this time.

But the truth was bitter for him. The words that Anika uttered made him silent for always from confessing “Veer… I don’t know how much you love me… but believe me no one can love me like Shivay… I was always him since I met him and fell in love with him, I am telling you he will wait for me to return for his entire life… I am sorry Veer but me, my soul and my body only belongs to him and no one else… I am sorry” Anika walked away stating all these while Veer kept staring angrily.


…I walked away… I thought he would go away but no he came back that evening and just asked that can we be friends, I said yes uttering a sorry again. He behaved much cool and this topic of love never came between us ever again. But his care and concern for me never decreased… may be he was waiting for me to change my decision.

But after more two years his parents were adamant to get him married. He denied but as a good relation has grown up between me and his family so I promised aunty (Veer’s mother) and uncle (Veer’s father) that I would make him agree. I went to talk to him…


Veer is sitting on the terrace while Anika arrived from back.

“Veer” Anika called.

“Anika please go… I don’t want to get married” Veer said

“Okay listen… it is your personal decision and I am not allowed to talk to you about this matter and I know that, but just once think about aunty and uncle, they have so many hopes related to you please do not hurt them by denying the most important decision of your life that they took… I can just request you… rest is up to your decision” Anika said and strted walking back.

“Will you be happy if I marry her?” Veer asked.

“Yes why not… I would be very happy” Anika jumped off expecting he would say yes.


…And yeah he said yes for the marriage and they got married. After that Veer started his foreign trips and stayed in India very less. One fine day he just vanished along with his wife KOMAL.

I never searched for him and then we again met in that trip. After that you know Shivay what all happened and how we got reunited.” Anika paused and looked at Shivay.

“But Anika when you explained me about maa-babuji’s death (Anika’s parents) you never said about Veer or Vini” Shivay said

(please refer to EPISODE- 12 of THE SEVEN DAYS STORY as Anika’s parents death and her condition that time was described in that episode of that story)

“Yes Shivay… because I said Veer also just vanished suddenly after his marriage, so I thought maybe he is gone  away from my life so didn’t say all these to you as they were not important that time and about Vini the same condition applies” Anika explained.

The boldness and strength in her voice was back by then. She was getting ready to fight with the upcoming storm and then again she continued “and then again I met Veer in the new year party thrown by Mr. Sharma, Shivay’s client, I was so happy to see him so I went to him to…” Shivay cut Anika in between and continued.

“I will say what happened in that party… it was four and half years back we were invited to Mr. Sharma’s new year party… there she saw Veer and excitedly she said hello and hugged him in friendly manner but he touched her in a wrong way… she just came out of the hug, Mr. Sharma announced couple dance and we started dancing. I twirled her and she landed in Veer’s embrace while another woman came in mine. We all continued to dance but then Veer started misbehaving… he started to touch her uncomfortably and when she tried to come out of his embrace but he just pulled her to him.


“Shivayyyee…” Anika cried aloud that drew everyone’s attention.

Shivay quickly went to Anika and held her as she explained everything.

“How dare you insult my wife?” Shivay said holding Veer’s collar.

“Who are you between me and Anika? Because of you only I lost her… she loved you and not me because of you only… you are responsible because I did not get my love and was forced to stay away from her… now you have to repay all this. You have to loose your love now… just wait and watch Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi how I snatch away Anika from you” Veer completed and a punch landed over his nose causing it to bleed.

“You have to pay for this Anika” Veer said and walked away from the party.


…and Veer walked off… but Anika why didn’t you share about Veer to me after that incident?” Shivay asked.

“Because Shivay I always felt disgusted to talk about him or think about him after that incident… but now not more… we would give it back to him now Shivay” Anika said and stood up.

Shivay and Ishana too stood up following her.

“ONE FOR ALL… ALL FOR ONE” Anika said extending her hand. Ishana kept her hand above Anika’s and said “ONE FOR ALL…” Shivay now kept his hand above their’s and they continued “…ALL FOR ONE”

Shivay pulled Anika in a hug. He extended his hand for Ishana, the three shared a group hug promising each other to fight any storm together.

PRECAP- SHIVOMRU FIGHTS… well before the last mystery unfolds let’s have some small climax? What say?

Do tell me did you enjoy and get today’s clue related to the prequel? If not then just wait a more for two days and I would reveal.


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