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Shivay is back home around an hour ago and the clock lazily and happily struck eleven at night. Tanya didn’t come back still. OmRu smiled within themselves which did not go unnoticed by Shivay.

“What are you smiling at?” Shivay asked

“At your fate” Om answered and hi-fied Rudra.

“What do you mean?” Shivay asked confused.

“You will get to know super soon.” Rudra answered and winked at Ishana.

“Excuse me… what is going on?” Anika asked who was sitting and trying to doze off Shivi but sleep from Shivi’s eyes were far away.

“Mumma… Chachus… sai..said… dangel (danger)… he… he lichk (risk)…” Shivi was explaining to her mother when Om came and closed Shivi’s mouth.

“Shivi beta… you want chocolate?” Om asked. Shivi nodded no and looked at her Mumma and Papa with wide eyes.

“Shivay… when did you return… why didn’t anyone inform me… where were you… answer Shivay” Tanya asked cupping Shivay’s face.

“I had some official work… so… so I went out of Mumbai… why what happened?” Shivay asked putting down Tanya’s hand.

“I… I got so worried…” Tanya said wiping off her tears. Anika stared at them and fumed in anger but remained silent.

“Shivay beta… you go to your room… we have somethings to talk to Tanya” Pinky said coming close.

Shivay went from there taking Shivi along with him. He went to his room and made Shivi lie down on the bed. He stared at the pool and asked Shivi “beta… will you play here? I will just go and come back soon”

Shivi nodded twice indicating a big yes as she needs no one when her dodo is with her. She got busy playing with her dodo and other toys. Shivay went to the hall again and hid behind the pillar.

Pinky made Tanya sit on the couch and started ruffling her hairs and caressing her back.

“Aun… aunty… what is the matter?” Tanya asked staring at everyone… one by one.

“Tanya… I gaves a thought that… when Shivay has forgottens Anika… then we must arrange the marriage of you two… it will be the best pair accordings to us” Pinky said. Tanya stood up staring at Pinky with utmost shock. Her face seemed as if she got an 880 V electric shock. Her eyes fell on Anika who’s head was bent down and tears are dropping on the floor.

“Anika…” Tanya called softly.

Shivay looked at everyone from behind the pillar. He got the double shock of 1760V.

“I never deny any decision of maa… if she feels you are right for Shivay and not me then there must be many reasons…” Anika said and ran but soon Shivay held her and pulled her towards him behind the pillar. She tried to shout but his tight grip on her mouth didn’t allow her voice to go out of his hold. She composed after sometime… as soon she realised that it is Shivay. Shivay looked on holding Anika closed to him while Anika was looking at his change of expressions with each and every word of Pinky.

“Beta… I always misunderstoods that Anika to be my best bahu… but today afters I saw your reactions when Shivay got missings I understood… you are perfects for my heera beta” Pinky said aloud so that the sound reaches to Anika from her room unaware of the fact that Anika is in hold of Shivay behind the pillar of the hall.

“But… but aunty… I… I mean…” Tanya stammered as sweat droplets started dropping through her hair.

“I know you are shys… okay… takes your time to answer… now we must go to sleep” Pinky said and went in the direction of her room smilingly. Everyone gradually dispersed. OmRu smiled thinking that what would happen to Shivay when he would get to know this. They went to their room.

Shivay fumed in anger and left Anika with force pushing her and causing her feet to stumble. But he soon held her waist for saving her from falling down but looked away.

“Awww… my bagad billa is angry?” Anika asked

“No… I am happy… see… see” Shivay said pointing his face from different angle and then continued “listen… no marriage would happen… I had enough of this drama… no more” his anger made his ears to turn red which made Anika smile widely.

“One minute… why are you smiling? Do you think I am a joker? I am joking?” Shivay  tried to shout but soft down the voice in whispering tone.

“Okay okay… listen to me…” Anika tried to say but Shivay cut her in middle and continued “listen… I am going to mom to inform her that I am not going to do any of that kind of things.” He started to walk when he felt a tug on his wrist and stopped.

Anika pulled him and he got locked between Anika and the pillar.

“Shivay…” she softly and huskily whispered. He looked at her but again looked away showing his infamous tadi and anger. She held his face and pecked on his right cheek facing his cheek to left. Shivay started rubbing off the kiss but she faced him to right now and kissed on his other cheek.

“Just don’t worry… I know what is going on… just leave the things on time now… everything would be fine” Anika whispered in the same tone again.

This voice was enough to make Shivay feel aroused but he controlled and pierced deep into her eyes. “Okay… I won’t mess up things… but listen… just ensure that Tanya never comes close to me” he said frowning.

“Ohhh Mr. I should be angry and jealous… and here you are behaving like this… nautanki” Anika said sitting Shivay’s chest playfully.

“Jal Kukdi…” Shivay taunted.

“Haawww watch  your language” Anika said and he nuzzled the crook of her neck.

The next day too passed and Shivay became busy with his official works. Anika was busy handling Shivi while Pinky became busy arranging the decorating items for the upcoming marriage of the Oberoi House.

“Ufff yaar… at the time of me getting married… my brother is getting married again… its so bad” Rudra pouted.

“Shut up Rudra and let’s go… you know na… what to say there and what not?” Om asked to which Rudra nodded.

Two hours passed.

“Mr. Veer… it’s your problem whether you would believe us or not… but from the day we got to know that Shivay is planning to shift the property to Anika bhabhi’s name we couldn’t take it and started plotting against him… but everytime we made plan it got failed… so this time we came to you as you said on that new year party that you would destroy Shivay Singh Oberoi” Om said.

“Hmm… after listening to what you said… I cannot believe you want to help me… but then if you bring Anika here once… then I would believe that you are saying the truth and you also want to destroy Shivay Singh Oberoi” Veer replied getting up from his royal chair.

“Okay Veer… we will bring Anika bhabhi over here tomorrow… just make sure she doesn’t get to know about our plan” Om said looking at Rudra, who was busy analysing Veer narrowing his eyes and making his eyebrows dance.

“What are you doing?” Om asked hitting at the back of Rudra’s head lightly.

“Trying to understand that he is like this from childhood or this is special edition for us” Rudra answered childishly. Veer smiled listening to it, seeing that Om too smiled back trying to decrease the awkwardness growing between.

“Okay… tomorrow Anika… and then you would get to get involved in my further plans” Veer said.

PRECAP- OMRU TAKES ANIKA TO VEER… what would happen now? How will Anika react to it? And why this sudden marriage of Shivay-Tanya? Stay tuned to know more.


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