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“Maa” Anika called entering in Pinky’s room.

“Anika…kya hua beta?” Pinky asked.

“Maa… actually Shivi slept and there are so much noise outside so I thought to drop her in your room so that she sleeps peacefully” Anika answered smilingly.

“Okay beta… let her sleep here… And you go I will join you all sometime after” Pinky said and put Shivi down on the bed.

Tanya went to her room where Shivay was sitting on the bed and was fuming with anger.

“Shivay…” Tanya said putting her hand on Shivay’s shoulder. He glared at her angrily.

“You are still angry…let it be” Tanya said.

“No… I can’t, how dare he touch my wife like this?” Shivay said and banged his hand on the bedside table.

“Okay…I can understand he touched me in a wrong way but in an hour we will welcome the new year so no more fights no more gussa…let’s go down” Tanya said.

“Okay… let’s go” Shivay said and got up to go down.

“But Shivay there is a problem” Tanya said getting up from the bed and holding Shivay’s hand.

“Problem?” Shivay asked narrowing his eyes.

“Listen Shivay… I am saying something but please do not question me after I finish” Tanya said. Shivay looked at her more suspiciously.

“What’s the matter Ta… Darling Anika?” Shivay asked correcting his sentence.

“Listen… some people outside are thinking Anisa to be your wife so let her become your wife for today’s night. You will celebrate new year with her. You will behave with her as if she is your wife. All your family together and Anisa would be celebrating new year while I will sit back at the room…I am not feeling like going out” Tanya explained.

“But what’s the matter Anika?” Shivay asked.

“You have promised me that you won’t ask anything” Tanya said and sat down on the bed closing her eyes.

“Okay fine I won’t ask but drink this water” Shivay said and extended a glass of water to her. She drank it and he went away and joined back to the party with a broad smile.

Only thirty minutes were left for the clock to struck 12:00 midnight. Pinky went to her room and found Shivi wide awake and trying to get down from the bed. She hurriedly went to her and helped her.

“Shivi beta…sleep” Pinky said.

“New year…” Shivi replied with a twinkle in her eyes and smiling broadly.

Pinky went awe at her innocence and took her back to the party.

“I want this to surround mine exactly at twelve” Shivay said rubbing his finger over Anika’s lips behind a pillar.

“Ahem…” Rudra said from behind and Shivay Anika went away from each other.

“Listen…this is a family function… I know you are missing the romance with your wife but that does not mean you will start romancing with her” Rudra said to Shivay pointing towards Anika.

“No…no I was just…” Shivay tried to explain but Ishana popped out from Rudra’s back.

“Bhaiyaa… listen according to love logic this is perfectly wrong that you lie…shall I call bhabhi from the room?” Ishana taunted.

“No…not at all… I have my Anisa ahem ahem Anika with me na… I need no one now” Shivay said surrounding Anika and holding by her waist.

“Well someone will please bear a bit pain to explain love logic with me?” Om said back hugging Ishana.

Shivay Anika and Rudra closed their eyes looking to that.

“I know you both married buddhe are getting excited to romance your wife but not here in your rooms please” Rudra said while Soumya came from behind.

“Hello…what’s going on?” Soumya asked and everyone opened their eyes.

“Soumya they are romancing in front of me” Rudra made a pout and continued “when will I get married?” he asked looking at Soumya and pulling her. Soumya landed on his chest and looked down while blushing.

“Ahem…ahem” ShivOm did together informing Rudra that they are also present there.

“What?” Rudra asked.

“Now let me explain the marriage logic…listen if you are married then only you are allowed to romance your wife in front of everyone but if you are still bachelor then many hidden spots are there to show your love to your partner” Shivay explained.

“Ufffff…yaar when will I get married?” Rudra stumped his feet on the ground.

“Not before 30 darling” ShivOm said together and smiling mischievously.

“Whoooaatttt? That means I have to wait four more years to get married with my Sumo?” He asked as his eyes popped out and his face looking as like the most helpless person of the world.

All else except Soumya broke down laughing listening to this while Soumya hit Rudra’s chest hard and whispered “shut up Rudra…what are you even saying?”

“Sumo….I will have tough time missing you it seems” Rudra said holding Soumya’s face through one hand. Soumya looked down again while all other could not stop their laugh.

