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“Ishu… listen the puja thaal is decorated?” Anika asked cutting the fruits for the puja.

“Yes di… but… this diya is not getting fit in it” Ishu said trying to fit an extra diya in the thaal closing her one eye and trying to measure the area to place the diya. Anika smiled looking at her.

“Ishu.. leave it… place it down, you need not fit it inside.” Anika said.

“No di…it is about my ego now…I will fit this in the thaal…how dare this diya not fit in it?” Ishu said.

Anika smiled and brushed her hand over Ishu’s head. Ishu too smiled back. Daadi came and watched her both bahu’s working together, smiling together and spending the best time together.

“Anika…Ishana” Daadi called from behind.

“Ji Daadi” Ani and Ishu replied together looking at her.

“Are you done? Shall we start the Puja?” Daadi asked.

“Yes Daadi” AnIshu replied and Ishana soon put that diya in the plate and it fitted perfectly. She immediately looked at Anika with 440 V smile on her face. Anika too thumbed up and smiled back.

The puja started. Everyone was present there. But Tanya was nowhere found again since morning. Daadi asked the three brothers to perform aarti and they went forward. After they completed the puja everyone took blessings of the elders.

“Cry baby chachu…” Shivi called softly gesturing Rudra.

“Shivi…good girls never disobeys their elders… and you are a good girl na…so please don’t call me cry baby chachu” Rudra said putting up Shivi.

“Okay…” Shivi answered softly nodding her head.

“And now tell me why did you call me?” Rudra asked.

Shivi pointed at the sweets plate kept in front of the God idol.

“You want to have it?” Rudra asked.

Shivi nodded her head up and down twice.

“Okay wait” Rudra whispered and went towards the plate in baby steps. He started to steal the sweets and hide them.

“Rudra” came two sound together from back.

“No bhabhis not me…Shivi wanted to have it so I was just…believe me I did not intend to steal them” Rudra started explaining when both his bhabhis held is ears the either side. Shivi was busy nodding her head in agreement with her Rudra Chachu’s words but no one noticed. She went to her father who was watching this and smiling.

“Papa…” Shivi softly called jerking her father’s hand.

“Yes beta…” Shivay asked putting her over his lap.

“I… I..” Shivi said pointing at the sweet plate and then taking her hand to her mouth indicating eating.

“You asked Rudra Chachu to get sweet for you?” Shivay asked.

Shivi nodded her head.

“Okay let’s go” Shivay said putting Shivi up.

“No one will touch my brother now…my daughter wanted to have sweet so my brother just performed his duty of fulfilling her wish… haina Rudy?” Shivay asked.

“Yes bhaiyaa I was also explaining them this only but they started hitting me” Rudra said pouting.

“Cry baby now don’t start crying now” Soumya taunted.

“You Sumo…shut up…bhabhis were beating me and you didn’t even come forward to save me…so it’s better you stay quiet” Rudra said.

“Awwwww our Rudy…okay let’s go for a movie together today to set your mood…what say?” Anika said.

“Great idea bhabhi” Rudra jumped in excitement.

Shivay soon booked the tickets of the movie and all the couples went to watch while Shivi was dropped at her Daadi’s room. The movie got over and everyone came out smilingly. Shivay was still behaving the same with Anika and was referring to her as Anisa but he wasn’t behaving rude. This brought a smile on Anika’s face.

The first day of the new year passed with much fun moments.

“Shivay…you slept?” Anika asked ruffling Shivay’s hair whose eyes were close.

“No..tell me if you need something” Shivay answered getting up.

“Shivay… from today morning only Tanya was missing… she was not there during the puja and none has seen her thereafter…where is she? Any idea?” Anika asked.

“Okay listen I or rather say we don’t know what is the actual matter till now so I think we should let it be…if anything happens to her then we will see” Shivay answered lying down again.

“No…not that… don’t you think she is much behaving weird from yesterday morning” Anika asked.

“Yeah…I think so but… okay let me sleep now… tomorrow morning I will check” Shivay answered and closed his eyes and went into deep slumber.

The morning arrived soon and Anika’s sleep broke listening to shouting and furniture breaking sounds. She immediately checked Shivi who was asleep and ran down taking Shivi in her arms.

“What the hell… no one knew where is my wife…from yesterday morning she is missing and here everyone is busy in their own life” Shivay roared putting up a chair which became a mess the next moment.

“Shivay…Shivay relax” Om went forward to calm Shivay down but Shivay pushed Om and said “shut up Om… how can I relax? Anika is missing since yesterday and no one is even bothered about her”

“We all are bothered about her bhaiyaa… please you calm down” Rudra said.

“I think I have to go only to find her…no one is bothered about her except me” Shivay said and walked out of the room.

He stopped after reaching down…at the hall.

“Where were you?” he asked showing concern.

“I went to my friend’s house…she is actually at her last trimester…so I went to advise her something…she asked me to stay back…I tried to contact you but no network was there…but I left a note on a paper of me going to my friend’s house” Tanya explained.

“I became tensed…never ever leave without informing me” Shivay said.

“Okay Shivay please relax…I am fine see” Tanya said.

“Yeah…you rest on the couch for sometime till the staffs clears the mess of our room” Shivay said making her sit on the couch.

“But what happened to our room?” Tanya asked staring at everyone’s face.

“Shivay has destroyed the room because he became hypertensed thinking that you went missing” Om answered.

“Shivay…never be this much tensed…it’s not good for you” Tanya said.

“Hmm…” Shivay answered looking at the table.

PRECAP- SHIVAY GOES MISSING… let’s go for some Pinky torture dearies. *wink wink*

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