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Hey dearies before I start. THERE SHOULD BE A CHANGE IN THE TITLE OF VERY FIRST EPISODE OF THIS FF AS AFTER 5 YEARS FROM AFTER THREE YEARS as I have wrote 3 mistakenly and never checked it. And this story started after 5 years from its PREQUEL THE SEVEN DAYS STORY.


Anika started explaining “It all started when Veer was at his last year I mean standard twelfth in school… I always used to change schools after every three to four year because Papa (Sahil’s father) had a transferable job. I got admission in that school on the basis of my merit and my marks in the middle of the year. I started going to school when Veer’s eyes fell on me. Veer was a very meritorious student. He used to top almost all the exams. I was in tenth standard then. One fine day…


“Anika…” Veer called aloud from the corridor while Anika was busy writing down some notes. Her sight travelled up to look at the person calling him.

“Veer… just a minute… lemme complete this” Anika said speeding up. Veer smiled and stood facing and resting his head on the wall.

“Veer? Ohhh hello… at least call him bhaiyaa…” Anika’s friend Vini said.

“Arre yaar… he only requested me not to call him bhaiyaa… so what to do?” Anika said making puppy eyes and went back on her task again.

Ten minutes passed and Anika completed her notes. She got up and drank a sip of water.

“Vini are you done?” Anika asked tightening the bottle cap.

“Yeaahhhh….done” Vini said releasing a large sigh of relief.

“Okay come with me” Anika almost dragged her after uttering the half sentence.

“Relax relax” Vini said and they reached to Veer. He looked both of them and smiled.

“Anika… I want to say something to you… Please…if you won’t mind… would you like to come with me for a while?” Veer asked. Anika looked at Vini.

“What? Now it’s games class… so go… no problem” Vini answered checking out Anika’s weird looks.

“Yeah… I know… I looked at you because you are also coming with me… let’s go Veer” Anika said.

Veer took her to an isolated corner of their school. Vini chose to stand away from them. He looked here and there and ensured that no one is around. When he got sure of it he without any second thought kneeled down and extended his hands to hold Anika’s.

“I LOVE YOU” Veer said that made Anika’s and Vini’s eyes go out of the socket. Anika was at loss and Veer was waiting for her answer. Vini stood still but chose not to go close as she knew Anika never likes anyone speaking in between her matters.

“Veer… listen I never saw you like that. I always respected you because you are the most famous student of our school and also most intelligent one. Drop all these thoughts and concentrate on the upcoming exam. And now please let me go” Anika said and turned to go when she felt a tug on her wrist.


…he… he stopped me and turned me with force. I knew that he is an egoistic and arrogant boy… he said he wants me to answer yes and he…


“Anika just say yes… I don’t have the bad habit of listening to no” Veer said twisting Anika’s hand while his face became red due to anger.

“Listen Veer… I have every right to go to teacher and complain about you” Anika said and tried to get rid of him but he held her face hard. Vini ran to them and tried to push away Veer but Veer pushed her and because of disbalance she fell on a stone and went unconscious.

“Vini…” Anika shouted aloud

Veer still not leave Anika and tried to press his lips over her forcefully when Anika pushed him and slapped him hard. “Just stay away” Anika shouted and went to Vini and jerked her.

No response came. She ran and called the students of her class and asked them to help her to take Vini to medical room. They all together took an unconscious Vini to medical room.

“I won’t leave you Anika… you have to become mine” Veer said to himself rubbing the place where Anika slapped some while ago.


…We took Vini to the medical room. The nurse present there bandaged the spot from where blood was coming out profusely. Our class teacher came and asked me what had happened… I explained her everything… after listening she said just nothing and called Vini’s parents.

Vini was admitted to hospital. There the doctors said her optic nerve is injured. She may loose her eyesight. This saddened me the most. I shared everything to Maa Papa when I saw no reaction has been taken against Veer. But as it was his last year in school he passed and went away.

Vini started learning brail and dropped her exam for that year. We two best of friends got separated.” Anika stopped and looked at Shivay and Ishana who were looking at her with moistened eyes. Her hand involuntarily reached to Ishu’s eyes to wipe away her tears. Shivay wiped away his while Ishana wiped away Anika’s tears.

“Then what happened Anika?” Shivay asked brushing his hand over her head.

Anika continued “after Veer went out of the school no one knew where was he. But according to some people he went abroad to complete his graduation. Then two more years passed and I completed my twelfth. Vini was left behind by me but I never lose any contact of her and always stayed in touch with her. I joined college for my graduation and there I met you. We became friends and our relation continued. At the end of the fourth semester Veer again came back but this time he wasn’t bad but he genuinely wanted to help Vini to get back her eyesight. He contacted me first and informed me that he got the contact of one of the best eye surgeon who can help Vini. Initially I refused his proposal but when I shared this with Vini’s parents they agreed so I opted not to say much in between.

Her operation was done and she got back her eyesight… Remember Shivay… you asked me where was I for some days after our semester break ended and I answered I was busy?” Anika asked stopping her narration.

“Yes… you were absent for a week after our break ended… I thought you were busy maybe because of Aunty’s condition as she has just given birth to Sahil. So I agreed and did not ask anymore question” Shivay answered.

“I went to take care of Vini… a guilt was always there in my heart that because of me she had to suffer this much. After she recovered a bit I joined back my studies as advised by her.” Anika stopped again and looked at them.

“Di… this means Veer went away from your life after that then why he came back again and why he wants to kill Shivi?” Ishana asked her doubt out at last.

No Ishu he did not go away

PRECAP- REVELATION CONTINUES… Please do drop all your views. Many amazing loopholes will get filled up gradually now.

I hope you all get to understand today’s clue. If not then please wait till the mystery unfolds. Well next part has another major clue connected to its prequel. 

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