“10…9…8…7” the countdown to welcome the new year started “…2…1… HAPPY NEW YEAR… HAPPY NEW YEAR” everyone cried aloud in happiness and started hugging each other. Shivanya clapped aloud and kissed her daadi on her cheek. While Pinky too kissed her back.

“Bhaiyaa Happy New Year…O… Happy New Year…Bhabhis Happy New Year…yaaayyyyy Happy New Year” Rudra said aloud hugging one by one.

“Happy New Year Shivay…” Om hugged and wished Shivay. Shivay too hugged OmRu and wished them back.

Every youngsters went to the elders and touched their feet and wished them Happy New Year. Anika kissed on Shivi’s cheeks.

“Aappy…aappy new yeal…appy appy” Shivi said holding her mother’s face in her hand. Shivay went close to her and kissed on Shivi’s cheeks. “Happy New Year” Shivay wished Shivi and looked at Anika. They both placed kiss on Shivi’s cheek and looked at each other.

“Anika beta… Today Shivi will sleep with me” Pinky said looking at Shivi.

“Okay…but…story” she said pulling her Daadibeauty’s cheek.

“Ahh…it’s hurting…okay okay…story done” Pinky said while Shivi giggled. Soon everyone came close and the three brothers hugged each other. Everyone kissed Shivi while she made irritated faces for the constant kiss she received.

“Ufff…mad people” Shivi said rubbing her cheeks and glaring at everyone while the entire family started laughing looking at her glare. All the elders became busy with Shivi while Om and Rudra took Ishana and Soumya aside.

Shivay went to Anika and held her waist and whispered in her ears “I want my Happy New Year gift now.”

“Shivay… stop behaving like naughty boys” Anika said and tried to push him but he made his grip tighter.

“Let me become naughty at least for once…” He whispered back in her ears.

“You are enough naughty to deal with…donno how bhabhi deals with you” Anika said showing her tongue to him at the last.

“You don’t know how your bhabhi deals with me on bed” Shivay whispered again. Anika closed her eyes pushing her head in the crook of his neck.

Every guest bid bye and thanked everyone for the beautiful party while going. Everyone bid bye and went to their respective rooms. Anika smiled remembering Shivay’s sudden change in behavior with her in the party. She felt the urge to disclose it to him that she is his Anika and not the girl he is thinking. She so wanted to call him but let him go.

Shivay went inside his room and found Tanya asleep.

“Anika get up… Get up” he said and jerked Tanya.

“Hmm…” Tanya answered in sleep.

“See you instructed me to act…so I acted… now I won’t listen anything of this kind” Shivay said sounding angry but smiling on face.

“Hmm…” Tanya again answered sleepily.

Anika entered her room and soon felt a pull and smiled.

“Now I want to romance my wife” Shivay said dropping kisses on the crook of her neck.

“”Shiv…Shivay” she moaned closing her eyes and arching back and clutching his hairs tightly.

He looked at her closed eyes and kissed on the right one. She opened her both the eyes feeling an intense stare over them.

“Close…close the door” she said coming out from her lost world. He soon closed the door and pinned her to the wall. Anika thought he will capture her lips but nothing of that sort happened so she opened her eyes to check.

He was staring at her face. “What are you staring at?” She asked trying to control her inner havoc.

“I am staring at you…your beauty” Shivay answered in his husky voice.

Soon she couldn’t control more and captured his lips. He pushed her more to the wall while she clutched his hair. The kiss grew intense and passionate with each passing second. They broke apart. He held her hand and looked into her eyes. She understood her night will turn more intense with her husband.

He kissed on the fingers of her hand and asked “dard hua?” In his milky voice.

“Hmm…” she could answer this much between her constant deep breaths. He shifted a bit up and kissed her wrist and asked “aur dard hua?” “Hmm..” she said clutching his coat. He moved a bit up and kissed in between her elbow and wrist and asked “ab?” her eyes shut more tight while she answered “haan…” he went high up and kissed on her shoulder unpinning her saaree and said “I love you Anika…” she couldn’t take it more and hugged him to pacify the ongoing havoc inside her. But he was in mood to increase the havoc.

Shivay turned Anika’s back to him and stared at her exposed back. He started dropping kiss on her nape and down.

“Shivay…” she moaned getting weak on her knees. He understood her condition and put her up in his arms and went to bed.

PRECAP- RUDRA GETS BEATEN…ha ha ha… well for a funny reason. But then also any guess??

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